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Birthday Wishes for Friend Male – Happy Birthday Guy

Happy Birthday

Birthday Wishes for Friend Male – Happy Birthday Guy

Birthday Wishes for Friend Male: We have made friends from different places and in a lot of cases, we move on, but we still remain friends with them.

If you have male friends that mean a lot to you, and you want to hit them up on their birthday to say “hey, guy, happy birthday”, and you want to do it in such a beautiful way that it will leave a long lasting impression on their hearts, then this page is for you.

So many wishes for different kind of friends have been compiled here, so if you need a birthday message for a former or current neighbour, school mate, colleague and any other kind of friend, and this friend is male, then this page is all you prayed for. Some where written to be used by ladies, some for guys, and some for everyone.

And if you have a female friend to wish a happy birthday, a lot of messages here will be helpful to you. Just a little tweak and you’ll have the perfect one for her.

So go right ahead and surprise those male friends of yours with these happy birthday wishes written for the blowing of their minds. Yeah.

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Male

Birthday Wishes for Friend Male
Birthday Wishes for Friend Male

 1. A day like this should have no end so I can celebrate you to the largest extent. I pray you get many rewards for the awesome things you do. Happy birthday to you, the best friend ever.

 2. The days are going by, but I know that at least I enjoyed them with the best friend to ever walk the earth. You’re still my most desirable companion. Happy birthday to you, dearest friend.

 3. You bring so much spice to being male that I sometimes think everyone should desire to be male. Keep being an amazing person and friend. I love you forever. Happy birthday, bestie.

 4. The best wishes I can think of are my wishes for you today. And forever will come with more pleasure than you can handle. Your life will be at it’s very best, my best friend. Happy birthday to you.

 5. It’s me, your best friend, popping up to say you’re still everything I want in a friend. Thanks for helping me in many ways, being by my for many days, and for every other thing. Happy birthday to you, my best buddy.

Birthday Wishes from a Girl to a Guy Friend from School

Birthday Wishes from a Girl to a Guy Friend from School
Birthday Wishes from a Girl to a Guy Friend from School

 6. Having you as a classmate is a blessing. You were more than a classmate, but a friend and a mini-teacher. Lol. May your new year bring you favours. Amen. Happy birthday to you.

 7. I did not see you as one of the best of guys when I first met you and you’ve proven me wrong. You’re activities around here has made you someone I admire so much. I wish you a happy birthday, dear friend.

 8. People like you make school something to look forward to daily. You’re one person that makes class interesting, not just for me, but for a lot of others. Thanks. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

 9. I guess I can say we’re all in luck to be sharing a class with a genius like you. You’re a great guy and nothing should make you think otherwise. This is to wish you a happy birthday, my schoolmate.

10. We may not be in the same class, but you’re someone I want to talk with everyday. And if I don’t get to talk with you, I feel like school wasn’t complete. Happy birthday to my school friend!

Birthday Wishes from a Girl to a Guy Friend from University

Birthday Wishes from a Girl to a Guy Friend from University
Birthday Wishes from a Girl to a Guy Friend from University

11. Today’s a day to celebrate a great guy, to celebrate someone who’s made my time at university easy and exciting. I pray your life is just the same — easy and exciting. Happy birthday to you.

12. Many years will come and go and I’ll always celebrate you. In our few years here, you’ve left a mark on my heart that cannot be erased. Happy birthday, my friend. May you have the best of graduation.

13. I prayed for so many things while coming to the university and one of them was for good friends. God answered with some people and you’re one of them. Thanks for being a good friend. Happy birthday, my guy.

14. There’s a vibe around you that tells me you’re going to achieve a lot of great things outside these four walls. I can’t wait for that future that waits outside this university. Happy birthday to you, buddy.

15. There are friends that are intelligent, friends that are great company, friends that are handsome, and more. Then there are friends like you that surpass all these. Happy birthday to you, my friend and course mate.

