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Birthday Wishes for Friend Female – Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Birthday Wishes for Friend Female – Happy Birthday

Birthday Wishes for Friend Female: Birthdays come once a year and that’s a rare opportunity to celebrate those that are dear to your heart. So I guess you’ve been waiting for your best friend’s birthday to do justice to the celebration.

I’m sure the birthday is just by the corner and that’s why you’re on this page. If my guess is right, then you’re in luck because compiled here are the best wishes to be used on the birthday of that your special female friend.

In the happy spirit, choose one or more from the over sixty prepared for you here and celebrate that lady in a special way!

Whether she’s far or near, whether she’s close by or far away, whether she’s your girlfriend or just a friend, there are messages for you to use right in this page.

So you’re really still waiting for a push? Go hit your best friend with this happy birthday wish or wishes right now! Enjoy!

Birthday Wishes for Friend Female

happy Birthday wishes for friend female

 1. If I have one more girl like you in my life, I’ll be throwing parties daily. Thanks for the fun you bring to my life. I love you girl! Happy birthday to you.

 2. It’s not as if you’re the only female friend I have, but you’re special. The beautiful things that you are, I can’t ignore. And I’m here to wish you a very happy happy birthday!

 3. Three wishes I have for you today: bigger connections, more love directed at you, and more money! Happy birthday to you, my best friend ever!

 4. It’s funny how this little lady I grew up with is now going around the world and doing amazing things. Keep being amazing for me, and sweet too. Happy birthday, baby girl. Mad love.

 5. Near me or far away, you’re still the best friend I can have. I wish to see you again soon and I wish you find friendships over there that will bring steady smile to you. Happy birthday, pretty!

 6. What sweetness! I’m not one to go about comparing with the male folk, but your strength is admirable. Happy birthday to you, honey. You’re awesome, so keep being that and doing what your kind does.

 7. Greatness runs in you, my friend. Take it from a guy/girl who’s spent more days with you than Obama spent in the White House! Happy birthday! May all the greatness be revealed to the world.

 8. This is not hard for me to say. You’re doing great and I’m envious. Lol. May the best of earth, life and God be yours. Amen. Happy birthday to you!

 9. From today, you’ll enter into relationships that will profit you more than you dreamed of, and I’ll be by your side as you conquer the world, dear friend. I love you forever. Happy birthday to you.

10. There’s so much we can talk about today, from how sweet you are to how much you’ve achieved! But I’ll rather talk about my prayers for you for the next phase of your life! Happy birthday to a great girl!

11. Sweetheart, I will be here for you forever, loving you and doing all I can to help you grow the way you desire! That’s a reassurance I thought tongue you today. Happy birthday, my girlfriend.

12. For you, my girl, there’s a lot I’ll do. I’m thinking of the sacrifices you’ve made for me in the past and I’m blown away! Happy birthday to you, girl. I love you madly.

13. My admiration for you, my darling, only increases as the days go by. The years ahead has more beautiful things than we can imagine waiting. Let’s go grab them. Happy birthday to you, darling.

14. I’ve not had a regret being your friend, no tears, just joy. Those who thing I’m exaggerating can only think and not change what it is. Baby girl, rock your day as we all thank you for being an amazing friend! Happy birthday to you!

15. My number one girl since day one! We became friends before we even became aware of ourselves and the world around us, and it’s been just excellent. God bless our mothers for joining us to ourselves! Happy birthday!

16. Hey, girl. These days are beautiful, buy what’s most beautiful in them is this sweet, sweet, sweet you that makes my life super colourful. I wish you a very happy birthday and the best of heaven.

17. Look around and see how blessed you are, babe. This is a quick reminder that you’re my biggest blessing. Happy birthday to you, dearest friend! Mad love.

18. Let me say a prayer for you: may you ‘ever lose your magic touch and may the days ahead of you be filled with life and light. Happy birthday to you, sweets.

