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I Am Not A Perfect Wife Quotes

I Am Not A Perfect Wife Quotes

Are you a wife and looking for quotes about I Am Not A Perfect Wife Quotes? I am writing this article to help you find the best quotes about being a perfect wife.

I Am Not A Perfect Wife Quotes

  1. Happy Love Day! I know am not the perfect wife; I make mistakes and do some many things wrong. I have bad day, but I promise to try my best and to love you forever.
  2. I am not a perfect wife. I do not know how to cook you your favorite meal and I do not know how to keep a spotless house, but what I can promise you is my love for you and our children. I am sorry for the nights that we go out and I do not help with the kids, but I will set aside time later in the day to give special attention to them.
  3. I have to drop you a line to tell you how much I miss you. It’s been three weeks since I’ve seen your sweet face, and I feel like it’s been months. Even with all of the work piled on my desk, the meetings, and the constant crashing of my computer I can’t even concentrate on what all needs to be done because all I want to do is see you.
  4. The wonderful thing about our relationship is that we are best friends as well as lovers. When we are together, we never stop talking, and there is nothing I wouldn’t share with you. I love to hear your ideas and your thoughts, just as you love to hear mine.
  5. I am not a perfect wife, but I try. Dear know me after all these year… I’m always here for you and I’ll do the best to restore your faith in love, to be the tenderest woman for you.
  6. I don’t always act according to society’s definition of “wifely”. But for all that I am, for all that I do, I am grateful beyond words to have found you and to have been found by you. You are my friend, my lover, my husband, the father of our children. I love you so much.
  7. I’m not a perfect wife. I’m not even a perfect mother. I don’t want to be, because if I were, I would miss being your best friend. And that’s what the last 20 years have been: an adventure filled with laughter, love and happy trails. Happy anniversary sweetheart!
  8. You’re my husband and I will stand by your side forever. You are the love of my life, nothing in the world makes me happier than you. There is no man I would rather have by my side.
  9. I may not be the perfect wife, but I will always be a loving wife.
  10. I’ve tried to be the perfect wife and achieved nothing. I’ve done my best to understand you and become more understanding. I have risked my life by staying home to care for our new born son, but the housework still hasn’t been done. The clothes aren’t ironed, and the lawn hasn’t been mowed. You feel unloved because everything isn’t perfect, and you carry all of your work stress home with you each day. I love you so much, but I feel
  11. There are no perfect wives, I am not perfect. If you take your wife for granted; or even treat her badly you will lose her. The only way to keep your wife is to continually love and adore her. Drop everything and make time for her; it’s simple let her know how much she means to you.
  12. Bringing you coffee in bed every morning will be my only boast. We’ve been together for 3 years and I still can’t believe the luck and privilege I have to call you mine. Spending eternity with you is all I could ever ask for in life.
  13. Relationships are difficult at times, and marriage can be downright hard. We’ve had some good times and we’ve had some bad. There have been fights and there have even been tears. But when our love is growing, and the whole world seems right, I want you to remember this on this Valentine’s Day: I am not a perfect wife. I make plenty of mistakes decision. I’m often not very patient or kind-even cutting at times And I’m far from being a homemaker.
  14. I am not a perfect wife. My house is not perfectly clean and my dinner is rarely perfectly served, but I am trying. Living life with you is the learning experience of a lifetime and I am trying to learn it all. I will never be perfect because perfection isn’t something that exists, but you will always have my love.
  15. I am not a perfect wife. I don’t always do the dishes, or make the bed or do the laundry. But I do try. I work hard to be a good wife to you and the mother of your children. Your happiness and well being is very important to me. I want to be the best wife possible so you will want me around for a long time to come!
  16. There, I said it. How easy was that? If I have any skills in this ridiculous life, it is being an imperfect wife. Freedom is all about choices and one of my choices is not to be perfect. But, there has been plenty of times through out our marriage that I felt like a failure, but it could always be worse. Couldn’t it? Just the other day, while we were out shopping our family home security alarm went off.
  17. I will never be your perfect wife. I drink too much and swear like a sailor. I don’t always cook for you or clean up after you. In fact, most days I’ll be lucky if I even see you. But, I am not your perfect wife for a reason.
  18. To my husband, I love you and appreciate everything you do for our daughter, me, and this little family of ours. You are my best friend and the only person that I want to be with forever.
