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Happy New Year Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Happy New Year Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Wish your cousin the best. The words that you choose will make them feel a bit special and build bonds between you two. Here are some of the best happy new year wishes for Cousin with Quotes

Happy New Year Wishes for Cousin

  1. Happy New Year to you my darling cousin! It is with great love and admiration that I write this letter to you. You are more than a cousin; you have become my best friend! The love that you have for others pours right into me, filling the void where I was once empty. Happy new year sweetheart! I pray that God gives you the desires of your heart!!
  2. Happy New Year cousin! I love you no matter what and nothing can ever change that. You’re part of my family now so it will always be that way. Stay warm, I’ll see you soon!
  3. I have had the most amazing year. I am so happy to have you in my life, to call you my best friend and to be able to call you a cousin. You are an angel sent from above and I feel so grateful for you in my life. Happy new year dear.
  4. You’re a special soul. I am blessed to have you in my life. You’ve made my life richer, kinder and happier. I am excited at the thought of growing old with you. I love you forever, cousin!
  5. Happy New Year to You! I am so grateful for you, not only because we are family but because you are one of my best friends. You keep me on my toes and bring a smile to my face every day, I am so happy I have you in my life.
  6. Hey little cousin, I hope that you had an amazing Christmas. It was so fun to see you and be part of the family. We really had a blast! You’re like a little sister to me, and I hope we are able to see each other again in the New Year!
  7. Happy New Year cousin! I wish you all the best in this upcoming year. May it be filled with love and joy, success and please no more dancing around the pole at Hooters. I know they’re a great place to eat but still! Anyways, remember you are my favorite cousin and I will love you forever. Miss you!
  8. Thanks for being such a good cousin. I am lucky to have you as a cousin and a best friend. I love you. Happy new year dear!
  9. I love you! I’m so lucky to have you in my life. You are always making me laugh and putting a smile on my face. We have such a great relationship that I know will last forever. This is going to be an awesome New Year! Good Luck with everything this year cousin, I love you!
  10. I love you cousin sally. I will always be here for you no matter what. You are so precious to me and I love you unconditionally, and I’ll be there to support you on your big day no matter what happens. Good luck and much love! Happy New Year!
  11. I would be nothing if it wasn’t for you. You have taught me so many things and brought so much happiness into my life that I could never repay you. Your support means the world to me and I couldn’t live without you by my side. Have an amazing New Year! Love you.
  12. I love you cousin! I feel so grateful to have you in my life! You mean so much to me and are a great role model. I’m going to tell you stories of us being kids and our traditions. You are one of the most loving people I know, full of inspiration and passion. Happy New Year!
  13. Happy New year sweetie, I hope this brings you joy and happiness! May this new year be full of rainbows, lollipops, smiles and hugs. You are my everything, my other half, you own me body and soul. You complete me and I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world. You’re amazing a true blessing from above!
  14. Because life is short and unpredictable, spend every second of everyday with the people you love. You never know what might happen tomorrow, next year, or even in a few days. I’m so glad that I can call you my cousin and my friend.
  15. This year flew by and I’m looking forward to another great one with you! You’ve become one of the best friends I’ve ever had, and keeping up with you has made my life so much better. I look at you as more than a cousin and you truly are the sister I never had. I love you & hope we never lose touch.
  16. New Year New you, right? Well let me be the first to tell you that I am SO ready to see this new you! The old you were pretty great (I mean who couldn’t love your cute little smile and your silly dance moves) but the new you have grown even better. You are going to be an amazing teenager. I just know it! This year is full of so many possibilities and I can’t wait to see what awaits us next. Happy New Year my cousin!
  17. Love you cousin. These are my best wishes for the future, hoping to see you all the time and bring happiness in your life.
  18. Your friendship means the world to me, and I appreciate all that you have done for me. Over the years we’ve been through so much and I’m glad to call you, my family. You are an amazing person, inside and out, and getting to share a world with you makes me smile so big. I hope this new year is full of happiness, love and growth. Your friendship is the best gift I could have ever asked for! Have a happy new year!