19. You rock so much that you make being female the coolest thing ever. You’re the kind of person people will look at and ask “God when?” More blessings to you, honey. Happy birthday to you!

Birthday wishes for a special female friend

20. Happy birthday to you, sweet friend turned sister. Your kindness and thoughtfulness will bring you heavy blessings from life! I love you forever!

21. If I ever get a chance to see you soon, I’ll hug you so much that you’ll be absorbed into me. You’re far away but you never left my mind. I miss you much. Happy birthday to you, babe.

22. A lot of messages you will get today will say rare things about you. Believe them, my friend. Your kind is really rare to find. Happy birthday to you. The best is yours.

23. You have an air around you that I die to catch. You’re a lady with almost all the sauce I deem cool. Happy birthday to a sweet friend like you. You’re still the best bestfriend earth ever witnessed.

24. When gifts that will blow your mind away come your way today, don’t act surprised because you deserve them. Happy birthday to you, sweetie. All life’s best is for you and you! Enjoy them.

25. I don’t care who thinks otherwise, to me, you are a pot of gold. Sorry, I mean you’re a whole gold mine! Happy birthday, my best friend. I pray life treats you more than well. Much love, fam.

26. The rejoicing today is not small. My body parts are literally jumping, and I have that kind of excitement where I can eat. I guess the food at your birthday will take care of the hunger I’ll face later. Lol. Happy birthday to your, dear!

27. A thousand years is not enough to enjoy all the goodness of (insert friend’s name). I’ll just enjoy what I can in this limited time we have. I wish you long life, and us too, so we can enjoy you! Happy birthday to you.

28. God bless your heart. The sweetness that stems from it is mad! God bless everything about you too, my darling. Can’t wait to hangout later with you, my friend. Happy birthday to you!

29. How will you feel if I say you’re the only of your kind? Whether you’ll love it or not, it’s true and you should know it. Happy birthday to a rare lady. Keep being more than awesome.

30. So many people around me right now and none can take your place in my heart. No matter where you are, you’re never too far away for me. Happy birthday to you, my best friend. More grace.

31. There are many of us out here watching you closely and waiting to see you become the amazing things we know you can be. It’s just a matter of time, right? Happy birthday to you, darl.

32. My G, I may be far from you and you may feel lonely, but I promise you that I’m right there with you. Happy birthday! All life’s good are hunting for you and will find you very soon.

33. There are some people I just cannot live without. You too the list of these guys. Happy birthday to my best buddy. Baby girl, you’re doing well. I pray for bliss for you.

34. Rest assured, your future is bright. I guess, no, I’m sure that what a female friend like you deserve! Happy birthday to you. Awesomeness is you!

35. Even though I pray for only pleasant experiences for you. I want to remind you today, that as long as we’re on earth, I’ll stand by you through everything. Happy birthday, girl.

36. You’re ready for a life of all pleasure? Why not? Because that’s what coming for you. Happy birthday to you, babe. Enjoy your birthday and the days ahead like hell, I mean like heaven!

37. I hear a lot of beautiful things things when I pray for you. I’m patiently waiting for you to start living them. I just wish I start seeing them all today, or is that too quick? Happy birthday to you, fine girl. Love.

38. You’re one girl that’s been rated “distinction” by me from the first day. You’ve not disappointed my great expectations! I love you plenty. Happy birthday to the awesomeness that’s you, dear.

39. Yesterday was whatever it was. Today’s ushering you into a new period of joy. Just chill and enjoy the joy or dance in it — your decision. Happy birthday to you, baby.

40. This message is not a ritual, dearest one. It’s a prayer of my heart saying all will be well with you. It’s a wish from me saying all good and no bad. I love you plenty. Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for friend female Quotes

Birthday wishes for a special friend female

Here are the handpicked Birthday wishes for friend female Quotes put together just for you. Birthday wishes for friend female

41. I love to be where you are and that’s where I’ll be today if I can. I’ll never forget to celebrate you, for a lot of reasons including because you deserve it. Happy birthday to you, from your big friend!