  19. With you I have learned to love more, laugh more and care more. I’ve been a wife for 5 years and it seems like only yesterday when I was a bride. Looking back can’t believe how lucky our love has been. We have had our ups, downs and bad times but through it all we have always loved each other unconditionally. Happy anniversary! Love you to the moon and back!
  20. I love you so much! You are my life. I never thought I could be this happy. Thanks for being you and thanks for loving me back.
  21. Sometimes I love you when the tears are falling, sometimes I love you when my arms are wrapped around you, sometimes I can’t stand you. But no matter what I will always love you.
  22. Honey, I am not a perfect wife. If you look closer, you might find some flaws on me. However, if you found some, don’t forget I was created from your love.
  23. I know that I am not the perfect wife. I do cook a little too much, stay up a little late and give my credit card to anyone who asks. But there are some things that can’t be changed. I love being a Mommy and would do anything for you…I may not be perfect but you make it so worth it everyday!
  24. I’m not perfect. I never claim to be. But I love you and will do my best to make you happy.
  25. Our marriage wasn’t perfect. In fact, it was far from it. But I never once thought of leaving you. I loved you through all the hard times, and I will love you through anything in the future.
  26. It takes a lot of time, patience and commitment to be a married couple. I know we fight but at the end of the day, you always look out for me. Married life is a journey I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I love you…
  27. I wish I was a little stronger. I wish I didn’t cry over problems. I wish my body was perfect. But I’m not. I’m far from it. Everyone has flaws, every single person does, even you and me. It’s just that our flaws are beautiful to us because it defines us. No matter how many flaws I have, you still love me as much as the first day we met, which makes me feel special and happy because it means you accept me for who I am.
  28. You are my fairy tale. I love you more than anything in the world. Thank you for coming into my life, and making me the luckiest girl in the world. Love You Baby!
  29. I wish I could promise you I will never grow old, that I’ll always look this young, but there isn’t any way to promise you that. But what I can promise you is that my love for you will never age and my desire to be with you forever burns as strongly as the sun.
  30. Dear honey, I’m pretty good but not perfect, but I feel like you need to know that I still love you. Well actually the truth is, I still love you more than words can say because there just isn’t enough room on the whole Internet for that! So much love from your imperfect wife.
  31. do not always do my share of the chores. I am not an angel 24 hours a day and I do have bad moods and try to take them out on you sometimes. But when all is said and done, you know deep inside that I love you and care for you deeply. I try very hard to be the best wife I can for you and your family, because you are my world.
  32. I am not a perfect wife and I do plenty of things wrong. My husband doesn’t even deserve me. But what I do know is that he loves me and our life together. No matter how busy I am, or if things are going great or bad. I will always put him first in my heart and make sure to tell him that everyday.
  33. I don’t always remember to take out the trash or pick up my clothes. Sometimes late at night, when I am folding the laundry, I can hear you breathing softly. And when I walk into the bedroom, you are lying on your back with your eyes open. You pretend that you are asleep, but I know that you are just waiting for me to climb into bed and snuggle up next to you.
  34. Dear Hubby, We have been married for a few years now and I want to thank you for always beside me. I know it’s not easy at all, but your support and love keep me together. Thank you for always there for me.
  35. Honey, you are perfect for me. I love your imperfections because they make you, you. I hope that you know how much I appreciate your insecurities because they make you mine.
  36. My husband and I have been married for over 15 years. I admit it wasn’t easy at first. We were much younger and with such little life experience. At times we clashed like two Bulls in a field but we learned to communicate better, give in on our issues and try to put each others needs above our own.
  37. I love you! I love your smile, your laugh, your cockiness and all the little things that make up who you are. Thanks for all the love, fun and support over these years. And especially thanks for putting up with me. Love always!
  38. You’ve showed me that love doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to be easy. You’ve believed in me when no one else would. You took the broken pieces of my heart and put them back together. If I could do it all over again I would do it differently, because this time I want to spend forever by your side.

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