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Long Emotional Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Long Emotional Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Long Emotional Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend: If you are looking for emotional birthday wishes for boyfriend, emotional cute birthday wishes for boyfriend and best emotional birthday wishes for boyfriend then you are in the right place.

Here we have posted 100 great emotional birthday wishes which you can send to your boyfriend on his Special day.

Long Emotional Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

  1. My dear boyfriend, may your day be filled with only positive thoughts and emotions. Thank you so much for staying by my side and standing by me through emotional roller coaster moments. You have been a pillar of support in times of need, a real rock that I could lean on! While reading this message, remember that there is no higher feeling than that of being loved. Happy birthday, sweetheart!
  2. From the moment you walked into my life, I knew that you were the man of my dreams. We have been through so much together but I always stood by you because you are no ordinary man. Thankful for the peace, joy and love we have shared! Today isn’t just another birthday to you, but also a day to give thanks for being with me. I know that someday may throw challenges at us but nothing will change how much we mean to each other. Happy birthday!
  3. Your love made me feel good about myself and be confident that I will achieve great things. You are someone who is always positive, even in the face of failure. What a great example you have been to me! Hopefully, it is not too soon to say that I love you. Thank you for everything and happy birthday!
  4. My love for you is the butter, my heart is the bread, but you are the knife to cut both my heart and soul into the shape of our friendship. You have always been there for me, and it is for this that I wish nothing but the best for you on your birthday. You deserve to be happy.
  5. I have a lot to thank you for, and on this day I sincerely wish to say thank you for all the great memories, wonderful moments, and for your unconditional love. From the first day that we met, I knew that you were the one for me. I must confess that you are my dream come true. Happy birthday!
  6. Wishing you that your birthday brings you closer to your dreams and every hour makes the world better because you are living in it. I wish you the happiest of birthday, dear!
  7. What you do for me does not really need to be said but I would like to thank you for everything. May you live a very happy life filled with joy and success!
  8. Wish you have a great birthday! You have always been the most wonderful boyfriend any girl could ask for. I miss you dearly and I know we will someday be together once again. May the angels look upon you and grant you a lifetime of health, happiness and love.
  9. Happy Birthday to the love of my life! I am grateful for all the memories we have shared, and I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you in my life. Here’s a big hug and some warm wishes to wish you a wonderful day ahead- Bea
  10. You are the one who was there for me through thick and thin. The one I could turn to when no one else offered me a helping hand. You were always there with a smile on your face and laughter in your voice. You made every day special, without even trying! I love you with all my heart and that will never change. Happy birthday, my dear boyfriend!
  11. Congratulations on your birthday, my dear! I wish you all the very best things that life can give to you, happiness, success, love and health. May your whole world be filled with happiness and joy! Happy birthday to you!
  12. You are the best thing that happened to me in life. And through thick and thin, I have been more than happy to go through it with you. Today there are no words which could even begin to describe what a friend you are to me. And if there are any, then I will use them all to say happy birthday.
  13. Hey, you have made me a better and stronger person. I am saying all of this because you deserve it. Having you by my side has made the world a beautiful, magical place. You inspire me to dream of big things in the future. And I am glad that I have you in my life on this special day to make me happy.
  14. A great birthday wishes is the best way to describe my feelings towards you. You have made me realize that life is too short to live it alone, and that my heart yearns to share every single moment of it with you. I found in you what I thought was lost forever: a true friend. Here’s wishing you happy birthday!
  15. I hope that you know I love you tremendously. more than the stars in the sky, or the fish in the sea. You are my soul mate, my flying dove, and my everything! I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me over these years. Happy birthday to my best friend forever!
  16. Today you have completed another year of your life. May this year bring you many wonderful things that can lift you from depression and make life easier for you. Here’s wishing you a day full of many beautiful moments that will keep u smiling for days.
  17. There never was a time when I woke up first without my arms embracing you. You have always been my first thought every day and every night. Thank you for giving me the best gifts of all…you! Happy birthday.
  18. Birthdays are nothing but an excuse to act silly in front of your loved ones. I love goofing around with you
  19. Happiness is the only thing worth striving for! Being with you today makes me feel extra special. You have been my one and only perfect match, and I wish you a day filled with fun and laughter. Merry birthday, sweetheart!
