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Sweet Romantic Love Message for my Wife

Love Messages

Sweet Romantic Love Message for my Wife

If you are on the lookout for the sweet romantic love message for my wife. Then jump right in!

It’s so romantic and extremely beautiful to hit your wife with a message telling her you love her. I promise you that can take away all her problems for that day and give you a new name in her heart.

I can’t share my experiences on this right now because I’m not married but I’ve witnessed what a romantic love quote for wives did to relationships around me. It can do the same for yours too.

You’ll be wrong to think you only need them when things are rough in your marriage. No. They have different beautiful effects no matter the situation on ground and can make what’s pleasant even more pleasant, and what’s sweet even sweeter!

So you’re looking for that perfect love message for a wife from a husband? This page got you completely covered!

So surf through and send your love to your sweet wife in a romantic message crafted just for you. Yes, you may not believe it, but on my honour you were on my mind when I wrote these.

Sweet Romantic Love Message for my Wife

Sweet romantic love message for wife quote

 1. Baby girl, your sweetness transcends the thoughts of men. I swear I am more then lucky to have you all to myself. I love you madly and plenty.

 2. You bring so much color to life and it leaves one wondering if God created you to be the official painter of his creation. You make loving you sweet, easy and desirable. I love you, honey.

 3. You’re worth all earth’s good, all heaven’s good and all God’s good. I know you’ll doubt me, but listen again and hear what God says about you, and I guarantee you your mind will be blown! I love you forever, sweetie.

 4. Hey, babe. Hope your day is going sweet? I just thought you should know that even the sweetest days are not half as sweet as you. You see? Yours is on a while different level! I love you.

 5. My wife, my children are blessed that you’re their mom, and me? The reason I’m always excited is because the knowledge of what you are to me has taken away all my frowns. I love your madly, baby.

 6. Having you is all I need. One can’t think of another when they have you, darling. Your kind is only one on earth, and you are that only one. May you remain this way, wait, may you get even better! Mad love, sweetheart.

 7. Sometimes I look at you and wonder if I’m still in the physical realm. Before I tell you anything again, let me remind you that you’re my biggest blessing. I love you plenty, darling.

 8. I love you until the end of my days. If I can see you now, I’ll shower you with all my love with words and touch. May your day be as pleasant as your super pretty face.

 9. I love seeing pretty faces and I’m never starved of them because I have yours right here to look at all the time. And you may not be in my sight right now, but I have you in my heart all the time. I love you, my beautiful wife.

10. Your words to me are always filled with life and they reveal your thoughts for me. That’s one reason why my reserve of romantic words for my wife, my sweet wife, you, will never be empty!

11. So much love, attention and gifts you shower me with. I’m proud to have you and be yours, darling. What can anyone offer me to make me change my mind about you? Nothing! I love you plenty, baby.

12. Out of the many messages you receive on a daily, here’s a little distraction from a man who wants to remind you of his undying love for you. I love you madly, darling, and that can’t change.

13. A promise: I’ll take a bullet to my butt before I ever think of hurting you! You deserve so much smiles and happiness. And my love for you will be here even when I’m dead and gone.

14. Today is so beautiful. I’m sure it’s because I started it with you by my side. Now I know how best to start my days. I love you forever, darling. Good morning to you.

15. A kiss from me to you. I can’t wait to hit you with one more when we’re back from work. Keep being that sweet, fresh, sexy girl that I know and love with all my heart. May your day be blessed!

I Love My Wife Quotes

i love my wife quotes

Perfect love quotes for wife from husband, to use anywhere, anytime. sweet romantic love message for my wife

 1. My love for you only increases. I may not have tried to unlove you but I know it’s totally Impossible. You’re wondering what makes me so sure? You do! I love you.

 2. Between yesterday and today, my love for you increased by a hundred percent. I’m sure sale will happen between today and tomorrow. My love has found a home in you! I love you plenty.

 3. With you, I have love, joy and peace. You’re so much like God to me. Now I’m sure that it’s only God that could have gifted us to ourselves! I love you with all of me.

 4. Sometimes, if not all the times, all it takes to compose the perfect love message for your wife is just looking at her beautiful self or thinking of her, that’s if your wife is like mine. I love you, sweetheart.

 5. Day in and day out, year in and year out, I’m spending my beautiful and worst moments with a woman that means everything to me. I love you, honey. Thanks for always being here for me.

 6. Happy days are all you deserve, darling. Because of the good thoughts you have for me, I pray that everyone will have only good to offer to you! I love you plenty, honey.

 7. God is too faithful to fail. I know because he promised me the best and gave me you to fulfill the promise. God is faithful to you too, right? I love you and you alone, darling.

 8. You don’t have to question my allegiance because there’s only you that can be like you. There’s also none above you, honey. And trust me, I can’t settle for less. I love you.

 9. My wifey, you make being romantic look like all a human needs. I love everything about you, your body, spirit and every other thing! Enjoy your day.

10.  Many years from now, it will be said that there was a woman who’s words cured illnesses and who loved her husband like the only man in the world. That woman is you, darling. I love you too!

11. My love, every single thing will pass away, the scent of flowers and the beauty of gardens governments and everything, but my love for you will always be here. I love you, baby.

12. You’re my heart’s sweetener. And that’s one out of one million reasons why I’ll hold unto you tightly forever. I love you plenty, babe.

13. I love beautiful things and beautiful people more. I’m sure you now see why I love you most, sweetheart. Because you’re the most beautiful earth ever saw. I love you, honey.