Birthday Wishes from a Guy to a Guy Friend from School

Birthday Wishes from a Guy to a Guy Friend from School
Birthday Wishes from a Guy to a Guy Friend from School

16. Time’s really going, and every birthday we celebrate reminds me that we’re drawing closer to graduation. I can’t wait for what the years ahead have for us. Happy birthday to you, buddy.

17. You’re a source of strength to a lot of us. Some may not tell you but take it from me. Thanks for being a great friend and schoolmate. Happy birthday to you, boy!

18. If there’s only one person I look up to in school, you’re the one. You’ve come from being a senior colleague to being a friend, and I’m glad that you are my friend. Happy birthday to you!

19. This school is a world of it’s own and you’re one of those who make it beautiful. Thank you for going out of your way to make a lot of us happy and comfortable. Happy birthday, mate.

20. Maybe today is a perfect day to remind you that you’re awesome. I’m sure it is, though. Happy birthday to this awesomeness called (insert friend’s name). May your years be long and may you stay happy.

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Birthday Wishes form a Guy to a Guy Friend from University:

Birthday Wishes form a Guy to a Guy Friend from University
Birthday Wishes form a Guy to a Guy Friend from University

21. You’re making the days better. With you as my friend on this campus, I can predict so many good days ahead of me before convocation. Happy birthday to you.

22. I left so many friends to come to the university and thought it would be hard to find friends like the ones I left at home. It was hard, but I found you, and you make me not miss home as much as I normally will. Happy birthday, friend.

23. University gave me a lot of blessings, from experiences to friends like you. I celebrate you, my dear friend. Happy birthday to you.

24. Keep being everything sweet, keep being the one everyone loves, keep being the one no one has something evil to say about, keep being a great guy! Happy birthday to you!

25. May happy days swallow you and drown you in their pleasures. May you not find a way of escape, no matter how you try. Happy birthday to you, my paddy. I love you, bro!

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Male Funny

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Male Funny
Birthday Wishes For Best Friend Male Funny

26. Happy birthday to you, bro. I’m sure God was tired of seeing me bored, so he created you. Lol. Best wishes.

27. Happy birthday to you, my guy. I don’t care if we are from the same family or not. All I know is that the same blood runs in us. So happy birthday, blood.

28. I’m just thinking of you and laughing. I don’t know why. I’ll tell you when I figure it out, through. Happy birthday to you, buddy.

29. See? You’ve done all the things I said you’ll do before you turn 30, like eating more than one thousand times in a year. Happy birthday to you, best friend.

30. I love you so much that I’m beginning to wonder why you’re not a part of my body. But let’s forget that and wish you a happy birthday first, my best buddy. Love.

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Birthday Wishes from a Woman to a Guy from Work

Birthday Wishes from a Woman to a Guy from Work
Birthday Wishes from a Woman to a Guy from Work

31. For all the life you bring to the office, thank you so much. You deserve all the progress and good that comes to you at work. Happy birthday! Keep growing and glowing.

32. There are so many reasons I look forward to work, and you’re one of them. Confession: you’re one of the top reasons. Happy birthday to a great guy like you.

33. You’re a gem, you deserve all appreciation. And you deserve a gift from me, a gift that you’ll get today. Happy birthday, colleague.

34. I hear what a lot of people at work say about you and they make me wonder. How do you manage to be so lovable? Happy birthday to you. May you remain great.

35. I can imagine the pride that your family has celebrating you as one of theirs. May you continue to touch people positively. Happy birthday to you, mate.

Birthday Wishes from a Guy to an old Pal

Birthday Wishes for Friend Male

36. I’ve been thinking about you for a while now, and wondering what’s up. I guess it’s your birthday that was hovering in the air. Happy birthday to you, friend. I miss you.

37. I wish you a very happy birthday and I pray for more of all good things you have. Send my greetings to the family. I love you all.

38. No matter how time passes, I cannot forget the birthday of someone as special as you. I wish you all life’s beautiful things. Happy birthday to you, man.

39. Hey! It’s your boy, (insert your name). I wanted our reconnection to be a bit more interesting, so I got your number and waited for a day like this. Happy birthday, fam. I pray you go higher only.