  20. Hi! Your friend Tina here wishing you a very happy birthday! I am as old as the hills now, but my love for you has only increased. In fact, I feel blessed that we have grown together and reached this age. You are the person that makes me smile.
  21. You have been there for me through thick and thin times. I will never forget the support you showed to me in the difficult times like a true friend. You are a wonderful person and I wish you a very happy birthday!
  22. You are one of the very few persons who deserve to be in my life. You have given so much selflessly rather than aspiring for something in return. Your time, your energy, your concern and above all unconditional love cannot be bought by money or position. I am proud to call you my boyfriend and I pray that you have many more happy returns of the day! … ​
  23. Happy birthday. While everyone is out there trying to impress their husband or wife, just know that I plan on doing that for the rest of my life with you.
  24. I feel blessed to have found a friend like you. Even though we grew up together, you are the reason I survived tough moments in life. I loved how you have always been there for me when I needed somebody and shared my pain. You have been amazing and now that am growing older, I know that will only improve. Your love is one thing I cannot do without.
  25. Today is a wonderful day to share with the world the love that you have for me. I feel blessed and happy! I am extremely lucky to have a loving, caring and supporting boyfriend like yourself.
  26. Brother, I think it is true that boys turn into men on their birthdays, and men to leaders on the day they marry! Here’s wishing you a life brimming with joy!
  27. Birthday is a special occasion, on this day I want to tell the whole world that my boyfriend is the one. My favourite dishes and a candle lit dinner are nothing in comparison to your love. You are a very special person in my life and I will never stop loving you. Happy birthday my angel!
  28. Happy Birthday! We have been through our ups and downs but you stood by me always. No matter how many times we fight, you apologize and give me all your love. You are a special man because your heart is pure. Now that we’re together, my life has never been better. I love you with all my heart and wish you a very happy birthday!
  29. Happy Birthday to a man who taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. Your mere presence lights up my life. My darling, words can’t express how I feel about you. I love you and wish you all the happiness in the world.
  30. Let me take this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday! You have been everything to me; my true friend, my partner and my soul mate. I love you with all my heart and just to show you how much, I have made this exclusive card for you. I hope it brings a smile to your face when you read it.
  31. Physical distance may make us feel apart, but it cannot dose our love. You are my best friend, my special one. I’m missing you today but it’s your special day and I’m sure you want to spend it with your friends, so I’ll wish you a very happy birthday and hope for your fast return! I miss you and can’t wait till we will be together again!
  32. Happy birthday to my boyfriend! You make life more beautiful and exciting everyday.
  33. Thanks for being there by my side no matter what the circumstances are. You have developed yourself and never went back on your promises. I wish you good health, happiness and prosperity on your birthday!
  34. Hey! Your girlfriend is missing you a lot. I am sure you had a busy schedule this past week, but she has been counting down the days until you will be back. Be rest assured that we are going to spend all day together. That is why I wanted to take some time out and wish you an emotionally special birthday wishes for boyfriend.
  35. When you think of a birthday, what comes in mind is the day your parents gave birth to you. But when I think of a birthday, I only see the day you came into my life. Yes, many more people are born in this world and many more people coming in this world to achieve their dream but I will always remember the moment when you stole my heart. Happy Birthday!
  36. I am really thankful for having you in my life and making my life worth living. I would like to thank my boyfriend for giving me the best moments of my life. I love you. Have a great birthday!
  37. We have come a long way, and today I am honoured to give you my special blessing! You have made me proud, and I know you are going to achieve great things in your life. Keep up the good work, son! May all your dreams come true. You deserve everything this world has to offer! My love, happy birthday!
  38. Today, the most wonderful day of the year is here to make you feel really special. You have reached another milestone that we like to call — birthday! I just want to let you know how much your presence in my life has meant. I feel proud to have someone in my life who understands me and stands by me every moment. You are destined for greatness, and I cannot wait to see how far you go and what heights you reach. Just remember: I am always here for you whenever you
  39. No boyfriend is complete without tears. His love exceeds the boundaries of friendship. He understands you despite all your irrational behaviour. He is loyal and constant when others cast you aside. You are most blessed at birth to have him in your life.
