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Heart Melting Good Morning Message For Girlfriend

Heart Melting Good Morning Message For Girlfriend

Waking up with a beautiful girlfriend is truly a blessing and you know it, right? Every man wants to see his girlfriend smile first thing every morning. Regularly sending your girlfriend a good morning text message is a simple way to put a smile on her face. Heart melting good morning message for girlfriend are sure to make her day brighter and remind her of how lucky she is to have you in her life.

Heart Melting Good Morning Message For Girlfriend

  1. Good Morning My Love, Waking up this morning and remembering where I am, I suddenly felt the missing of your loving hug. In your absence, my life seems dull and lonely. I can hear a million people speaking but all I hear is my beating heart pleading for you to come over. Good morning. Have an awesome day ahead.
  2. I feel like a new pair of shoes.  The sun is bright, I’m ready to go, and looking good doing it. First though, I have to say that I’m the luckiest man on earth for having a lady as beautiful as you as my girlfriend. It’s going to be another great day! Good morning baby!
  3. Good morning and a nice day to you! I am writing this message because I know this morning will be great for you. You are going to start your day with a wonderful kiss on your cheek. A warm hug will be waiting for you when you get up. The sun, the birds and all of nature are going to greet you with a warm smile today. So be happy and have a good time this morning dear!
  4. Good morning, my beautiful girlfriend! I always look forward to the moment when I can see your sweet face, chat with you and hear your captivating voice. Thank you so much for being such an important part of my life, darling. You are a dream come true, and you deserve the best of this life!
  5. Good morning, my love! I hope you had a nice sleep because I sure didn’t. All I could think about was how much I adore and love you. You are the sunshine of my life, my beautiful flower. You brighten up my dull day and you help me get through the tough ones. I want to hold you in my arms forever and never let you go. You are my true life, my only love. I wish you to have a wonderful day and to succeed in every of your endeavors. You are, and always will be my everything. All my love,
  6. Good morning, my love! I hope that your morning is as wonderful as you. I can’t wait to see you later for our date. I love you more than anything and that will never change. Stay beautiful my love, until tonight!
  7. I wish good morning was a second longer. I really want to just look into your eyes for another moment longer. I wish I didn’t have to go to work and could stay in bed with you all day long. I want to kiss you some more. Good morning, beautiful!
  8. Good morning love! It’s so nice to wake up next to you, I can’t wait till we kiss goodbye every morning and go off to work together. My heart skips a beat every time I see your face, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. Have a wonderful day!
  9. Good morning, beautiful. You look so lovely this morning. I hope you don’t think I’m too forward, but you are the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen. I can’t help but stare at you all day long.   I wish every day began this way. My arms are wrapped around you so tight, and all I can smell is your hair. You are my life and I am never letting go! Thank you so much for being in my life, I will always love you.
  10. Every morning when I get up and see you there next to me, it makes my heart skip a beat. You’re the first thing I think about as soon as I wake up. And yes, it’s definitely a pleasant way to start my day. You are so cute when you try to talk around your morning coffee before you’ve had it, or when you try to flirt with me. Don’t deny it! Anyways, I can only hope that this brings a smile to your face. I think you are beautiful. Good morning, babe!
  11. I am so thankful I get to see you every morning. It gives me the opportunity to kiss you and say good morning. I can’t imagine a life without you, you brighten my day each time I simply think about you. When I wake up to see you next to me, a beautiful dream comes true!
  12. If I could have one wish right now, it would be that I could hold you in my arms this beautiful morning and kiss you and tell you how much I love you. But since wishes are for dreamers and not for me, let me say this. You know how much I love you, but if loving someone as much as I love you is wrong, let God judge me.
  13. Hey girl! I just wanted to say good morning to my special girlfriend. You make all my tough days go, you bring joy and happiness to my life. I am so glad that we can share this strong bond of love together. And I look forward to more years of happiness together.
  14. Good morning. I hope your beautiful eyes are smiling today and that you have a great day ahead of you! I just wanted to tell you that my heart and the sun shine brightly when I see your gorgeous face and that I can’t wait until I see you again.
  15. Good morning my lovely girlfriend, I woke up thinking about you, wondering how your night went. I hope you slept well. I wanted to let you know that you are the sunshine to my day, the smile that brightens my world. Every morning I wake up, it’s your face I see first. You’ve brought happiness and love into my life, a love unlike any other.
