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I Love your Smile Quotes for Him or Her

I Love your Smile Quotes for Him or Her

I Love your Smile Quotes and Messages: Love has no restrictions, no boundaries, no conditions and most importantly it has no fear. Love is patient, love is kind and love never fails. Love makes the world go round and so does life.

Therefore, two Partners should be connected with each other in a way that they complement each other. One of the ways to do so is learning to say I love your smile quotes for your loved ones.

These I Love Your Smile Quotes will show you exactly why she should smile, and why you love her when she smiles. Never underestimate the power of a simple smile. It can make you feel like the luckiest man alive to be in her presence.

I Love your Smile Quotes and Messages

  • I love your smile. The way it lights up the entire room. I love the way you smile and all of the different ways that you do it. I just can’t get enough.
  • I love the way you smile. Having you in my life makes it worth living. I could spend a lifetime just gazing at your beautiful face and never get bored. You are a true gem that will forever be in my heart.
  • I love the way you smile. I love the way you make me feel. I love the sound of your voice, and everything you say is poetry to me. I look forward to seeing you every day, and even when we’re apart, I will be silently wishing that these feelings will last forever.
  • I love to see you smile. It brightens my dark world, and makes me feel like I’m wrapped in a blanket of wonderful joy. Your smile makes me smile too. No matter what emotion you express, I know that everything will be okay. Your adorable smile and your beautiful eyes are so mesmerizing that they could keep me in place looking at them for days on end.
  • I love your smile because it is one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. I love that you can make me laugh even when I feel sad or down. I can’t stop looking at you because you are so beautiful, inside and out. I don’t care about what you think because I know for a fact that you are the girl of my dreams.
  • I love it when you smile. For some reason when you smile I just want to flash you my pearly whites and light up your world.
  • I love your smile, it makes me smile. I love your hugs, they make me feel safe. I love your kisses, they make my heart skip a beat. I love you!
  • i love the way you smile at people and how you make others laugh. Your smile is truly beautiful when I look into your eyes. I cannot compare you to anything or anyone. You just completed me in every way possible and I hope to keep it that way for as long as we both shall live.
  • I love your smile quotes -The way you smile lights up my day. It makes me feel like no matter what happens, we will always be okay. You are my muse that inspires me and makes me want to do better every day. I love you so much!
  • I love to see you smile: It makes me smile too. I love that you can’t keep a straight face when talking about something funny, but can hide any negative feeling behind a blank mask. I love that you will try new things and then tell me all about how much you hated it. I love the random questions you ask that seem irrelevant in the moment, but end up being some of my favorite memories.
  • ~ I LOVE YOUR SMILE!!!!!! There’s something about your smile that takes my breath away. I love waking up to it, then again in the middle of the day when you walk by my desk and give me one of those little grins. I love how it lights up your face, makes your eyes twinkle just a bit and shows off the cute gap in your teeth.
  • I love it when you smile. It makes me smile. Your beautiful sweet smile just melts my heart. I want to see it every day for the rest of my life.
  • Good morning baby! Just wanted to say that I love you, and i can’t wait to see you so that we can smile together. Your smile is what gets me through the day, it’s the first thing I check for when I get up in the morning. I hope you have a wonderful day.
  • The day you smiled at me, my life was forever changed. I didn’t believe in love at first sight…that was until that moment when our eyes met. Since then I have done nothing but dream of us together, even before we had met! You are now the only face I see when I go to bed at night and the first one I see when I wake up in the morning. You are every breath I take, you are every thought that goes through my head.
  • Your smile can make my day ten times better. I love everytime you flash it!
  • I just saw the funniest thing… your smile. I was in such a bad mood, but once I saw your smile, my day instantly got better. You have no idea how much it brightens my day and makes me feel. If you could only see what I see when I look at you. You are perfect!
  • The Sun is rising through the shadows, Night is fading into dreams. I ‘m waiting here for you with a cup of coffee, a book and some flowers, to say how much i love you, what i want you to know…
  • I can’t stop thinking about you, and it’s frustrating. I know I would love to be able to think only of you wherever you are. I can still picture your smile even though it was hours ago when I last saw it. I just want to be near you so badly that I feel like crying all the time now. It hurts me to see you go and come back, because it makes me realize how much I miss you.
  • My Love, I choose you. You are my heart and the life of my soul. I look into your eyes and see my future, just as I look into your hands and see my past. Our hands fit together like locks on a door, I would not want things any other way. I love you more each day than the last, and with every passing minute our passion grows stronger.
  • I love you every moment of the way. There’s nothing I want more than to spend the rest of my days with you, by your side wherever it may lead. I promise to do everything in my power to give you everything you could possibly need or want. The day I found you, I won the lottery.
  • All my life, I never knew what it felt to be loved. To be protected and provided for in every way. Now that I know what it feels like to truly love and be loved, I will never give this up again. You have taught me so much about what it means to be a mother and a woman. You have shown me how to be an amazing wife and most importantly you have shown me how to live.
  • I love the way your dimples sink in when you smile, I love the way your teeth shine when you laugh, I love to see you smile, It takes my breath away.
  • I love it when you smile just because you want to, not because I made you. I love how your eyes sparkle when the sunlight hits them just right. I love how your kisses taste of cherry Chapstick when they reach my lips.
  • I love your smile. I love the way you feel when you hug me. I will always keep you safe. You are the light in my world.
  • I love you because I’ve never loved anyone before you. I love the way your hair falls all over the pillow. I love how your skin feels against my fingertips. And your laugh is what makes me melt.
  • I love you more everyday. With each day, I find myself falling more and more in love with you. Every time we are together it only strengthens our bond. I cherish every second that we are together and every memory that we have created together. Love you babe.
  • My love for you grows each day. I feel so lucky to have found a man who is not only the love of my life, but also my best friend. You make my life complete and I never want it to be any other way.
  • I try to understand how a person could be so cruel. How someone could be so cold. But I can’t. Your eyes, they shine with intelligence and kindness. You aren’t just the sweetest thing ever, you also have a brain that could solve any problem in the world. Your smile makes me laugh, your laugh makes me smile.

