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Long Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Ex Girlfriend

Long Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Ex Girlfriend

Well, if you really want to make your ex-girlfriend feel good about herself and treat her with love on her birthday, try some of these beautiful and Long heart touching birthday wishes for ex girlfriend..

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For Ex Girlfriend

  1. Happy birthday to the best ex-girlfriend I have ever had. You are the kind of woman who I would be proud to introduce to my friends. Thank you for being there for me when I need you most. All the memories we shared will remain cherished forever! I wish you a very happy birthday!
  2. My Ex-Girlfriend, When the world seems so cold it is nice to have someone who can hold you and love you no matter what. I want to wish you a very happy birthday. I know that we will never be able to come back to what we had, but I hope that someday you will find what you are looking for and be able to share it with the world.
  3. My ex-girlfriend, I have no idea of the reason why our relationship has broken down. However, I know that I have felt a deep sense of loneliness without you in my life. I thank you for making me feel alive for the longest time even though it had only been a short while that we had spent together.
  4. Happy Birthday to someone who made me laugh and always made me feel special. I hope you know that I will miss our phone calls and text…To my Dear Kelci, I wish you the best in everything you do always remember we were best friends first and till we can reconnect we will be in our hearts and minds! Happy Birthday.
  5. Things happen in life which sometimes prolong us to postpone our happiness. Those are the times when we need to be strong and fight through the pain, believing in an ideal that will make everything worthwhile in the end. You were there for me when I needed you the most, you stood by me in my happiest moments and also in my sorrows. Happy Birthday.
  6. Dear Ashley, what you meant to me cannot be described in a few words. I am really going miss having your company. Thanks a lot, you have been a wonderful friend through thick and thin. We had a great time while we were together, but I regard it as fate that we should part so soon. At least, we both learned something from the experience!  Happy Birthday.
  7. Believe it or not, I am missing you! I don’t want to admit it to myself, but the truth is that I am afraid of being lonely. I need you back in my life, there is no one who makes me feel special like you do. Happy Birthday.
  8. My girlfriend broke up with me just yesterday. I was shattered. Last night, I couldn’t sleep. Though she is not with me today, my heart is still broken. I am sorry if anything I did drove you away. When she asked me “Was there anyone else?”, I gave her no answer. Now I regret it; I wished I had answered with a loud YES! Happy Birthday.
  9. Even though I broke up with you, I still consider you as one of my best friends. Whenever your txt me wishing me happy birthday, I was thrilled. There will always be a special place in my heart for you. At the end of the day, we are still buffs and nothing will change that. I love you long time! Have fun on your Birthday!
  10. It’s not possible for me to explain how much you mean to me. Today, I want to take this opportunity to tell you that you are my inspiration and happiness. You are the person who has made this year special for me. I hope that with every passing year, we will grow closer and closer. Happy Birthday!
  11. How can I thank you for all the love and care that you have showered upon me over the years? You filled my life with such joy and happiness. I want to wish you a very happy birthday! Thank you for the times we had together. Thank God, we still have each other in our lives. I need you when no one else is around. I hope this message is enough to convince you that I will never let go of your hand for as long as you want me to remain.
  12. Happy birthday, my sweet! It’s frustrating when we don’t get the chance to hang out, and you were always there for me when I needed someone. Today is your special day and it means a lot to me that we can share the celebration, even if it’s from hundreds of miles away. I wish you all the very best in life! Thank you for choosing me. If one day you will read this message, I will be grateful to you forever.
  13. Your eyes, hands and feet are of gold. They have brought all that surrounded you into a place called happiness. You have been there to pick me up when I was down, and made life worth living again. I love you with all my heart, and on your birthday, I wish you new beginnings and a life full of success!
  14. There is no other person that can ever take your place in my heart. I love you and wish that we’d never separated. I hope you found happiness and mirth and joy in life. I long to see you again and make up for all the time I’ve spent without you. May God bless and keep you, my love.
  15. Your birthday is a reminder that it’s been years since the last time we spoke. I used to think that time heals all wounds, but then, time seems to have passed without having taken anything from my heart. Everything surrounding you is etched in my memory, and it haunts me in my dreams. Can you ever forgive me for the pain I have caused you? Wish you a happy birthday!
