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Happy Birthday Papa Quotes from Son & Daughter

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Papa Quotes from Son & Daughter

Happy Birthday Papa Quotes: Are you looking for unique message to send to your dad, checkout our Happy birthday Papa collection for best quotes, wishes, messages and status to send to him on his birthday.

Birth is a fresh start, it is a window to an amazing possibility, the chance to fulfill your special mission: so a birthday is a pivotal occasion to be recognized similarly as a country honors its introduction to the world or as an organization commends its establishing.

All things considered, it is more than an event to get blessings. It is an opportunity to recollect the day that a significant occasion happened, to celebrate and offer gratitude and to ponder how well we are satisfying our calling.

Nevertheless, it’s your father’s birthday and being a father takes a lifetime: fathers assume a job in each child’s life that can’t be filled by others. This job can largy affect a youngster and help shape that person into the individual they become, so ought to make him smile on his birthday. These are some heart-melting birthday wishes for your father! Happy Birthday Papa Quotes

Happy Birthday Papa Quotes

Here are some happy birthday papa Quotes!

1. You have consistently been the most supportive and cordial dad in the world. Happy birthday to you. You are truly one of a kind!

2. You always make me feel safe and secure with your unconditional love. I want more years to spend with you. Happy birthday papa!

3. May the coming years of your life be loaded with boundless bliss. I love you to infinity and beyond. Happy birthday to the most amazing dad ever!

4. You make me feel grateful not only because you’re an awesome dad but also because you’re an ideal person . It’s a blessing to be a neighborhood of you. Happy birthday papa!

5. Much thanks to you for being the superman in my life. You constantly caused me to feel extraordinary with your adoration and care. Glad birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Quotes for papa

Here are the Best Happy Birthday Quotes for Papa composed just for you happy birthday papa quote.

For the individuals who are sufficiently honored to have a father as they grew up, it is of most extreme significance to show your father that you care for him. One of the approaches to do that is to make sure to welcome him a glad birthday when the perfect opportunity arrives.

Nevertheless, we’ll be sharing exquisite happy birthday papa quotes. Make him smile with any of your choice below.

6. “You are the simplest dad ever and today is that the ideal time on behalf of me to state, that I’m so appreciative to you for continually being there on behalf of me . Happy birthday papa”.

7. “Everyone looks older as time goes by, but you are different. You are sort of a wine, you looks better than hobby . Sometimes I jealous you for you’re still handsome. I hope you looks always like this. Happy birthday daddy, I love you”.

8. “You’re the biggest person in my life and I’m the greatest fan of you. Do you know that I even have photographs of you in my office and at home? Whenever I’m in trouble, i feel of you and you’re deserve winning every single award within the word which says “Best Dad of the Year”. Love you dad. Happy Birthday to the man”.

9. “You have made great works for us until now so I feel very lucky that ı have a father like you. Today is your day, have fun as much you want. Smile every time because it makes me happy. Happy birthday my lovely dad”.

10. “I have always wanted to get older such as you but I even have understand that it had been hard to be a adult person. I have taken you always as an unforgettable example. You have been always strong sort of a mountain, you’ve got been always brave sort of a knight, you’ve got been always balance sort of a good king on our family. I have not changed my concept i want to be such as you . Thanks for everything dad, especially for my childhood. Happy birthday my dear father”.

Happy Birthday Papa Status

happy birthday papa status

Here are perfect Happy Birthday Papa Status. Happy Birthday Papa Quotes

For each family and each person, father is the most notable individual of life. Not just you should wish your dad on his birthday yet in addition, he merit birthday status from you. Here we have a magnificent compilation of best birthday status for father, to cause him to feel like the most fortunate father in the entire world.

11. Papa, I hope you know how much you really mean to me. Thank you so much for everything, Happy Birthday!

12. Dad, you are my support system, my backbone and my lifeline. I love you a lot! Happy birthday!

13. I am the luckiest daughter in the world because I have the best father in the world. Happy birthday, my beloved father.

14. Love and laughter are two of the best things that you have given me, dad! Thanks, happy birthday!

15. You are my hero, my role model, the man who I look up to and dream to become. Happy birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday Papa Message

Here are Happy Birthday Papa Message. Happy Birthday Papa Quotes

Fathers are the most notable individuals throughout our life. They are the storage facility of information and knowledge to us. They have answers for practically every single issue in our life. In this way, with regards to father’s birthday, you know it’s significant for you to wish him an wonderful birthday.