I Love Your Smile Quotes for Him

  • I would love to wake up every morning and watch you smile. I love to see you happy and if I knew that it would only take a simple smile and a cup of coffee, then I would give you my life.
  • I love watching you smile. It reminds me how special you are. Every time you smile, it makes me want to do everything I can to keep that smile on your face forever. May I make every day of your life filled with happiness and joy!
  • I love your smile, I love your face, I love it when you look at me. Because, I love everything about you.
  • I love how you smile more when you think I am not looking. I love the way it reaches your eyes and makes them sparkle. I love that you always reach out to hold my hand, even if it is just while crossing the street. I love that when something good happens to me, the first person I think of is you. And most of all, I love you, with all my heart.
  • Those cute dimples and the way they pop when you smile makes my heart skip a beat! Your eyes are so beautiful, I could get lost in them forever. When I look at you I see the love that we have and it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. You are simply breathtaking.
  • I marvel at the beauty of your presence. I get lost in every single one of your smiles. I love you more and more every day!
  • Your smile is the most beautiful part about you and I love it more than anything on earth. You have such a stunning smile, with perfect teeth and just the right amount of happiness. I could melt in your arms any day.
  • I love your smile You are the only guy I can think of not even just tonight, but every night before I go to bed and the first thought in my head when I wake up. I love the way you smile at me and laugh at the stupid jokes you have no idea about. Ok, so maybe some of them are funny, but not to you yet. And I hope they will be soon enough for you to find humor in them. You make me feel so complete and happy that you
  • I love the way you smile and the way you giggle. I love your beautiful eyes, your pretty hair, and cute nose. I just can’t stop thinking about you. Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat. You bring out the happiness in me every day.
  • I love your smile, the way it lights up my day. I feel loved every time I see it because I know that you’re thinking of me too. I’ll keep your eyes in my heart and your face on my mind so that, whenever I think of you, we’ll be together all day.
  • I love how your eyes sparkle when you laugh. I love that your smile makes my day a little better every time I see it. I love seeing you smile, and hearing you giggle, because it makes my heart feel like it’s doing summersaults in my chest. I love your whole face when you smile!
  • I love it when you smile. Your eyes come alive, your face lights up and I just want to kiss you! You have the most beautiful, happy smile and I love that I get to see it everyday. What a wonderful blessing you are in my life!
  • You are my favorite thing in the whole universe. The way you smile lights up my entire world. I’ll always be there to follow your dreams, to make you smile and to love you until the end of time.
  • Your smile is my motivation to get through each day. To wake up and see your beautiful face every morning is the best way to start a day. I feel like the luckiest man in the world to have you in my life. I love you!
  • I love the way you smile. The way it reaches your eyes and makes them sparkle. I love the way you fart in front of me. No one else can make me laugh as hard and as much as you do, and god, my favorite thing is when you say “i love you”.
  • I love you, I love the way you shine. I love the way your hair falls out of place and the perfect way it frames your face. I’ve loved you since day one and will continue loving you for days to come.
  • My love for you grows with each passing day. My heart skips a beat every time I see you. You are the love of my life and I would do anything to make you happy. I love your beautiful smile, your delicious laugh and your gorgeous face.
  • My smile is caused by your love. When you smile it brightens my whole day. You are the only person that I want to see every morning of my life and I’ll be smiling all the way. It doesn’t matter what you wear or how your hair falls, I’ll always smile when you walk in the room.
  • You’re the best part of my day. I love seeing you smile, even when you’re sad. You have a beautiful smile, and it makes me feel like the luckiest man alive. I hope one day all of my love will be enough to make you the happiest woman on earth.
  • There is a reason why I fall more in love with you everyday. Maybe it’s that awesome smile, or those beautiful eyes or your incredible heart. You are truely the love of my life!
  • What is your favourite colour? I knew you would say Blue. That’s right. I love you. I love to see the kids smile because of you, and when its raining, we can be together again & have fun in its beautiful sight.

