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He Knows How to Make Me Happy Quotes

He Knows How to Make Me Happy Quotes

Do you need the best quotes to express your feeling? We have a great collection of “He knows how to make me happy with his smile quotes” for those who need help. Feel free to take those and share them with that special person. If you like some, don’t forget to share with your friends! A great quote can be the spark of inspiration we all need sometimes.

Best He Knows How to Make Me Happy Quotes

  • I don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing man, but I am happy that you came into my life.  You know how to make me happy when no one else can. We might fight sometimes, but we always end up making each other laugh and falling even more in love.  I love you so much!
  • You are more than I ever thought I could have. You are stronger than heroes out of some book, wiser than kings, kinder than angels, I’ve never met anyone like you. I don’t think it’s possible to fall in love with someone so quickly, but I have. You are amazing the moment you smile the whole world lights up. Smiling at me, even on bad days makes everything better.
  • We have been going through a lot of hard times lately. I just want you to know that you have made me happy again. At the very moment I saw your text I felt a ray of sunshine hit my face and everything seemed a little brighter. I just wanted to take the time to say that. You make me light up!
  • You are the love of my life, my everything. I know you are there for me when I need you most. You make every day an adventure and every night something dreamy. I love spending my time with you and I just want to be the girl that makes your heart flutter. You are handsome, sweet, loving and caring. You are my best friend and soul mate in all ways possible.
  • There is nothing I wouldn’t do to see the smile on your face. I promise you this. There is no one in the world that makes me happier than you. I love you with a fiery passion that can not be quenched. You are my everything, my soul mate, and the love of my life.
  • As long as I am with you, I can handle anything. I know you always have my back and that makes me the luckiest woman in the world. You will forever be my best friend and lover. I love you so much!
  • You are amazing. I love you more and more everyday. Thank you for being my life, my best friend and husband. Thank you for taking care of me. You make me a better person and my life is better because of you. I hope you know how loved you are!
  • I’ll love you when you are sick when you are sneezing when you are crying when you are sad when you are happy When you are in jail I will love you still. I will love no matter what You are my life I cannot live without your wonderful love. With all my heart, I love you.
  • This may not be the best thing I’ve ever written, but it is hands down the most special. You are my everything. I can’t wait for this journey with you. I love you so much with all my heart.
  • I am close to never doing this again. I know the next time around will bring even more tears. I’m trying to hold them back. It is hard. Seeing your face, hearing your voice, standing next to you is usually the thing that brings me joy. But this time it doesn’t. The worst part is, you know why. But you don’t care! It makes me angry and sad and bye bye happy tears.
  • I don’t think I’ve told you enough how much I love you, how happy you make me, and all the effects you have on my life. You have captured my heart from the minute we met. You are my guy and without a doubt will always be my guy. You have been there for me whenever I needed you. Without a doubt this is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and will forever be something I cherish in life.
  • The love you have for me is so real, so true and so strong. You have a way of making me feel happy all the time, and I thank God for giving me you. We may fight from time to time, but I know that we will always be together no matter what. You are my best friend and my soulmate. I love you.
  • I’m going to say this again, because it’s impossible for me to express how much I love you. You mean everything to me and if I could, I would spend every day making you happy. You make me a better person, and until today I didn’t believe that was even possible. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am so blessed to have you.
  • I love you so much! You make my life complete. Every day I thank God for the reason He gave me to meet you. Our lives together are richer than any other thanks to the love we share. Days go by when I don’t even realize how blessed I was to find the one thing in this world that makes me happy. And when I do, I can’t help but scream it out loud; I LOVE YOU!
  • You are the one thing that makes my love worth it. You are my world, I want you to know that my love is true.
  • A thousand hearts beat as one everyday, but not for you. When I look into your eyes, I see everything, and I love you more with every passing day. On this day of our second year together, let’s take a moment to celebrate all the wonderful things you do. You make me laugh harder than any other person on the planet, and you make me happy with each breath you take.
  • I’m happy. At least I pretend to be! You can’t fool me though. You know I love you too, the way only a wife can love her husband.
  • I know you said you were going to get a girlfriend. I hope it’s not too late. You are the love of my life and I don’t want it to end.
  • You were my greatest teacher. You taught me the best lessons that I have ever learned. Now, I see each day through a new lens and know what is truly valuable in life. Thank you for loving me, for being a friend, guardian, student and mentor all in one place. You brought passion and love back into my life and showed me how to live a beautiful life.
  • I wasn’t always a believer in love. When I was young I followed my parents’ example and thought that love had to be earned, but then you came into my life, made me reconsider my thoughts on love, and changed the way I see the world.

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