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Be Careful How You Treat People Quotes

Be Careful How You Treat People Quotes

We’re social animals. We make friends, we break off friendships, we choose enemies. I suspect that we humans are equipped with the sort of circuitry that reminds us of how we should treat one another, and I think it’s a good thing that most of us are inclined to help others when they need our help.

Be Careful How You Treat People Quotes

  1. Careful how you treat people in that they might be connected to people who could hurt you.
  2. You treat others how they deserve to be treated.
  3. Some people are manipulators and some who is being nice with you at that moment will sacrifice you in style when it matters.
  4. Always be honest with people as it will fuel your success
  5. Most of the time people are nice. Be nice back.
  6. No matter how much you appreciate people, they may never know it.
  7. People don’t like to be used.
  8. Criticism requires the criticizer to be willing to experience some of the things he or she is criticizing.
  9. People are pretty good, on average.
  10. We’re all connected – by biology, environment, and opportunities.

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