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Nobody Understand Me Quotes and Status


Nobody Understand Me Quotes and Status

Nobody Understand Me Quotes and Status: Sometimes, you feel alone in the world because it feels like nobody understands you. I feel the same way too and, in some cases, there is an urge to reach out to people to tell them how I feel. Do you feel the same urge too?

Over time, you may want to say things about the way you feel to an audience and may not know how best to put it. My guess is that you were in this situation when you found this page. But whether my guess is right or wrong, you’re here now.

These quotes and statuses were written by me so you could use them to say how you perceive people’s understanding of you. Quotes are first compiled, then complete statuses you could post even without editing were put together too.

Read through them and do all the copies and pastes you want to do.

And just so you know, the perfect quotes and statuses around “nobody understands me” are here and you should grab them now!

No One Understand Me Quotes

No One Understand Me Quotes
No One Understand Me Quotes

 1. I’m not trying to sound negative when I say no one understands me. I’m just saying what it is. No one has to understand me and it’s okay.

 2. God understand me, so I’m not bothered much when nobody understands me. I would like people to, but there’s not much I can do now.

 3. Sometimes, I feel really bad that no one understands me, but then I remember that I also understand no one, and it feels all good and fair. It actually is all good and fair.

 4. We can all try to understand people but we can never really understand them. No one understands me or you or anyone else in this big, beautiful and green earth.

 5. I don’t think a day will ever come where we will understand another person. So I’ll just leave, knowing that no one understands me and trying my best to communicate to others what I want them to know about me.

 6. Earth’s not perfect, so I totally understand if no one understands me. Maybe in heaven, they will, but until then, I wait.

 7. Everyone says “nobody understands me”, and that’s just a sign that only you can understand you.

 8. Even I am wondering if I’ll ever fully understand myself, so why should I ever be caught complaining if I see that no one understands me?

 9. The day I understood that no one can understand me, I felt free. Free from trying to making others feel bad for not doing what they can’t do.

10. No one understands me and no one should. Instead, everyone should focus on trying to understand themselves and other things that can be understood.

11. Once, I decided to live on knowing that no one understands me and no one will, and I found happiness in life.

12. It may be really hard to come to terms with, but no one will understand you perfectly, and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble when you finally accept this truth.

13. Expecting people to understand me many times, I have experienced so much disappointment to last a lifetime. No one understand me and maybe they don’t even have to.

14. Honestly, I don’t need anyone to understand me for me to be fine. I just need them to help me in whatever way they can while I do the same for them, we all living and loving.

15. There’s nothing I can do about it, about no one understanding me. That’s how unique I am. That’s how unique we all are. That’s what makes us humans.

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Nobody Understand Me Quotes

Nobody Understand Me Quotes
Nobody Understand Me Quotes

16. The only one that can understand me is me. Me and God. Outside of us, I don’t need anyone to understand me and I don’t need to understand anyone.

17. I have not finished understanding myself, not to talk of understanding another person. Everyone should think like this, and no one needs to understand me.

18. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone because I don’t understand them. I will do my best to not hurt anyone but I can’t understand you. You don’t have to apologise to me now. I know no one understands me.

19. A lot made sense when I understood that no one really understands me and that the best they can do is to try. And everyone should understand the same too.

20. No one understands me, I know. I also know that I understand no one. That’s the way we are made. At least, we all have one level playing ground on earth.

21. We will forgive a some people when we see that we can’t understand anyone, and some people will forgive us too when they see the same. Tell yourself. I don’t understand anyone. No one understands me.

22. Try all you can to understand and you will definitely fail. You can try and be among the many who tried and failed. You won’t understand me. No one does and no one will.

23. If you ever understand me, then consider yourself superhuman, because it’s not human to understand anyone. Nobody understands me.

24. We were not made to understand ourselves. We were made to live with ourselves and to try to bring the best out of each other. No one understands me, but a lot of people love me.

25. Understanding is not love. Anyone can love you, but no one can understand you. Don’t think understanding is a proof of love. No one understands me, but so many love me.

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No One Understand Me Status

No One Understand Me Status
No One Understand Me Status

 1. Everyday I get to learn new things, my friends, and one I learnt just recently is that no one understands me, no one understands you, and no one understands anyone. So live your life with this consciousness. No one is at fault. That’s how we were made.

 2. Be like me, people. I know that nobody understands me and I am not bothered. If only you could all be like me, the earth will be a better place to live in.

 3. Of the many things I can post on my status, I chose to let all of you know that none of you understands me, and that there’s nothing wrong with that. You know I wouldn’t be posting about this if I did not feel is important for y’all to hear, right?

 4. Why does the idea of people not understanding you weigh you down? Don’t you know that only you should understand you? That shouldn’t make you feel bad because that’s the best way it could ever have been. Tell yourself every now and then “nobody understands me and that does not and should not make me sad.”

 5. Let’s all focus on understanding ourselves. Let’s forget about trying to understand others because we can’t. And they can’t understand us too. No one understands me too. We’re all together in this, fam.

 6. One day, you’ll finally come to terms with the fact that nobody understands you and that nobody can. When that day comes, please come back to tell me that you’ve finally accepted the truth I have been preaching for a while now.

 7. No one understands me, but that doesn’t make me feel alone. Instead it makes me want to open up more to others and try to look more into them so we can see more of ourselves and do better than we’re currently doing. Won’t you be like me, buddies?

 8. For days, I’ve been looking for a reason to say that it’s totally okay for people to not understand you. I did not find one, but I’ll still it anyway. No one understands me and it’s okay. No one understands you and it’s okay. As a matter of fact, that’s the way it should be.

 9. I’ve heard a lot of people cry to me, saying “nobody understands me.” I try to tell them that that’s the way it should be. That it’s not because people don’t want to understand them, or because that’s a way nature punishes them for something they did wrong. I want you to know this too today.

10. You’re not unfortunate because nobody understands you. Honestly, you’re fortunate and normal. Humans were not made to be understood by humans. So let’s enjoy our being human for as long as it lasts, because nothing lasts forever. That’s my sermon for today. Won’t you thank me?

Nobody Understand Me Images

nobody understand me images
nobody understand me images
Nobody Understand Me Quotes images
Nobody Understand Me Quotes images

So there we have it, the very best of quotes and statuses to say nobody understands you, all thanks to me. I’m glad you read through and I’m sure I gave you exactly what you need.

One good turn deserves another, so can you share this list with your friends? You never know who may need it. And for more of my quotes and statuses, do well to surf around this site.

If you have any thoughts on this compilation, kindly leave a comment for me. Thank you.

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