  16. Happy birthday to the one I love with all my heart! There are no words strong enough to show my love for you. You are special, unique and have brought so much joy to my life. Your love is making my world go round! Thank you for being in my life. I wouldn’t want to live with any other person in this planet. Happy birthday!
  17. By this wonderful time today I celebrate your special day. I can say nothing more to express my feelings for you than the fact that when I close my eyes, you come into view. You mean everything to me. Happy birthday sweetheart!
  18. from the earliest memories I have, you are always there by my side. Today, I want to thank you for being with me through the good and the bad. You wrapped your arms of love around me and kept me warm when I was scared of ‘What Next’. Without your presence and love, I would not know what it felt like to be loved. And so, on your birthday, I wish you all the joys of this world and hold on tight to whatever makes you happy!
  19. Hope your day is filled with lots of love and cheer. May you feel blessed to have so many people who care for you. Thank you for all the memories you have given me, I will never forget them. I am grateful for this life that we were able to share together because it has helped me become a better person. Kindly accept my sincere wish that your life continues to prosper and hope to see you smile again soon!
  20. You’re the first person to be nice to me in this whole school. I wish I could meet you every day. Maybe hangs out with you after school, or dance with you at dance parties, or maybe something more. Ask out yet, afraid of how you would respond. I hope you understand what I mean, even if it’s too early to say anything like that. Your smile makes my heart bounce like water drop on a hot pan. Love you much!
  21. Thanks for the memories and the life you have given me. You have always been there by my side and gave me great advice, we didn’t always agree on everything, but we respected each other and I know we can work anything out. Happy Birthday.
  22. My love for you knows no bounds, and what you feel for is deeper than the ocean. You were my dream girl, and I woke up one morning to find out that it was not a dream, and that we were together. A life without you is like a road without a destination. With no direction and no hope. Happy Birthday.
  23. A very happy birthday to you! I know it has been few years since we separated, but you will always be in my heart. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Today, let me make it sure that you also know how much you mean to me, and how much I love and appreciate you.
  24. If only I knew how to express my gratitude, you will never know how much you mean to me. You have been there for me through the darkest hours of the night and the brightest moments of day. I wish u a very happy birthday and may your years together be filled with love and understanding.
  25. Wishing you a very happy birthday! May many more birthdays come your way! I have always suspected that your love for me was not just for my good looks, but for all the goodness that I have inside. Thanks a million times for being a friend.
  26. We have been through a lot in the past few years. At times, I was not sure whether you were right for me or not. However, while thinking about it, I realized that while our love may have fizzled out, you’re still the girl of my dreams. Love you lots and wish that this day will help convince you that you should come back to me. I miss spending time with you.
  27. Looking back on it all, I can’t believe how blessed I am to have a wonderful father. On your birthday, the first thing that comes to mind is our first vacation together. I still remember it vividly, from the warm sun to the soothing water. Thanks for giving me life and showing me what true love is! Happy birthday!
  28. I miss the time when we were together, I miss your soft voice I miss your pretty eyes and your cute little face. Thinking about you makes my heart pound faster than normal. Happy Birthday.
  29. Happy birthday! I know we spent a lot of time together and it seems a bit trivial to say these words after a break-up. But it’s true because this day reminds me of all the good times we had.
  30. Buddies like you are very rare these days, and I am really thankful to have you in my life. You mean the world to me and over the years we have shared happy and sad moments together. On your birthday, I wish that you get all that you wished for and more. May God show you lots of love and happiness today and always!
  31. Hey girl, my life is so much better since I have you in it! I wish you the very happiest birthday ever. You deserve it. I love you with all my heart.
  32. Today is your birthday and I wish I could be the one to indulge you with all the love and affection you deserve. I know, I have made a lot of mistakes, but believe me- never once did I stop loving you. Now that we are apart, I will be thinking about you each day. I want you to know that I still admire, respect and cherish you! Wishing you a very happy birthday!

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