14. I’m looking at these magazines and the titles they give these women on them. I’m laughing because I know they’ll strip them of all the titles of they ever meet you. I love you so much, love.

15. Hello, honey. Nothing to say. Just popping by to have a contact with the one who I live my best life with! I love you, darling, and that can’t ever change!

I Love You Message For Wife Long Distance

I Love You Message For Wife Long Distance

The most beautiful sweet love message for your wife when she’s not so close to you physically can be gotten from these: sweet romantic love message for my wife

 1. Thank God for this phone, because I can reach out to you whenever I like to talk about your beauty and thank you for loving me like no other! I appreciate every effort you make to make me a better person, babe. I love you, my wife!

 2. If I were a woman, I’ll be trying to be like you. You’ll be my role model, and my mentor, if I can meet you. You’re doing really well and you should hear it from me. I love you, darling. And I miss you.

 3. I’ve had a lot of firsts with you and they were beautiful. And seconds too, and thirds. I want to have a lot of many mores with you, love. I’ll wait till you come back. You’re simply the best, and I love you.

 4. Tell me about a forever without you and I’ll tell you how the worst horror movie would look like. How many months have you been away? And it feels this bad. I am madly in love with you and I don’t need a cure. I love you, baby.

 5. These days, I just wake up and think about you for a while. I miss you and everything you are when you’re here with me. Crazy love is the least of what I have for you! I love you, sweetheart.

 6. I believe that you’ll be home sooner than we planned, or else expect me to join you where you are. Lol. I can’t bear this again. I love you so much, bae.

 7. There are two people that are highest in my thoughts and that are not me. One is you and the other is you! I can’t wait for both of you to return. I love you forever and madly, my sweet wife.

 8. Today is a beautiful day, but I’m sure it will be more beautiful if you were here to share it with me. Come back soon and add colour to my daily activities, baby. Much love from your husband.

 9. I’m proud of you, my wife. Or should I quote myself from the last time I sang praises of you? I’m sure our children are even prouder. They miss you as much as I do! I love you.

10. If I am to make a request for one thing right now, it will be for your presence. Baby, your presence is all that makes the perfect day to be what it is! I love you madly, boo.

Sweet Words for Your Wife

Sweet Words For Your Wife

These super sweet love words for wife can be used as part of a larger message or as short messages and will definitely put a smile on her pretty face. sweet romantic love message for my wife

 1. Look around and tell me one thing that’s more lovely than you. If you ever can show me, I’ll show you a fish holding a gun to hunt in the forest. You’re so sweet.

 2. Hold my hands, love. It’s m way of feeding you with all the good things you say I have, but also, it’s my way of feeling the pillars that support me all the time.

 3. I love you, my woman. I have a lot of favourites, but you’re my favourite among m favourites! Seriously, through, you’re the best for me.

 4. Don’t be anyone else, not Beyonce or Kim K. Just be (insert wife’s name), the most beautiful woman I know! And the many things you are can’t be written in one text, so I’ll stop here.

 5. You spark up life in me when I’m feeling bored, and when I’m alive, you take it all to another level! I’m just okay with you, love.

 6. You and you alone for me and I’m good. I’ll be fine going through life with just you, through all the pains and gains, though hell and heaven! I love you forever.

 7. When God looks at what you do for me, he smiles at how beautiful his creations are, how they show his image on earth. I wanted to see God in the flesh and he gave you to me. Perfecto!

 8. So many romantic words for my wife I have in my head for my wife, but I think I should start with a reassurance that I love her and will always be there for her. I love you, honey.

 9. Life’s good. Whoever first said that must have had a woman like you! You’re everything a man needs to live the best version of his life! And I’m glad and proud that I have you. Love.

10. This text may be short, but I hope it’s long enough to say that I love you and I need you always! I’m forever grateful to have you. That will definitely, obviously never change!

Proud of my Wife Quotes

Proud Of My Wife Quotes

The little bonus I want to add for you are some quotes to say you’re proud of your wife to her. You want them? sweet romantic love message for my wife

 1. Making me proud is your hobby, I guess. You do it so easily I feel like crying. I’m proud of you, darling, and I will always love you.

 2. I’ll be speaking for the children, your siblings, your parents, your friends and many others when I say we are proud of you! You do so much that I consider you more than cool. I love you, babe.

 3. You have two beautiful hands. I know because they are crafting jaw-dropping things and leaving positive prints on hearts. I’m proud of you, love. Keep doing awesome! I love you too.

 4. Humans are wonderful and you’re a positive example of that. I tell you that I love you a lot, and I guess you predict I’ll say it in this text, but I want to say today is that I’m very proud of you, my baby.

 5. If there’s one person I want to achieve all her dreams, it’s you. Because I know what great good will comes out of it, for you, for me, for everyone. I’m proud to be with you, to have you, honey. I love you.

 6. Of the women you’re becoming, I’m very proud. Today is not your birthday, anniversary or anything, but I just want to celebrate you! I love you, my mother’s children!

 7. Looking like doing surprising things is in your blood. You do things that make others admire you. You’re uniquely good! I’m proud of you, sweetheart. I love you!

 8. Your impact on our lives is good and great! I wish you keep doing more and I pray that your strength never runs out. I love you till the end of my days and I’m forever proud of you.

I’m sure you’ve read some really deep love messages for wife over here that are sweet and romantic. What are you going to do with them? Send them or keep staring at the page?

My big wish is that every man gets to read this. So can you help me achieve this by sharing it with the button provided for that? Thanks!

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