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Do You Love Me Quotes for Him or Her

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Do You Love Me Quotes for Him or Her

There are some really important questions in relationships. Their importance may vary from person to person, but they are important, at least to those of us that are reading this.

Questions like: “Why do you love me?” “Do you love me?” “Do you really love me?” “Do you still love me?” And some other questions around these. And sometimes, we want to ask this questions, but don’t know how to ask them.

I thought of possible scenarios where these questions can be asked and I wrote these quotes to help you when you need to ask these questions. I’m sure the situation you find yourself in is captured. You only have to read through to find out.

You can just copy the ones you love and paste them to send or you can tweak them a little if you want to.

So what are you waiting for? Read through these quotes and ask that “do you love me” question using your favourite.

Do You Really Love Me Quotes

do you really love me
do you really love me

 1. I’ve need to hear this from you again because I’ve seen a lot of things that have made me doubt you and your love for me. So tell me, (insert name), do you really love me?

 2. You say you love me and I don’t know if to believe or not. I don’t want to start something I know is not real, so please think about it again and tell me if you really love me.

 3. I’ve had so many experiences to not just jump at anyone saying they love me, and I totally understand that they can be said for different reasons, with different intentions, so please, baby, do you really love me or should we cut this off now?

 4. Is the I love you that you’re confessing to me really true, because I don’t know if I deserve someone like you after all I’ve done. Just tell me the truth, and nothing but the truth. Do you really love me?

 5. Maybe it’s improper to doubt it when love is thrown at you, I don’t know, but this is my first time it’s proper to look out for my heart. So, please, do you really love me like you say you do?

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Do You Love Me Quotes For Him

do you love me quote for him
do you love me quote for him

 1. There are things I want to see you do, if you really love me. Maybe I’m expecting too much but an answer from you right now will help me get my mind at rest. Do you love me?

 2. I love you, baby, but I really won’t mind setting you free if you don’t love me too. My love for you cannot allow me to keep holding you bound to me, like a slave. So tell me, do you love me?

 3. Hey. So here’s the thing. I love you very much and think there’s a lot we can be together. I want you to be mine now and forever. But I have just one hurdle to cross, so I’m asking: Do you love me?

 4. This has been burning in my heart for a while because I’m really interested in you and honestly want you as mine, so I have come to ask you for clarity. Do you love me?

 5. I tell you that I love you as often as I can. I don’t think you do same to me too. I’m worried and so I’m asking you and I need you to be as honest as the word, honest. Do you love me?

Do You Love Me Quotes For Her

Do you love me quotes for her
Do you love me quotes for her

 1. Hey, girl. I’m really thinking about taking things between us to another realm and I’m wondering if it will work, so I’m coming to you to know, to ask you this, Do you love me?

 2. I need a girl like you in my life, not just as a friend, but as a partner, a life partner. I love you very much and I really wish you love me too. Do you love me? Do I stand a chance? Please, tell me yes and mean it.

 3. We’ve been together for a while now and I have been having some thoughts about you. I’ll know what to do with them when I get answer to this very important question. Do you love me?

 4. It’s okay if you’ve not loved me before now. What’s not okay is going ahead if you still don’t love me. For us to know where we’re heading, please tell me, do you love me?

 5. I have love that I want to pour on you, girl, much love. I could shower it on you expecting to be loved back in return, and all I need is a confirmation that you love me. So do you love me?

Do You Still Love Me Quotes For Him

Do you still love me Quotes
Do you still love me Quotes

 1. Are you happy in this relationship, babe? Do you still love me? It’s never too late to walk away and set yourself free. There’s a large world out there with happiness for you and you shouldn’t limit yourself.

 2. Things are changing in you, and I’m noticing. You have nothing to fear, love. Tell me. Do you still love me or are you no longer interested in us?

 3. Darling, honestly, I feel like you no longer love me. The way you respond to me, the way you spend your time, and more. Tell me, darl, do you still love me?

 4. If you no longer love me, boo, please tell me and let’s go to find happiness in other places, other people or other things. I’m not happy with the way things have been between us. Do you still love me?

 5. Thanks for showering me with so much love in the past. I’ll forever be grateful. However, I’m noticing changes, and so I’m asking you, and I need a honest reply, do you still love me?

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Do You Still Love Me Quotes For Her

do you still love me
do you still love me

 1. I don’t know if asking this is right or wrong, but I really want to take it off my mind. I still love you, sweetheart, but I don’t know about you. Do you still love me? Please, tell me the truth.

 2. Maybe I’m at fault, maybe I’ve not showed you as much love as I should, maybe I’ve broken some promises. But I think the way you feel about me have changed. I’m sorry, honey. Do you still love me?

 3. Hey, love. I’m sure we will both agree that’s things have not been the same lately. And the change has been, in my opinion, negative. Please, tell me, darling, do you still love me? I still do, though.

 4. Right now, baby, there’s just one thing I want to know. Do you still love me? You’ve still kept the house with me and given me access to your body, but I feel like things are different, so I’m asking.

 5. Everyday, we still get to say “I love you”, and that confuses me, because I don’t know where we are headed with recent happenings. Do you still love me? Feel free to say the truth, please.

Why Do You Love Me Quotes

Why do you love me Quotes
Why do you love me Quotes

 1. I love you for many reasons and a few of them are because you understand me, you tolerate my excesses and you are very honest. So you tell me, why do you love me?

 2. The way you love me confuses me. I have never been loved this much. I just so love the way you love me. But, if I should ask, why do you love me, and why do you love me this much?

 3. One of the biggest blessings God gave to me is you. I’m glad I have you and I love you so much. I know you love me madly and I’m not doubting your love, but I want to know why you love me like this.

 4. Maybe if we’ve been together for a long while, I can accept it when you say you love me, because you’d have known much about me. So can you please tell me, why do you love me? What do you see in me that makes you love me?

 5. Love is really a beautiful thing, and maybe we don’t need reasons to love, but if there is one you have, please tell me. I want to know. So is there a reason? Why do you love me? Let’s hear you.

So what do you think of these quotes? Did you find the perfect quotes to ask these important questions to your partner? I’m sure you did and I know you’ll use them soon.

However, I have a feeling that there are some “do you love me” questions that I’m missing, and if you know any, I’ll love you to tell me in the comments, so I can create some quotes for them.

And, finally, do well to share this post with as many friends as possible. Trust me, you’re not the only one who needs this article.

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