  16. Good morning princess. It was another sleepless night, wishing I had you in my arms. I may be only an hour away but it felt like a lifetime. Every night that passes is another reminder of how much I miss you, every day that passes does so only because I am closer to the time when we will be together again. You’re now permanently embedded into my heart, my soul and mind and no matter how far apart we are, nothing can change that.
  17. I can’t help but say good morning because everyday is wonderful when I wake up next to you. I love you so much. You bring so much happiness and joy into my life it’s unbelievable! I love waking in the morning to your smile and warm hug, I love every second of each day with you by my side.
  18. Hey girl! Good morning, I don’t know how you do it, but you are the sweetest person I’ve ever known. Your smile and your laugh always brighten my day. You bring joy to my life that I will never be able to repay. You are my heart shaped diamond that is worth more than a million dollars.
  19. Good morning Babe, how do you feel this morning? As usual, my day cannot start without wishing you good morning. I’m feeling so blessed to be the one who gets to spend every moment with you. Whenever I see you, it’s like the world stops for me to witness a breathtaking view, everything else is just background noise. My love for you grows deeper with each passing day and the thought of spending your lifetime with only you gives me butterflies in my stomach.
  20. Good Morning my love. There’s only one thing I want to do right now, and that’s to shower you with hugs and kisses. You are the one I want to wake up to every morning. The thought of not having you in my arms is unbearable. I don’t deserve all your love and kindness, but thank you for keeping me grounded!
  21. Good morning my love, I am  laying in bed thinking about how great of a girlfriend you are. I smile just thinking about your smile and how cute it makes me feel. The more I’m with you, the more in love with you I become. You couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend because I would do anything for you, everything.
  22. Every time I see your face my heart skips a beat. Each morning brings with it a feeling of joy, but nothing compares to the sight of you first thing in the morning. I wish you could feel my heart beating with every single beat! Missing and loving you always. I love you more than words can express.
  23. Good morning, beautiful! I wish you a wonderful start into the day. I’m so happy to be able to spend this time with you and send you these heart melting good morning messages. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. My heart begins to skip the beat. In pure anticipation, the moment is here. The sun has just come up, and to my delight, I get to see your beautiful eyes once more. and I wish you nothing but love, joy and happiness.
  24. I allow my eyes to open slowly so as not to miss a moment of the morning sun that spills onto your face. I draw close to you breathing you in and wish the moment would never end. You smell like sunshine and honey, you look like happiness and I thank God for bringing an angel into my life. You are my dearest friend and my one true love and it is good to be back home in your arms. Good morning, my wonderful girlfriend!
  25. You hold my heart in your hands. Without you I would be nothing but a shell on this earth. You’ve climbed inside my head and rearranged my thoughts so that all I think about is you. Every morning, you’re the first thing on my mind, you’re the last thing I think of before I fall asleep. If life is a roller coaster, we are strapped in together and I can’t wait to see what amazing ride we are on next.
  26. Dear girlfriend, I have known you all my life and it is hard to believe that today is exactly one year since we fell in love with each other. You are the beat of my heart, the air I breathe and the essence of my soul. There has not been a single day that I did not think about you or did not wish you a good morning. You have given me so much joy and happiness that it’s impossible to thank you enough.
  27. You are the love of my life, the most amazing lady I know. I wouldn’t change a thing. You truly make my morning brighter and I am so thankful that we have found each other. I love you beyond anything I can put into words.
  28. I hope you are having a great morning. I am missing you like crazy and I just wanted to tell you that I had a dream about us last night. It was so amazing, it felt so real. We were outdoors in an exotic place, eating food and playing with the waves. You looked so beautiful, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me because it never hurts to say it, especially while we’re apart.
  29. What a beautiful morning it is! The sun is shining and I can’t stop thinking about you. You are the most amazing woman in the world and I am so lucky to be in love with you. Your love keeps me warm at night when we talk ourselves into bed, keeping me safe from all that is evil. With every single sunrise, I fall more and more for you.

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