  40. These days of togetherness will never be erased from my memory. We have shared so many great memories. I wish you a very happy birthday!
  41. Your bright smile lights up my world. Your sweet laughter make me happy for eternity. I love you so much, it hurts. Wishing you a birthday with all my heart!!!!
  42. Your birthday message, I wish and pray you may have a vital, robust and useful life. I want to wish that your life be filled with joy and happiness. This occasion serves as a reminder of all the significant memories we have shared thus far. You’ve been my best friend and now you are an excellent man. You’re the most caring, loving and gentle person I know. Happy birthday to my dearest boy!
  43. Today is a very special day for you my boyfriend! You have given so much to me and I love you for all that you have done. Here’s wishing you a wonderful birthday and God bless your life!
  44. I am not the best boyfriend, but with you every day is special and I want to thank you for being my life partner. You have stood by me through great times and also through difficult times. You have for you, I wish your birthday will be filled with happiness and joy, and many more years of togetherness.
  45. When I look back on the past, I wish I could help you understand just how much you have taught me about life. You’ve brought out the best in me, made life more fun and exciting; I’ve never felt this way with anyone. Today, I send you my love and a special birthday wish!
  46. On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday! You have been my strength when I felt weak and you have been the motivation in my life whenever I felt like giving up. I am glad to have someone like you in my life. Happy birthday once again!
  47. On your birthday, my thoughts go out to all the hard times you’ve been through. I am grateful that you have remained committed to our friendship and stood by me thick and thin. You are a lifeline; without you, my life has no meaning. I thank God for allowing me to have a friend like you. I wish you happy birthday!
  48. On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday. I treasure your presence in my life; you mean a lot to me. I hope the day finds you at peace and in a joyous mood. Have a lovely time! Use these emotional birthday wishes for boyfriend quotes to wish him well on his special day.
  49. It is normal to face difficulties in life. But for me, everything is different. I only have you in life. It feels like the moon and stars shine brighter when you give me a chance to smile again after all my tears dried up. You are the reason why my dark world is now so bright and colorful just like the rainbow after a drizzle. On this special day, I wish you a very happy birthday!
  50. Today is your birthday and I want to tell you happy birthday! You are the most wonderful boyfriend in the whole world! I love you!
  51. I never knew such a wonderful person like you, my life would be completely dull without your presence. I know it might sound surprising to you but you are my hero for the numerous things you have done for me and I want to tell you that I am so lucky to have you as my boyfriend. You add stars on the darkest nights, colors to my life. I want to say, happy birthday!
  52. Sending you my warmest wishes and many surprises on your birthday, my love! I’ll always be gratefully yours for bringing light, joy, hope and laughter to my life. You have made me so happy, that we had to share our happiness with the world! Wishing you all the happiness in the world!
  53. You are my true love and from your arms I would not trade. You make life worth living and with your presence you’ve made me a lucky man. I love you with all my heart, here’s wishing you a very happy birthday!
  54. It has been only few weeks or hours since I became your girlfriend. But it feels like it all happened yesterday. We have had our ups and downs but here we are, still together. I would never forget how you stood by me when no one could. Today is a special day as you become my step closer to the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you more than words can express. Happy birthday to my boyfriend!
  55. I wish you every happiness on your birthday, my love! You bring sunshine into my life and I pray that you will continue to brighten your world forever.
  56. I will love you more than it is even possible to love anyone. I can’t express how important you are for me and what an extraordinary person you are in my life. You have proven your love to me over and over again, which makes me trust that at this special day, you will present me with the gift that is going to make me an even happier person. My warm birthday wishes as well as my love wait for you!
  57. Your friendship means a lot to me and it is so special that I can’t even find the right words to describe it. But I can say, you are the best person I ever knew in my life, and it’s all because of you that I feel happy always. Today is your birthday and every moment of this special day is dedicated just for you! May your day be filled with much happiness and joy!
  58. Happy birthday, my angel! You are my greatest gift from God, and you deserve the best! Thank you for every single day that we have spent with each other. I wish you healthy life and long-lasting relationship filled with joy and laughter.