Here are some beautiful happy birthday message for your father.

16. Dear Dad, you are a shining example to this ménage, and I am so much inspired by your astounding accomplishments which have made me a truly proud child. Wishing you a marvelous anniversary!

17. You were the one who always told me that I can do the impossible if only I tried hard enough, that alone is the reason I am here, happy birthday papa!

18. All I wish for you is that we get to spend more time together, that I can have more bonding time with you and that you keep smiling your happy smile, enjoy your day!

19. Happy birthday to you, dad, just know that I love you and that I would not know where I am right now if you are not there for me to guide me through it all.

20. You were the one who stood on my side even when you knew I was wrong and let me tell you just how much I appreciated that, happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Papa Prayer

Here are some Happy Birthday Papa Prayer collections. Happy Birthday Papa Quotes

A dad who will consistently remain by you is a genuinely significant help in one’s life. That is the reason, when it’s his unique day, you need to figure out how to offer your thanks through a birthday prayer.

Our assortment of unique birthday prayers for your father will assist you with disclosing to him how honored you feel to have him.

21. Dad, you are such a great father. On this day, as we celebrate you, I seize the opportunity to say thank you to God the almighty for blessing me with you. May thy God’s grace continue to guide you in light wealth and health. May He turn his ears toward you and grant all of your heart’s desires. Happy birthday.

22. Today, I am able to send out love because you gave me firsthand experience on how love should be and what it should mean. You are my first hero, my role model my champion,  and my everything. Today, I want to thank Almighty God from the bottom of my heart for blessing me with a dad that is as awesome as you. May you never see sadness in your life. May you live a long, healthy, prosperous and happy life. Happy birthday, dear father.

23. How can I forget the love and affection you constantly dish out to me without condition? You are always ready 100% to sacrifice your happiness just to make sure that a i feel fine and a smile brightens my face. I will forever be grateful to the God for making you my dad. May all the days of your life be as beautiful as a combination of the sun and rainbow. May good health, joy and happiness forever reign in your heart of gold.

24. I have been blessed with so many things in this life, but none of my blessings can be compared to the blessing of having you as my father. I can never stop thanking God for your presence in my life. You gave me everything I ever needed in life and formed me into the man/woman that I am today. May Almighty God never stop pouring His amazing love, kindness , happiness and blessings on you. Have a wonderful birthday.

25. When God made you my father, He blessed me much more than I deserved. I shall therefore be forever grateful to you God Almighty.

To me, you will always be the greatest father this world will ever see. So on this day, as I celebrate you, this heart of mine has nothing but immense gratitude to God for having blessing me with the best father ever. I wish you a very happy birthday, Dad, and I pray to God for yet more fruitful and happy years to spend with you.

Happy Birthday Papa Quotes from Daughter

Here are some unique Happy Birthday Papa Quote from Daughter collections

It’s father’s birthday, give him a birthday quote that will make him feel good inside, present to him a grin, or let him realize that he is so essential to you. I’ve assembled this rundown to assist you with brainstorming how you need to state cheerful birthday. I trust you locate the ideal birthday quote for your father!

26. “Thanks for the all-time love dad, my life is a fulfillment for having a dad like you around me all the time. I really wish you’ll celebrate many more years with us. Happy birthday dad”.

27. “There’s nothing of essential value that I possess that will match the value of the life you’ve provided me with. I really want to wish you a beautiful year ahead. Happy birthday dad”.

28. “If I could, I’ll collect birthday wishes for you from every daughter who truly appreciates their dad. But I’ll just send you my own sincere wishes for you. Happy Birthday sweet dad. Live long please”.

29. “I realized that no one will actually be able to pay their parents back for all they did for them, because money can’t buy those sacrifices. Happy Birthday to you dad. Enjoy your great year”.

30. “I’ve seen people lose their parents while in school and I’m lucky enough to have you in perfect state of well-being. I’m so grateful for your life dad. Happy Birthday to you sir”.