  19. I have a hard time finding the words to express how I feel about you. Your love is so unconditional and pure. You are caring, funny, sweet and beautiful. You bring the best out of me. I love that we can count on each other for anything and everything. Thanks for being the most wonderful cousin anyone could ever ask for! Happy New Year!
  20. Happy new year, I hope your very special day is filled with happy things. I would like to give you one special present and a large list of best wishes!
  21. It’s a new year full of love, respect and joy. Hope you have the best one yet! I am so glad that I got to spend another year with you to build memories. Here is a toast to your well-being, health, success and happiness in the New Year!
  22. I just wanted to let you know that I love you and will always have your back. Cousins for life! Happy New Year!
  23. Happy New Year, dearest. Wishing you a life full of joy and love in 2022. May everyday be as wonderful as the last, and may your dreams always come true! I can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us!
  24. I love you because you are the most amazing person on this planet. You’re even more incredible than a super model. You’re every bit as special as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny all rolled into one. I want you to know that I cherish our relationship and how special it is to me. I will never forget our friendship. Happy New Year!
  25. New Year’s Eve is a perfect chance for you to count your blessings and thank God for all your good fortune, for the love and joy that surround you this holiday season, and for the new opportunities that lie ahead. Thanks, my cousin!
  26. I can’t believe it, one year has passed by since you came into my life and changed it forever. I love you with all my heart and could never imagine my life without you. You are the most amazing and beautiful girl ever. We’re in this together and I will always be here for you! Now that we’re twelve years old let’s make magical memories. I hope you have a wonderful new year filled with happiness, laughter and love!
  27. To my amazing cousin, you are undoubtedly beautiful inside and out. I’m so lucky to be your cousin and even luckier to have you in my life. You are such an inspiration to me, showing me how important it is to be confident in who you are. I’m beyond thankful for our friendship and pray we both have a wonderful and successful New Year!
  28. New Year is a time to make new resolutions and have new hopes for a better future. Thanks for being my source of unconditional love and devotion and I promise to be the same always. Love you so much!
  29. You are one of the most important people in my life and I love you very much. I would never forgive myself if I didn’t tell you that every day. You are on my mind so often that it hurts. God bless you, cousin! Happy New Year!
  30. I went over to my cousin’s house for the holidays and he shared an old love letter. I thought it was so sweet that I shared it with all of you. I hope you enjoy! Happy New Year.
  31. I look forward to making a fresh start in this new year and I hope it includes you! I can’t wait to see what we will do together and how many jokes I will crack on you, because let’s be real: you can take them ha-ha. You will always be one of my closest people in my life and I hope that never changes.
  32. It’s hard to imagine the years passing, but it’s even harder to imagine living life without you. We have done so much together; you mean the world to me and I hope we always will. I don’t know what I would do without you to share my thoughts and feelings with. You are my cousin, my friend, and so very much more than just family. I love you so much
  33. Happy New Year my handsome cousin. I wish you the best in this new year and many years to come. Love, Your loving cousin Emily!
  34. When you first came into this world, I knew you were destined for greatness. With each passing year, you have grown wiser and your beauty has blossomed bringing me much joy. Thank you for being an amazing cousin and a wonderful friend. I wish you happiness in the new year and hope that it shines upon you as bright as your smile. Happy New Year, my love!
  35. I’m so glad you are my cousin. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have any family at all. You are like the sister I never had, and the one I always wanted! Happy New Year, Dearest Cousin.
  36. You will always be in my heart. I love you. I hope that this brings you luck! I love and miss you more than words can describe. Happy New Year!
  37. To my beautiful cousin, I love you with all of my heart. You are like a sister to me and I want you to know how special you are. Our families are so close because of the bond we share. Thanks for being you and showing me what true friendship means. Cheers to another year of fun times together!
  38. This is a special message just for you. I hope you have the best year yet. My cousin, may God bless you and all your loved ones! Continue to be such an amazing person and friend to everyone. I love you very much and don’t forget that no matter how far we are from each other, we will never be apart.
  39. Happy New Year! You are the person I look up to the most, and I know one day I’ll be as strong or even stronger than you. Love you lots – your cousin, Jamie.

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