  59. A little lady is turning a big two today! It is your birthday, and a day to celebrate your life and all the joy you have brought into my life. Let this small token of my gratitude bring you joy and happiness. I will always be there for you, so keep counting your blessings.
  60. How do I begin to thank you for all the sacrifices you made for me? From the day we became friends, the world has been a better place! Remember our childhood? Whenever you were not around, I was so scared I would lose you. Man, I miss those days. Now that you are all grown up and very successful, I am relieved too. Best of luck with your new venture and a very happy birthday!
  61. Today, I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me. You are the love of my life and my inspiration. You are my source of passion and fire, which I needed to survive in a cold and dark world. I couldn’t live without you. You are truly amazing. Have a happy birthday!
  62. Your friendship means everything to me – you are the reason I see the world with a smile on my face. You are such an awesome person, any girl would be lucky to have you for a boyfriend and I am sure they know it too! I love you so much and wish you a very happy birthday! Let the year ahead be full of joy and laughter.
  63. We hope all your dreams come true on this special day. The greatest gift you gave us is your smile, and now we are hoping that the sky will be the limit in fulfilling all your aspirations. From the bottom of our hearts, hear we wish you a very happy birthday!
  64. Dear boyfriend, I love you for you have ever been there for me at my ups and downs. Although my parents have failed, you have always come to my rescue, without even asking for anything in return. It’s nice to know that I am not alone at this infuriating world. Happy birthday! I wish you much success and happiness ahead.
  65. I am emotional because today my boyfriend is celebrating his birthday and I have to say, it’s without a doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to me in his life.
  66. I am forever indebted to you. Your support and leadership is what I need in my life. I want you to know that nobody can take your place in my heart, and how much it means to me for you to be there for me. Happy birthday!
  67. May the wonderful memories of your childhood fill your heart with the happiness of love! I hope this day brings a smile to your face.
  68. On this birthday, I must say – how I love this day…How I treasure the years you have been in my life… I love you, My dear, sweet, charming man.
  69. I have always been a bit generous with my words, so it is hard to explain in a single sentence what you mean to me. But I wish you all of the joy and happiness that life has to offer. Thank you for being such a great friend during the good and the bad times. Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend!
  70. I am truly blessed to have you as my boyfriend. You have been with me through thick and thin, and I don’t know how I would have survived without you by my side. You have shown that you truly care for me by always being there for me whenever I needed you. Some men are scared to take on the responsibility of a serious relationship, but not everyone is as lucky as me to have found a man like you. I love you, sweetheart! Happy Birthday!
  71. Happy birthday to the most amazing man I have ever known in my life. I am blessed to have you as a boyfriend. May you forever stay young and amazing, because of your undying love and care for me!
  72. I do feel that today is special because it brings with it the birthday of my dearest boyfriend. I wish you the best of everything in life and hope you are surrounded by all the love you deserve on this special day.
  73. I hope this day finds you doing fine. I have known you for more than half of my life and I truly cannot do without you in my world. Thanks for being there whenever I needed your shoulder. Happy birthday my love!
  74. Darling, today is your birthday and I can’t hold back the tears. Your presence in my life has been overwhelming and the memories you have given me is priceless. Our relationship were often tested but true love always won. When you came into my life, I thought I had everything, friends, family and a very successful career. Now I realize that what really matters in life is the people who bring joy to our days.
  75. Birthday Wishes for My Boyfriend. So much of love on this special day, my dear. Knowing you and being loved by you is the best gift I have ever received in life. I am thank-worthy to God for sending me a man as beautiful as you. Thank you for always giving me a reason to smile and love life. I can never forget your support throughout our love story…
  76. Your love is the most precious gift I have ever received in my life. Thank you, for that. From this day forward, my heart will always be beside yours. It is with all my love and admiration that I say happy birthday my boyfriend!
  77. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love you, you are my everything. There are no words to express my thanks for all that you have done for me! Happy birthday my sweetheart! Here’s wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love.
  78. Hey! If I had to pick the person who has made my life really worth living, it would be you without a doubt. On your birthday, I want to say thank you for being such a special part of my life. Stay happy forever since it is your birthday today!
  79. We have come a long way, baby. And I know that no matter what else happens the love we have for each other will never die. Happy birthday to the love of my life!