Happy Birthday Papa Quotes from Son

Like father like son, that is the thing that they state and those words most likely convey some weight. I realize every child has a man they gaze upward to; the greater part of these men being their fathers. Sending a birthday wish to your father can be one of the most wonderful things for him. Send him a birthday quote on his special day and gain a few experiences that will keep going forever with him

31. “You’ve taught me to never give up. You always help me up and I owe my success in life to you, and can’t wait to take you out for your birthday”.

32. “To the greatest Dad in the World.. Dear dad, you’ve been to me my teacher and the closest friend. You have given inspiration for my job every time. Your experience have shed light to front of me. I will follow every time, happy birthday dad. Thanks for everything”.

33. “You are the greatest father ever and today is the right time for me to say, how grateful I am to you for always being there for me. Happy birthday papa”.

34. “Everyone looks older as time goes by, but you are different. You are like a wine, you looks better than past time. Sometimes, I jealous you for you are still handsome. I hope you looks always like this. Happy birthday daddy, I love you”.

35. “You have made great works for us until now so I feel very lucky that ı have a father like you. I have seen most lovely, caring, encouraging father is you.  Smile every time because it makes me happy. Happy birthday my lovely Dad”.

How do you wish happy birthday to Papa

happy birthday papa quotes from son

Here are some ways you can wish papa a happy birthday.

36. I know I wasn’t always the perfect child, but you have always been the perfect dad. Thanks for fixing the little things I broke and for showing me how to correct my own mistakes as I grew. Enjoy your birthday today. I love you!

37. Thanks for putting up with me through my terrible toddler years, my angst filled teenage years, and all the dumb things I did in my twenties. I guess the best gift I can give you is to live how you tried to teach me to live. Thank you for all you’ve done for me and all you’ve put up with.

38. When I need some support, you’re always there. When I need some guidance, you always come. You are the best dad in this world. Happy birthday.

39. Happy birthday. Thank you for always being there to lend a helping hand. I hope today brings you lots of love, happiness, and smiles, dad!

40. No matter how hard I try, no matter what I do, I would never be able to thank you enough for all the love and care you have filled my life with. You are my hero, my icon. I wish you a very happy birthday!

What do you write in a birthday card for papa

Fathers are hero’s and kings of our time. On their special day we ought to make them feel special. That’s why we have a rundown on what you can write in a birthday card for Papa below.

41. You made my future brighter than a billion lights, and I can never thank you enough for that. Happy birthday.”

42. I wish I could be there to wish you happy birthday in person, but just know that you are in my heart and I’m thinking about you on your special day. Happy birthday dad, can’t wait to see you again!

43. When I was a kid I had to look up to you, because you were so much taller than me. Now that I’m older, I look up to you because you are an amazing man. Happy birthday dad.

44. Here’s to a dad that brought home the bacon! Well, mom probably brought it home actually. And she usually cooked it. But dad sure paid for it! Thanks dad for always making sure we had everything we needed.

45. I tried to think of something beautifully poetic to write for your birthday. But instead I thought I would just give it to you straight. Thank you dad; for everything you have done for me. You are just the best kind of person. The world would be a better place if there were more people like you in it.

Happy Birthday Papa Wishes

 46. Your birthday wishes are all I ever wanted, Papa. It is not that I never hear from you; it is that ‘you are calling’ in every way. On your special day, I want to say thank you for being born, and to wish you a life filled with happiness.

47.  Papa: Did you know that a papa is someone who beams with pride every time he watches his child’s smile? You have been more than a father to me. I am sincerely and deeply thankful for all your support, love and care. I am grateful to have you as my role model in life. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

48. There are no words that can truly describe how I feel about you. From my child hood until this moment, you have always been my hero. You are more than a father to me. You are the person that has motivated me to live a meaningful life. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

49. You are the only one who can fill my heart with happiness on my birthday and everyday of the year. I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me and making every moment of my childhood special. You are the person who has filled my life with love, laughter, joy and success.

50. Happy Birthday to a loving father who will be there for me whenever I need you!

51. Anniversary is the most important day in your life. It is a day when your marriage is sanctified. If you want to make it special here are some anniversary wishes for wife, which you can send her via WhatsApp, Facebook…

52. Happy Birthday my dad! I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for you in my life. You have always been there for me and supported me. No matter what crazy things I did, or how stress mom made it for you to raise us, you always took the heat from her. My forever hero, I love you!

53. Birthday is a very special day and I know you like to make it special for me. You have always preferred making me happy rather than yourself. Happy birthday papa and thank you for being there for me whenever I need you.