40. There’s a lot you did for me that I can’t forget, no matter how much time passes. Thank for being amazing. I wish you all you desire. More of God and life for you, friend. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes to a Childhood Friend

Birthday Wishes for Friend Male
Birthday Wishes for Friend Male

41. A lot of extremely happy days are ahead of you. With the way you made my life filled with happiness, I can only pray for more for you. Happy birthday, my friend.

42. If my wishes for you today are not of more life, more money, more strength and more influence, I think I’d rather say nothing. Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

43. We were two male children doing amazing things many years ago, and we’re still doing same today. I’m happy about the memories I have with you. I wish you a far, far better future. Happy birthday, (insert friend’s name).

44. For a guy like you, I wonder if I should even speak or just let you read my mind. Well, I think I’ll just speak. May you live life like a king. Happy birthday to you, brother man.

45. I’m unbothered about how your party will be today. You have a history that I’m placing my bet on. I can’t wait to have mad fun, paddy. Happy birthday to you, son.

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Birthday Messages for a Former Neighbor:

46. Sincerely, fam, I miss you. But we all had to get blessed with our houses and we can’t reject blessings from God. May you enjoy more pleasantness. Happy birthday to you!

47. I hope you’re having new beautiful things, new things to be thankful for. I pray that more than you can ever ask for will be yours. Happy birthday, man.

48. I may not have visited as you would expect but you’re on my mind. And my good wishes are with you today as you celebrate your fortieth birthday. Happy birthday to you.

49. Merriness is yours. Many years from now, we’ll hangout and you’ll tell me how pleasant and fun your life has been. Happy birthday to you, buddy.

50. What’s the best life to you? May that be your reality all the days you’ll spend on earth. May you have reasons to feel like the most blessed human. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes from a Guy to a Guy from Military Service

51. We’ve literally been through tough times together. Lol. And we’re here today, alive and well. I wish you the best of earth, life and God. Happy birthday to you, man.

52. When I think of my favourite life, life in the military, you come to my mind. You’ve been brave and courageous and I’m glad to be associated with you. Happy birthday to you, colleague.

53. Forget what a lot of people say. I’ve seen you do superhuman things, on the field and at home. You’re one hell of a great guy. I celebrate you today. Happy birthday!

54. This salute is for you, partner. Your worth is nothing less than platinum and I celebrate you. I wish you never grow tired of being an inspiration to me and many others. Happy birthday to you.

55. Looking at you arouse strength and courage in me. As you grow older, may you begin to get double and triple of what you got when you were younger. Happy birthday to you, boy.

More Birthday Wishes For Friends Male

Birthday Wishes for Friend Male
Birthday Wishes for Friend Male

56. May these days be lovely and lively for you. May they fill your mouth with thanks. And I pray all your prayers get answered. Happy birthday to you, friend.

57. With all the glory you exude, one wonders if you need anything. Well, I wish you your deepest and strongest heart desires. Happy birthday to you, my neighbor.

58. I’m watching and waiting for a time when you won’t lack any good thing. I’m praying for you now and I won’t stop even when that time comes. Happy birthday, best friend.

59. Once, someone told me that I’m growing older and younger. I did not understand and had to ask for an explanation. I got one. I’ll also explain when you ask. You’re growing older and younger, my friend. Happy birthday to you!

60. I grew up knowing you, grew up with you in my life. I’ve not known a life without you. And I don’t have any other way I would have preferred growing up. You’re beautiful. And you’re amazing too. Happy birthday to you, fam. I love you.

61. Wake up to the most exciting day in your year! And you really should start planning the party now. Happy birthday to you, bro.

I’m sure you found more wishes to say happy birthday to your male friends than you needed. I’m always here for you, you know? And, yeah, if there’s a category you need, you can tell me in the comments so I can include them for you. I’m your guy.

And if you found this list helpful, you can share to as many as possible and let’s get the wishes popping like we’ve never had. Finally, if you can, say happy birthday to them for me too. Lol.

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