  80. As I look back on the many wonderful moments we shared this year, I feel very proud of being with you and your redefined us again. With each passing day, you make me a happier person to know, love and care for. You have given lovely definition to my life; be it, a few hours spent together or the months we have been together. All that counts is the happiness you bring into mine. Thank you so much for making me feel special today and always!
  81. I cannot find the right words to express how I feel about you. So, I will just say, have a happy birthday my love.
  82. Happy birthday, here’s to many more years of laughter and happiness. I hope your birthday is as special as you are. I love you so much!
  83. Happy Birthday to the most amazing man I’ve ever met. I love you so much!
  84. I wish you all the happiness in the world. I am grateful for the day that we met because it changed my life! I love you and wish you all the best!
  85. My dear boyfriend, we have been together for so many years and I stand by your side through all the good and bad. Since you are the only one who has seen my true self, a person with fears, insecurities but also with great vision for my future. What I am trying to say is that I love you dearly just as much as you love me. You are my strength even though we are miles apart from each other, and that keeps me awake at night dreaming of a future.
  86. On your special day, I pray that you are surrounded by all the love you have been blessed with. May you continue to be blessed in your life and may your heart never go hungry for a loving word or a kind gesture. You have always made me feel special, and I want you to know that your presence has made me into the person I am today.
  87. I love you my dear friend, and all through your life, I was here to make you happy. I am glad you are mine forever, there is no one else like you in the whole world. Your presence has been a blessing and without it, my life would have not been as meaningful.
  88. Happy, happy birthday my love. I want to wish you happiness in every part of your life. Since the day I met you I had not felt more alive. You have brought me such joy and made my life beautiful beyond measure. I love you my darling and hope this birthday is special, as you are!
  89. May this day bring you everything that you desire. The world is a better place with you in it. Happy birthday to my dearest boyfriend!
  90. I love you more than anything else in this world. There is not a single thing I would change about you. You have made my life comfortable. There is nothing that makes me happier than your smile, your company and your company. Happy birthday!
  91. If eyes were made of tears, I would cry for you God, so that it can be a reminder of the love I feel inside my heart for you. Happy birthday my love!
  92. I still remember the day you came into my life. From being a friend, you went on to become my soul mate. I am grateful to have someone in my life whom I can share every bit of happiness with. Today, just like every day, I want to be in your loving embrace and wish you a very happy birthday!
  93. Babe, on this special day of yours, I want to tell you how much I have come to love and care about you. Over the years, we have been through so much. My heart aches that I wasn’t by your side during some very emotional moments of your life. Remember our college days when you were struggling to cope with the death of your father? I wish I could have been there for you more. But because of your own strength, you always came out winners.
  94. This day is of special significance to me. It marks my first meeting with the most wonderful person I have ever met. Nothing that I did managed to impress you, but yet you still liked me. Your words and actions still echo in my ears and bring a smile to my face. My life has changed for the better, thanks to you and all your love.
  95. For my dearest boyfriend I am sending you birthday wishes and warm hugs full of love! You know that without you in my life I wouldn’t be the same! Be happy on your special day, may all your wishes come true!
  96. This is the right time to show you how much I care about you and what an important place you have carved in my heart. You are a great person, and it’s been one hell of a journey that we have traveled together over these years. From your bedside to becoming the strong hardworking man that you are today, I always knew that greatness was in you. Thank you for being such a caring and sweet boyfriend, Happy birthday!
  97. Happy birthday to the love of my life. I am so lucky for having you as a boyfriend. I know that there is not a single person who can take your place in my heart. I wish I could freeze this moment and keep it forever.
  98. I am thankful to have you in my life, because you make me feel loved. You are the one person who knows me like the back of your hand. You are my confidant and my best friend. I thank God for sending a blessing like you to me. Have a very happy birthday!
  99. I wish you a long life, so that you have enough time to watch your grandchildren grow. May your life be filled with more joy, love and happiness than expected. Happy birthday to the greatest man I know.
  100. You’re the first on my list as I’m penning this heartfelt message to you on your special day. I am grateful for all the laughter, the love and care that you have shown to me. I hope you know how much your close presence means to me. Wishing you exceptional health and many happy returns of this day!

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