54. Oh! My life without you would have been a disastrous existence. You are the best father anyone could ever wish for. May God bless you on this special day and always. Happy birthday papa!

55. Happy Birthday to you papa! I​​​​ believe that you have faced many challenges in your life. I admire you for rising above them all and walking tall. You taught me the true meaning of life. Never let anyone or anything stop you from achieving your goals. Thanks for the wisdom you have shared with me, and wishing you a wonderful birthday!

56. Wishing a very happy birthday and hoping that the day goes smoothly for you! Enjoy it to the fullest and make memories that’ll last forever. It has been my greatest honor to have a dad like you beside me all these years. I wish you an inspirational ride for your next year ahead.

57. Happy birthday to a special man… ‘Just like you! I always pray for you to be healthy and strong, and your birthday is the perfect time to say: ‘Thank you’ for all the love, care and safety that you have provided for me throughout my life. I believe in having a long life, so I will keep my fingers crossed.

58. Everybody must know how I feel about you. You know what we call you? One of the most awesome fathers to walk the planet! I have never met a father as caring and as loving as you are. This is your birthday! And that calls for a celebration! May your day be filled with tons of smiles, warmth and love from your friends and family.

59. We all miss you and love you dearly! We want you to know that you are still in our hearts and we will always hold you dear. Happy Birthday!

60. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear papa, happy birthday to you!

61. Hey dad, thank you for being my father. You have made my childhood a better place to live in. You encouraged me to do the things I liked and worked hard to make sure I had a comfortable childhood. On your birthday, I want to wish you many more years full of happiness and love! Thanks for everything, papa!!!

62. Wishing a very happy birthday to my papa who has stood by me at all times through thick and thin. Thank you for speaking your mind and telling me the truth even if it hurts. You have given me the strength to be able to stand on my feet and keep moving forward in life. I pray that God bless you abundantly today!

63. My father is the best example of goodness on earth. I can never thank him enough for all that he has done for me and my family. He is more than a friend to me, he has always been there whenever we needed help. I wish you all the happiness and success on your birthday!

64. My sweet angel, you have been my mother and father through out the years, standing by me when I needed you most. You have built me from my childhood to what I am today. I will always love you papa!

65. Happy birthday to my father who gave me life and taught me all that is good in it. I will take your advice and hope the best for the betterment of this great nation. I promise never to disappoint you, with time and experience, I shall become a man you would be proud of.

66. I thank my lucky stars for being so blessed to have a father like you. I wake up each morning and look forward to hug you, thinking of all the adventures we used to do when I was younger. Have a great day on your special day!

67. Papa, you are the best father in the whole world. Thank you for being a guiding light in my life and you never give up on me even though I am so unlikeable to everyone else. I will always cherish everything that you have done for me throughout my ups and downs. A birthday wish is not enough to show my appreciation towards you, but I hope your wishes come true!

68. You have been a great father to me, and a better friend. Thank you for all the love that you shower on me. You always find a way to put up with my every mood swing. I would never ask for anyone other than you to be my father. I wish you a very happy birthday! Many more happy returns of the day!

69. Happy birthday to a loving father who has always been there for me. You have been an inspiration for everything that I have done. I am grateful to you for always encouraging me to follow my dreams. Through all the good and bad phases, you have stood by me. May God bless you with all the happiness in life and may your life be full of success.

70. Hey Dad, you have been a role model to me when it comes to life. You always have been of great support to me and always stood by the decisions I made. I am going to miss you always but will cherish the moments we have spent together forever. Thanks for being such an awesome dad … Happy birthday!

71. You are one of a kind – and the most important person in my life. I am so proud of you. Happy Birthday!

72. Birthday greetings for a special dad! Thank you for all the days that you have been there for me, helping me grow into what I am today. I appreciate the countless sacrifices you have made for me. My life is full of color because of you.

73. You are the best dad ever, and I love you! It’s hard to imagine my life without you. You are the first one who told me about the meaning of love; how it could change someone from being miserable to extraordinary. Let this day be another way of expressing my love for you. I will be forever grateful.

74. Happy birthday papa! You are the best in the world, and today I am so proud to have you as my father! Without you, I would not be who I am today. Thank you for supporting me in every aspect of my life.

