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If You Ignore Me I Will Ignore You Quotes

If You Ignore Me I Will Ignore You Quotes

Best 35 If You Ignore Me I Will Ignore You Quotes: It’s very painful to be ignored by someone, especially someone you love. To some, it’s as painful as hot iron tearing through their chest.

While you may get really fed up with these action from someone dear to your heart, people have different ways of dealing with it, and sometimes, when all you’ve tried to do have failed, you may settle for ignoring this person back.

Ignoring the person may just be a defence mechanism, so you can cope. It could also be a way of making the person understand how you feel, either as a way of reaching out to them or getting back at them.

These quotes express all manner of emotions that can come with being ignored. They show people telling their partners or someone really dear to them that they will ignore them in return if they are ignored. They also try to capture what’s in your mind, so you can use them to say your mind, either just as an expression or directly to the person ignoring you.

I wrote them for you, so read them, select your favourites and use them for whatever you want to use them for. Thank me later.

Boyfriend Ignoring Me Quotes

Here here perfect list of If You Ignore Me I Will Ignore You Quotes for Boyfriend just for you

Boyfriend Ignoring Me Quotes
Boyfriend Ignoring Me Quotes

 1. I have given you all the attention you need, babe, but keep ignoring me. I’ll ignore you too if you choose to continue this way, because I can’t stand it again.

 2. I don’t know if you find fun in ignoring me. To me, it’s not one touch of funny. If you ignore me again then trust me when I say I’ll ignore you.

 3. It’s so obvious that you’re ignoring me that even my girls hit me up to ask me why? I’m embarrassed and if you ignore me again, I will ignore you too.

 4. Honey, why do you keep ignoring me? We really have to talk about this tonight. If we don’t settle this today and you decide to go around still ignoring me, I’ll have no choice than to ignore you right back.

 5. When I reciprocate your gesture, it’s not as revenge. It’s just me wanting you to feel a bit of what I felt these few days, sweetheart. Ignore me one more time and I’ll ignore you.

 6. I have no intentions of ignoring you for now, but if you keep on acting like I don’t exist, I will be forced to have a rethink on my intentions. I love you, darling.

 7. Trust me, man, you don’t want to push me to a point where I will start ignoring you too. We’re grownups and let’s attack any issue, if there is any, like we are really grownups

 8. Honestly, I except better from you. I have even apologised, but you seem bent on ignoring me. Don’t make me start ignoring you too, honey, because I’m already close to doing so.

 9. You’re still my favourite man and the love of my life. I don’t know why you’re ignoring me until now. Have I not tried enough? If you keep ignoring me, I will ignore you too, and do so with love so you’ll change.

10. My love, I don’t know if you can hear me or not, because you’re ignoring me. But if you keep ignoring me, then expect me to ignore you too, and I don’t plan to disappoint.

Girlfriend Ignoring Me Quotes

Here here perfect list of If You Ignore Me I Will Ignore You Quotes for Girlfriend just for you

Girlfriend Ignoring Me Quotes
Girlfriend Ignoring Me Quotes

11. You’re still ignoring me, baby, and it’s breaking me real bad. If you keep at it, I’ll start ignoring you too, and trust me it won’t be blamed on me.

12. I’m not someone to ignore you, darling, but I’ll have no choice than to become one if you don’t stop ignoring me. If you ignore me, I will ignore you.

13. I try to tell you everything that goes on in my life, sweetie, but you’re ignoring me. And I try to hear from you, but you’re still ignoring me. I’ll ignore you too, honey, if you keep doing this.

14. You’re ignoring me, my girl, and it’s not making me comfortable at all. I don’t know if I should apologise again. But maybe I’ll start ignoring you too if you choose to ignore me.

15. Darling, I thought we were better than these. Please stop ignoring me. If ignoring you will make you stop ignoring me, then I may just do that soon.

16. Sweet girl, it’s been a while I enjoyed of some parts of your sweetness because you have ignored me foe a while. Let’s stop this, please, or I will have to ignore you too.

17. I thought we would have gone over this by now, love. And I’m seeing that you’re still ignoring me. Not cool, babe. I will ignore you too if you ignore me.

18. Sweetheart, all I’m asking for is for you to stop ignoring me. I really need you attention and if ignoring you too will help me get that, I will definitely go down that road.

19. I’ve done all I could think of to get you to stop ignoring me, darling, but nothing is changing. I’m not threatening you, but if you continue to ignore me, I will also ignore you too.

20. Since you’ve chosen to stay on ignoring me, I guess I’ll soon decide to give you the same treatment. I love you, baby. Why are you doing this to me?

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More If You Ignore Me Quotes

You can use this if you ignore me quotes for friends/someone close

If You Ignore Me i will ignore you Quotes
If You Ignore Me i will ignore you Quotes

21. I’ve tried to not ignore you, but you keep ignoring me. Have you not ignored me enough? I will ignore you too and won’t stop until you stop.

22. It’s painful to me that you ignore me. It will be painful to me to ignore you too, but I’m considering doing that. Maybe that would change a thing. Maybe it wouldn’t.

23. I miss you so much. I miss talking with you, playing with you, laughing with you. I want to have your attention again, but if you ignore me, I think I will also ignore you.

24. I don’t like it when you ignore me, just like you don’t like it when I ignore you. Should I ignore you until you stop ignoring me or will you change by yourself?

25. So many things I want to share with you, but you’re ignoring me and it makes me feel so bad. If you keep ignoring me, I’ll ignore you too.

26. I don’t want to ignore you because I know it will hurt you really bad. But please stop ignoring me. Or maybe I will just ignore you so you will feel what I’m feeling now.

27. Even you know that this is not cool. Didn’t I give you everything? Ignoring will only push me to ignore you too, and I don’t want to do that, but I will if I have no options left.

28. I have never ignored you, ever. Why are you punishing me by ignoring me? Do anything, but don’t ignore me, please, or I will also ignore you.

29. You’re here, but it feels like you’re far away because I can’t reach you because you have chosen to ignore me. If you continue this way, I will ignore you too.

30. I don’t want us to ignore ourselves and we can start by you not ignoring me anymore. Or else, I will join you in the ignoring thing and we’ll see where it gets us — nowhere!

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I Will Ignore You Quotes

Here are list of Some I will Ignore you Quotes just for you

I Will Ignore You Quotes
I Will Ignore You Quotes

31. Keep ignoring me and I’ll keep taking it. But I’m sure very soon I will start to ignore you too, if you don’t change. Don’t blame me then.

32. I have never thought of ignoring you. That’s one thing I cannot do to you. But if you choose to keep ignoring me, maybe I’ll have to break my rules and play the game with you.

33. I’m afraid to say this, because I don’t think it will end well. But I won’t let you keep ignoring me without doing anything. I will ignore you too if you don’t stop.

34. But, really, ignoring me? It makes me feel so hurt. Do you even care how I feel or you just want to have your way always, no matter the cost? I will ignore you too if you keep ignoring me.

35. We shouldn’t be ignoring ourselves. We should talk about what bothers us and find a way to handle them. I’m trying to get to you, but you’re ignoring me. If you ignore me this time again, I’ll ignore you too.

36. I never thought a day will come when I’ll say that I’ll ignore you. But I’m saying it now. If you ignore me one more time, I will ignore you.

If you ignore me I will ignore you images

If You Ignore Me I Will Ignore You Quotes images
If You Ignore Me I Will Ignore You Quotes images

I’m convinced you loved these quotes for the phrase “If you ignore me I will ignore you”. Now that you’ve read them, do you mind telling me your favourite in the comment box?

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