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40 You Lost Me Quotes and Saying for Her or Him


40 You Lost Me Quotes and Saying for Her or Him

You Lost Me Quotes: What does losing someone means to you? How do you feel when someone loses you? Do you feel sad, angry, or just fine? What is your reaction?

People react in different ways when people lose them, and that’s why in creating these quotes about “you lost me”, I had to look at it from different perspectives. With the many angles I considered, I’m very sure you’ll find the perfect one for you.

And if you don’t, I’m sure you’ll find something very close to what you want.

While you can send them as messages or use them as social media posts, you can also use them on cards or anything quotes can be used for.

You really want to select from the best of quotes to say that someone lost you? Then follow me on this ride as I take you through over 30 creative and beautiful ones.

You Lost Me Quotes and Sayings

You Lost Me Quotes and Sayings
You Lost Me Quotes and Sayings

 1. One thing you will have to live with for the rest of your life is that you will never have me as yours again. You lost me and you’ll never get me back again.

 2. I’m very glad you lost me. Now that I see things more clearly, I’m glad I did not end up with you. I would have had so much regrets.

 3. I’m not happy that you lost me. I’m not happy that you did things that made me walk away. And I’m not happy that I never have to come back to you again. But it’s just a matter of time and I’ll be happy again.

 4. You lost me, and you won’t get me back again. But I pray you find someone that would be everything you need and that you will satisfy.

 5. Things happen and, when they do, we have to live with them. You have lost me and I’m going to live with that. You should live with it too.

 6. How do you feel knowing that you lost me to something I always talked to you about? You shouldn’t wait until you lose something before you work on yourself.

 7. You had your chance and you lost me. Now, just let me enjoy whatever comes my way without your interference. I’ll appreciate that very much.

 8. We can still be friends, and good ones. But lovers? Never happening again. You have lost me and I think it’s best for us to never be that again.

 9. You lost me for so many reasons. I think you could have had me if your had tried to do some things differently. Or maybe we are just not meant for ourselves.

10. Maybe you’ll have me again, I don’t know, but you lost me. I’m no longer in a relationship with you. I’m moving on and praying our future comes with the best for us.

11. You shouldn’t feel bad because you lost me. You’re just not perfect for me, but you’re a beautiful person and you’ll definitely find someone you’re perfect for.

12. I hear you’re sad that you lost me. I was sad too. But we should look ahead for happiness, because something better is ahead of us.

13. Look at yourself today and you’ll see that losing me wasn’t for the worst. Or aren’t you now glad that you lost me? I wish you more happiness in life.

14. You lost me when you completely changed. I’m moving on, not knowing what’s ahead, but knowing that the best is mine and everything will end in smiles and laughter.

15. I’m heartbroken that you lost me. I really wanted to be with you, I had plans for us, but you just wouldn’t let me do what I needed to do. It’s over, (insert name.)

16. You lost me, I know. But I also lost you. I wish you were the one for me, but you’re just not. We can be friends, though, if you’re interested.

17. Losing me was for the best. Look at both of us now and tell me you don’t like the way things are going for us. But it was sad when it happened, though.

18. I’m glad that you’re getting so many beautiful things in your life. All these would not have happened if you did not lose me. I’m happy for you, man. I’m glad you lost me.

19. When you lost me was the end of any kind of romantic relationship between us. I can’t stress my mind being in a relationship with you again. And I’m sure my heart deserves better.

20. There was a day I thought about all my life has been since we ended being us. That was the day I agreed that it was a good thing that you lost me.

21. You lost me, not to someone else, but to the world. Now, I will explore until I find someone else to be with. I am praying and hoping for the best.

You need more quotes on “you lost me”? Read on.

22. You lost me and love lost me too. I’ve given up on love. It’s just not my thing. Maybe I will change my mind later, but, for now, I’m in a romantic relationship with myself.

23. You are someone so many people will want, and you’ll make an amazing partner to the one that’s for you. Keep looking, my friend. As for me, you’ve lost me.

24. I don’t know how to feel about you losing me, but I don’t think I can ever be yours again, even if you change.

25. I hope you’ve been happy since you lost me because I’ve been. There’ll never be an us, and I hope you got all you wanted from me while you still had me.

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You Lost Me Quotes for her

you lost me quotes for her
you lost me quotes for her

26. You did not treat me like the queen that I am and that’s how you lost me. I’ll never let anyone have me and not treat me like what I am, so just know it’s not about you.

27. I love you and I never stopped loving you. You ticked almost all my boxes and I was ready to spend my life with you. But you cheated and now you’ve lost me forever.

28. You lost me because you stayed as who you are. You’ll never lose me again because you won’t have the opportunity to, because I won’t be yours again. I am not looking back. Never!

29. Perhaps, this break up just taught me that I can stand anything. I lost you and you lost me, but I am learning new things about myself and you should do same too. It will help us in the future.

30. When I think about those three words you told me, that “you lost me,” it reminds me that I’m a great treasure. I will always great myself as that.

31. I am no longer yours, and even though there’s some things I will miss, I know I did the right things by leaving. You lost me and it’s affecting me, but I’ll be fine.

32. Just go, girl. You lost me and you can’t get me again. I know you feel bad now. I do too. But we will both be fine, trust me on this one.

33. You lost me, I know. And things can never be the same between us again. You lost me, I know. And that’s the end of us together.

34. You’re doing great. You’ve been doing so since you lost me. Maybe I wasn’t Mrs Right for you. But I’ve been doing great too. So maybe we weren’t the ones for ourselves.

You Lost Me Quotes for him

you lost me quotes for him
you lost me quotes for him

35. I don’t feel like I wasted years of my life because you lost me after this long. I would rather see it as I learned a lot that would help me as I move on with life, love and relationships.

36. Losing me, man, you’ve lost something awesome. Everyone is unique, I know. But just know you’ve lost something awesome.

37. You lost me, so now I just consider to as a friend and a brother. I can deal with you as these, but not as a lover.

38. A lot of people lost me, so you’re not alone, but among them, you stand out for really good reasons. It’s unfortunate you lost me.

39. I prayed for you that you’ll not lose anything that is for you and you lost me, so I guess I’m just not for you. You should be happy.

40. I think of you once in a while and I miss you. But I won’t change my mind about you. You lost me, and I’ve lost all interest in being yours again.

I knew you’ll get to this point. Guess why? Because they were written with you in mind. I tried to get into your mind while writing this quotes to say someone lost you.

And if you want to thank me for this list, you can do that by sharing it with as many as possible. You never know who needs it and is yet to find this page. So help others and help me by sharing it.

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