75. This is the year for you to celebrate with friends and family! May this festive season be full of fun and joy. I hope that this special day will make all your dreams come true. I love my papa so much and would never want to stay away from you. My wish is for you to be surrounded by beautiful memories of past birthdays and the ones to come.

76. Happy birthday wishes for Daddy. I told you, you don’t look a day older from the one year I’ve known you. Even though I’ve started living my own life, that has never changed how special of a man you are for me, nor ever will it. Happy Birthday!

77. Daddy, you have always been a great strength and support to me. No one can fathom the sacrifices that you have made for me. For this birthday, I wish you a wonderful year! Be well and enjoy life to its fullest! From your daughter.

78. This birthday will be the most memorable one for me, because I finally get to gift you with the greatest gift of all – my love and care. I promise to keep you happy and healthy for as long as I live!

79. Happy birthday to a father who is the heartbeat of family and every one is dear to him. He has always thought about us and taken care of us.

80. Happy Birthday to you! I pray that God will grant you the many beautiful wishes that come true in your dream castle.

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Happy 60th Birthday Papa Quotes

81. Best wishes on your 60th birthday! You have always been and will always be my hero. You are the person I admire the most in this world. My love for you has no limits and boundaries. I wish you to spend this special day surrounded by love, joy, and happiness!

82.  This birthday is special for you, since it’s the day when you turned 60! I hope your wish comes true and all your plans become a reality. This day should be memorable!

83. To Dad, have a great 60th birthday! No matter what, you have always been supportive of me and I never had anyone who cared about me. I just love you so much. Have a happy birthday!

84. Happy birthday! I treasure all those moments that we have spent together during my childhood. You are a great man, who has always put family first. I am certain today you bless life for making you a father. Through everything, you have been an attentive listener and strict parent. That is why I have grown to be the responsible person that I am now. These small blessings make you 60 years young!

85. I knew my father was smart the day I stopped calling him. The day I called him daddy was the day I found out what a truly genius man he really is. Happy 60th birthday, dad!

86. happy 60th birthday papa, my dad, you have always been on top of your game. From a young age, I watched you take charge and lead all of us toward our dreams. Thank you for setting the standard that all men should live up to!

87. You are the best dad in this world. Nothing would be possible without your love, care and support. I hope you have as many great years as you have wrinkles on your face. Happy 60th birthday daddy! Happy birthday.

88. Happy 60th birthday dad, its been a long journey but we have reached together. Neither of us is perfect, but I really appreciate your love and support in all my trials and tribulations. Wish you a very happy birthday and a very happy golden year with loads of fun and frolics.

89. Happy birthday to my dearest dad! I am proud of you for being the best father in the world. You have sacrificed so much for our family! I know you have always dreamt of me becoming successful one day. And that is exactly what I am now. To watch me fulfill your dreams is a big motivation for you. Wishing you happy 60th birthday!

90. This 60th years of your life have been filled with the people who love and respect you. You have worked hard and your labour has paid off! It’s time to stop counting how many years you are because your age for us is just a number, and we only care for the happiness that radiates from your eyes. Have a wonderful birthday!

91. My father is one the most important people in my life. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if he wasn’t around. He has been a role model for me, taught me how to be a good man and shared his wisdom with me every day of my life. I love him so much and I can’t believe that today is his 60th birthday. I only hope I will become just half of the person he is someday. Happy birthday, dad!

92. Today you are turning 60 years old, a big milestone in life! As you get older, I just want to thank you for all the sacrifices and love you’ve given me. I’m going to make your birthday celebration extra special this year. Lots of gifts, cake and balloons await you. All your friends will be there and we will be celebrating your milestone birthday like never before. Today would not have been possible without you; may God bless you and keep granted with his peace. Love always!

Happy Birthday Papa Wishes in English

93. Dear Papa, you are one of the people I really love in my life. You are so kind and generous. On your birthday, my wish for you would be long life and good health to enjoy all this. I hope that God will also give you many more happy returns of the day!

94. Today is your special day, I am so glad that you are in my life. I wish you all the best with this birthday wish. I hope you will be happy with this whole year, and all to come. Nothing beats smiling when your father gives you a gift.

95. Happy birthday to the man who has given me everything I could ever ask, and even more! Thank you for making me what I am today. You are my guiding star, my inspiration and source of infinite love. I am so thankful that you are always with me, especially during the times when I feel all alone. To my dear father, I wish health and happiness always and a very happy birthday to you.