I Love Your Smile Quotes for Her

  • I love the way you smile, I love the sound of your voice, most of all I love the way you look at me. It’s like a dream come true. You are my world!
  • I love your smile. It is so genuine and I love that they can light up a room. I am so happy to call you my best friend. You continue to be a positive influence on my life, and just without knowing it, you have helped me to be the best version of myself.
  • I love how happy you make me feel. I love your smile and the way it lights up a room. But most of all, I love you!
  • You fill every part of me. My world would be so empty without you. I feel like the luckiest girl because I found my other half. I love to see you smile and hold you closely at night. You are my dream come true, my soul mate and companion for life.
  • “I love your smile, and I could go a lifetime without knowing why.”
  • I truly cherish the ways that your breathtaking smile and eyes brighten my day. Without your smile, I would be lost in a sea of sadness. Your smile is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, and it is all mine!
  • The ones who love you will always show you in little ways, like smiling at you, holding your hand and staying by your side. They will go out of their way to help you, and they’ll be there when you have need of a friend. Never take them for granted; love them with all that you have.
  • I love your smile. It’s even more beautiful when you smile at me, or for me. I love the way we can talk long into the night without saying a word, and everything that needs to be said is said through our eyes. I love that your beauty radiates from the inside out. Your entire life is an inspiration to me and I hope one day we are old enough to share our flaws and imperfections together.
  • I love the way your eyes light up when you laugh, I love the way you say I am the one, I love how sweet you smell. Everything about being with you is just right, and I would never change a single thing. I want to grow old with you by my side and always be there for you. No matter what life has in store, I will ride out any storm with you by my side. You are the most amazing person I have ever met, and your love rocks
  • I love the way you smile and laugh with those cute dimples. I love our little inside jokes and all the silly giggles we have together. I actually think it’s really attractive, maybe weird? But when your around me I can’t stop smiling, my face hurts but I don’t care. Because when I’m with you everything in the world makes sense. You’re right, you are my sunshine and I wouldn’t want this any other way.
  • I love the way you smile, I love the way you laugh. I love your beautiful eyes and your special charm. You’re everything I hoped my dreams would bring. You’re everything I need, and everything to me.
  • You give me butterflies in my stomach whenever i see you, but when you smile i just loose control and fall even harder for you each time.
  • My love, you are the most caring, kind-hearted and beautiful woman in this world. I feel so lucky to have found you! You bring meaning to everything in my life. Thank you for all your love. I look forward to spending the rest of my life making you smile every day.
  • I love you today, I love you tomorrow, I love you more than yesterday, I love the way you make me smile even when times are bad. I’m so lucky to have a man like you by my side.
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