42. So many days and years ahead of us to work and play and do girls stuff together. Happy birthday to my best friend! It feels like my birthday, honestly. I wish you the best of years only!

43. Sometimes, I just let my mind think about you and I conclude that I’ll never find another like you. You’re simply the best. Happy birthday to a super amazing friend.

44. I love to talk about you. It’s a thing of pride to be associated with you, to be known by you. One day, we’ll talk more about this, but for today, happy birthday and more years to celebrate! My best friend for life!

45. Thanks for being a lady I draw inspiration and motivation from. Trying for being an idea of strength that I couldn’t learn from my make counterparts. Thanks for being a friend and a sister. I love you madly, honey. Happy birthday to you!

46. I dream a lot about you, and that’s why most of my dreams are great ones. I can’t wait to tell you happy birthday in a hug later in the day. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

47. I have great friends, I have close friends, and I have you. You’re in a league your own. God promised me the best, and with you as a bestfriend, I’m believing that he can’t lie! Happy birthday to you, dearest!

48. Everything gets better over time, so relax. The best is coming for you. My wishes are that: one, they’ll come faster, and two, you’ll enjoy them. Happy birthday to you, my girl!

49. I’m lucky to know you. I’m lucky to say you’re my friend. If the world ends today, being with and around you will be something I’ll hold on to as the most pleasant thing I experienced while on earth. Happy birthday to you, babe.

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Birthday wishes for best friend girl

Here are Sweet Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Girl. Birthday Wishes for Friend Female

50. Many more years ahead to keep bringing out the best in me! You’re one friend with a different kind of sauce. You’re juicing me up on a regular. Happy birthday to my crazy chic friend.

51. There should be a billboard on the streets with a photo of the woman reading this and an inscription that says: BEST FRIEND EVER! My happy birthday is a wish and a prayer!

52. How do you manage to stay amazing always? How do you keep up with being a super bundle of joy all the time? While wishing to be like you, I’m wishing you a very happy birthday! I love you, G.

53. The truth of everything is that you deserve every good celebration you get today. Someone shouldn’t be you and denied celebration. I celebrate you, darl. Happy birthday!

54. Happy are those that know you and I’m a testimony. Beyond the wishes, enjoy your day. But the wishes will still come through and true, though. Happy birthday, love.

55. I want a lot of things and one of the most pressing right now is the best of birthday gifts for you. I pray you get something you pray for in your gifts. Amen. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

56. Beautiful girls like you should have a week to celebrate their birthdays. For now, let’s try to do all we can in one big day! Happy birthday to you, friend.

57. I call you friend, because that’s the only way I can describe who you are to me in one word. Maybe another word k should consider using is “everything”. Happy birthday to you, bestie. Rock the day.

58. I feel jealous of all who’ll join your part today because I’ll be missing out. My consolation is that my spirit is with y’all. And kindly give her a drink, please. Lol. Happy birthday to you, best friend.

59. You’re not just a girlfriend, but also my best friend too. You’re not just my partner, but my soulmate. Happy birthday to you, babe.

60. With you, I’m the luckiest boyfriend ever! Ask me how? I can’t make a list in this message, but you know all the amazing things we share and all you do for me. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart.

61. So many beautiful female figures in my life, and among them you stand tall. I’m proud of you. I wish your drive never fails and you never give up on your dreams. Happy birthday to you.

62. Happy birthday to you, bae. Your a special kind of Queen who’s throne is wherever she sits. I wish you comfort wherever you are. I love you madly. Happy birthday to you, my love.

63. One day, you’ll wake up to see that, even though this world is not as beautiful as you wish, it has great plans for you. God’s got you, girl. Happy birthday to you.

64. Happy birthday to you, darling. My wishes are that you drown in blessings and celebrations. Long life for you, love.

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By now, I’m sure you know what how best to say happy birthday to your best friend. While you do that, help others who need these wishes by hitting on the share button. And, yes, happy birthday to your friend from me too!

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