96. We love you very much and cannot imagine our life without you. You have always been there for us. You are an inspiration to me and my brothers. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

97. Today, remember to be thankful for all those who have come into your life. Wishing you a very joyous birthday!

98. It is your birthday today. I want to present you with the most coveted gift ever, my love. My father, all that I know and understand in this world and beyond is because of you. You have been a role model to me and am proud to call you my Father.

99. Wishing you a life of everlasting happiness that comes from the true companionship with the heavenly Father, where nothing can take away and no one can replace.

100. Happy birthday papa! You have taught me how to be strong at times of weakness and how to cope with the difficult times of life. Thank you for everything. I love you a lot. Have a good year ahead.

101. On your birthday I would like to wish you God’s blessings every day. I thank God for giving me the best father and making me who I am today. Hope you have a very happy birthday!

102. Papa, you have earned your happy birthday wishes! It has been ten years since I came to you in search of shelter and safety. And it has been an honor and privilege to be under your care ever since. Here’s to many more years of care, love, support, and fun!

103. I don’t know, how I would have survived these long months without you! I am truly lucky to have you as my father. Your support has helped me reach where I am today. Thank you for always being there for me! On your birthday, I want to wish you a very happy one and may life bring more of your wishes fulfilled!

104. Dad, a father’s responsibilities are endless. You have been my guide and my companion as I grew up. We have experienced many ups and downs together but we always managed to get through them. Thanks you for all that you have done for me and I wish you a very happy birthday.

105. Papa, you have always been my pillar of strength. From the time I lost my mother, you have been my guardian. You are my life guide and have given me sound advice on every single decision I made. I can’t thank you enough for that. Happy birthday dear!

106. I pray for your long life- filled with good health, joy and happiness. I appreciate you and everything you have done for me. Today the most powerful wish I make is a prayer that your life will always be blessed abundantly in all aspects of life. May you achieve your heart’s desires.

107. Papa, your love is more precious and valuable to me than diamonds. I wish you a long life, good health and happiness always. Thank you for turning around when I needed you most. I know that as long as you are by my side, I can do anything in life. Have a blessed birthday!

108. On your special day, I wish you a joyous birthday. May this make the celebration of another year of your life much more fun and enjoyable. Wish you always shine like a star on earth. Have a pleasant day.

109. We hope there are lots of surprises waiting on your special day. Wish you a very happy birthday.

110. Papa, you have always been there for me. You employed my best qualities while being understanding and patient to my defects. Today I want to thank you once again for your unconditional love and devotion.

111. On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday! I know, your life always revolved around me and my happiness. You have taken care of me and made me who I am today. Thank you are small words compared to all that you have done for me.

112. Papa, your loving words and hugs have always been the highlight of my day. You have stood by me through thick and thin, giving me the much needed support that I desperately needed. Thank you for being such a great man, son and father. I love you!

113. Happy birthday papa. I know, you always tried your best to make my childhood as comfortable as possible. You worked hard and earned prosperity for our family. We have had our share of ups and downs, but we came through them as one strong family. Thanks for everything! Wishing you a happy birthday!

114. Happy Birthday dear Dad! I want to wish you a very happy birthday! It is because of you that I see the beauty of the world and experience the wonders of life. You are kind, hardworking and caring papa. Have a great day!

115. The man who has no imagination has no wings. Your birthday marks the start of a new year which you will spend in good health and great happiness. Have a wonderful time papa!

116. Dear papa, I wish you all the warmth and joy that life has to offer you! You are an incredible human being. Although we are thousands of miles apart, we share a bond that is stronger than friendship. I hope you live a long, healthy life. With love always and forever!

117. Thank you for all the love you have given me in life. It was you who showed me where my heart lied – in loving others. Thank you papa for all that you have stood for – honesty, righteousness, and making the world a better place. You have taken great care of me all through my life, and I wish you only the best of health, wealth and happiness. Happy birthday!

118. My dearest father, I wish you a happy birthday! For all the love, care and affection you have bestowed upon me, it is time to take a step forward to return all the happiness you have showered me over the years. It will be great if you could spend your whole life making other people happy too.

119. Wishing you a very happy birthday from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy your special day dad! I pray that God keeps you happy and healthy always.

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