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Message to Your Ex-Boyfriend Who Hurt You

Message to Your Ex-Boyfriend Who Hurt You

Message to Your Ex-Boyfriend Who Hurt You: If you are deeply hurt by him then you can use this letter to convey your feelings of hurt and pain.

This is a very strong letter of hurt feelings such that the recipient feels guilty enough to accept his mistake and apologize for all his bad deeds. He would regret hurting you with this emotional message which will melt even an ice hearted offender.

Message to Ex Boyfriend Expressing Hurt Feelings

  1. I thought of you. I thought of those times you held my hand and made me so happy. I can’t believe we are not together anymore, I feel like there is a big part of me missing… You always know how to make me smile, and I will miss that so much…
  2. I love you, and I am never going to stop loving you. I just wanted you to know that. My feelings towards you have not changed despite how furious and hurt I am right now. You are the most amazing guy I know, and not a day goes by that I don’t think about you.
  3. I’m so sorry I hurt you. I didn’t mean to with everything that I said. When I was needed the most you were not there. I feel so bad about it. I made mistakes that can never be changed. Sometimes when things get hard, I forget just how much you help me get through the bad times. You have saved my life a thousand times and now you are the one that needs me the most. Please don’t ever forget how much you
  4. You have broken my heart into pieces. You have made me feel worthless and ugly. I don’t deserve to be treated this way. How could you possibly let me go just like that? How could you treat me so bad? It hurts to see you moving on with your life but I know it will be better for me this way.
  5. I still miss you sometimes, and cry a bit at night. I will never forget how happy we were together and how I felt when you said you loved me. I will never forgive myself for letting my insecurities get the best of me. Thank you for loving me even though I couldn’t love you back the way I wanted to.
  6. I wish I could tell you how much you hurt me when you broke up with me. Things were going so well and I felt like we really had something special. You were the best boyfriend in the world to me, and I know it wasn’t you – it was your fear of being hurt again that made us end.
  7. I miss you more than you know and I’ll never be able to tell you how much I love you. You were my first love and my first heartbreak. I still catch myself thinking about your face, wondering what it feels like when you kiss me. I used to look forward to going to bed at night because I knew that you were with me. If only time could go backwards – don’t worry, I’ll be fine without you.
  8. Hi. I miss talking to you cause you seemed like a really nice guy on the outside, but you weren’t on the inside. When we went out, you were short with me and kept putting me off, and I felt like I was losing my mind, but now that our relationship is over, I feel much better. I appreciate all the time we spent together, but I finally saw who you really are and you aren’t someone for me to be with.
  9. You broke my heart into million pieces when I found out you were cheating during our relationship. It wasn’t a shock because I know you are immature, less responsible and love yourself more than you do me. You made me go through such an awful time during our relationship that I will never forget….
  10. I never thought I would meet someone like you. You make me realize why people love so deeply and hurt so badly when they are let go of. You hold such a special place in my heart and I can’t bare the thought of that place being empty. I love you, have always loved you, and will always love you.
  11. I’m so confused, I gave you everything I had. You made me feel worthless. I know we have a past but I wish you would have talked about it with me instead of avoiding it and then accusing me of cheating on you. You hurt me more than anyone ever has.
  12. I love you more than I thought was possible. But you hurt me beyond words, and I can’t take it anymore. The way you betrayed me, the way you cheated on me is something that I just can’t forgive. I loved you more than anyone, and you ripped my heart out and shattered it to pieces. I will always love you… but not like before. And that’s what hurts the most.
  13. You broke my heart when we broke up. I thought it was just a silly crush that i would get over, but every day i miss you more and more. I love you and don’t want to lose you again. We can work past all our problems. I love you so very much.
  14. I miss you and your voice and our time together so much. Your deep, calming voice always helps me when I feel sick or sad. Hearing it sends chills down my spine and makes me feel so safe and comforted. I’m sorry for the things I did wrong in the relationship that hurt you and ultimately broke your heart. My love for you will always blow through the universe, forever with you in mind.”
  15. I have to be heart broken to write this letter. I still miss you… I’m sorry for breaking your heart and hurting you, but it wasn’t my fault. It is not your fault you feel like a loser. I had never hurt you before.
  16. I miss you so much. I don’t want to be without you. I don’t know how to explain the hole in my life where you used to be. You mean everything to me. I don’t know how to love someone without loving you first. It isn’t possible!
  17. I miss you so much it hurts, I miss holding you, kissing you, and being with you. I can’t help but cry myself to sleep every night. I am afraid that because of your mistakes we won’t be together anymore. You don’t always have to be alone…I will always love you and like you no matter what happens.
  18. I love you so much and all I want to do is have fun adventures with you. I want to know everything about you and for us to have a long road ahead of us. I’m giving you another chance because I truly do love you. This is my promise to you, and I hope that you understand how much it means for me to say that.
  19. I have never told you this, but I have always loved you. Maybe I am a little late in saying it, but I just want you to know how much you have affected my life. Everything that I have ever done was with the thought of making you proud of me. I hope that one day we can get past our differences and be together once again, if not as friends then as lovers. It is odd for me to say this after everything that has happened but…I love you
  20. You were a huge part of my life for such a long time. I want you to know that you’re still a huge part of my life even though we are apart. My life is not what it used to be without you in it and it may never be again. I love you with all my heart and I know that nothing will ever change that. We have made beautiful memories together, some of which I will hold onto forever.
  21. My baby, I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if you’re mad, if you’re happy, it just feels like you don’t care. I love you more than anything in this whole world. I know we fight all the time and it hurts when you go away for a long time and hardly talk to me, but I always miss you so much. Everything a girl could want is right here in your arms.
  22. Hey, I’ll be honest. I miss you every day. You were the first thing I thought about in the morning and the last thing I wanted to think about at night. You helped me through every rough patch in life and were always there when I needed someone the most. We had such amazing conversations late into the night and made each other laugh endlessly. Without you in my life it feels half empty, like a part of my soul is missing.
  23. I will be your wife. I promise you this marriage will work. I don’t want anyone else. I don’t ever want to be in a relationship again if it means compromising with my feeling for you. It took me a long time to open my heart up again after you broke it, but now I know you are worth the risk and the wait…
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