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Happy Friendship Day Quotes for Best Friend

Happy Friendship Day Quotes for Best Friend

Happy friendship day quotes for best friend, today is the day when all friends celebrate their friendship. They express their love by sending friendship day sms messages/wishes/quotes to each other.

The day has come and now you would like to say a word to your best buddy. But, how will it be? It’s a dilemma that I am sure many of us face. What can we write? How should it be presented? We are truly left in knots on the day of happiness.

So here’s Happy friendship day quotes for best friend Compiled for you as we all celebrate Friendship Day. Let’s give our buddies a feel of what friendship really is.

Happy Friendship Day Quotes for Best Friend

Select any of this Happy Friendship day Quotes and share with that your special friend.

  1. Happy Friendship Day to my best friend! What a blessing it is to have you in my life. I hope that we grow old together and that your friendship will never end. Sometimes I don’t say thank you enough. Thank you for being there for me through thick and thin, cheers to our friendship!
  2. Happy Friendship Day to my beloved friend!
  3. You are the one person who always has my back. When I am down, you push me up. When I am happy, you add more joy. You are the best friend I have ever had and its because of your love that I can be who I am today. You are a loyal friend and a great partner in crime! I wish there were more days like these so we can spend time together forever!
  4. You are indeed my best friend! You have played a pivotal role in my life. You enrich it so much as if you matter the most to me. I cannot think of anyone else that can stand beside you as my best friend.
  5. I am so thankful to have you in my life. I love you so much! You are the world’s best friend. Your love for me knows no bounds. You are truly one of a kind and I will cherish our friendship till the day I die. I hope that my love for you always shows, but if it doesn’t, just know that I love you more than anyone.
  6. It’s so hard to say good bye … I miss you so much. I would give everything to have you here with me, but I know that your spirit watches over me each day and keeps me safe. As long as we hold each other in our heart nothing can take away the love we share. We are one forever no matter where we go.
  7. You are the best friend I could ask for! I love your sweet, caring and generous heart. You make my days brighter just by being in them. I am so thankful that we became friends and I’ll add more sweets to your plate to celebrate our friendship with fun.
  8. You are my best friend and I am so happy we met. You bring me so much joy. I fall more in love with you every day. Keep being the amazing person you are.
  9. You are my bestiest friend in the world and I thank you for holding my hand through lifes difficulties. Your support is endless and I’m so lucky to have a friend like you who will stand by me no matter what. You are kind, generous, thoughtful, considerate, loyal and more. You can do anything you put your mind to because you are so smart. I love you!
  10. I want to tell you thank you for being a part of my life. You are the best friend I could have ever asked for. Thank you for your friendship and thank you for always being there when I need you. I love you not only as a best friend, but as to who you are!
  11. I want to let you know how much you mean to me. I couldn’t have found a more perfect best friend. Thank you for always being there for me, I love you!
  12. Just because we have been together for so long, doesn’t mean you are any less special to me. You are still my best friend, and I love you with all my heart. I will never stop thinking about you, even for a second, because you mean the world to me. I can’t wait to spend as much time with you together as we can in the future!
  13. Happy Friendship Day to my amazing best friend! This may be a day where you give cards and gifts, but I wanted to take a moment to write some thank-you for all the things you do. Thanks for always being there when I need someone to talk to even when I don’t want to. Thanks for being my shoulder to cry on, my ears to listen to me complain or my big sister if I need tough love. I still crack up thinking about the funny times. Thanks for everything.
  14. You are my best friend and I hope we are together forever. I love you so much! Our friendship means everything to me and I could never be complete without it.
  15. You have been my best friend for twelve years and that makes you the longest relationship that I’ve ever had. You are always there when times are tough and you lift me up when I need it most. Thanks for always being there for me and for being my best friend.
  16. Best friends are special people in your life, who have always been there, whenever you need them. They never fail to make you laugh and tell the sweetest jokes. But mostly their there when you have nowhere else to turn. They’re always there for you!
  17. Your friendship is the best gift you have ever given me, I will treasure them forever.
  18. I’m glad you have entered my life and have impacted it in so many positive ways. You are the only person I know who can make me laugh no matter what and lift my spirits with your sunshine personality. I think about you 24/7 and daydream about us being together every second of the day. I am so glad that I gave you a chance, that I fell for your charming smile and was able to get to know you more.
  19. Wow I love you. I know I say that a lot, but you still don’t get it after all this time. Haha! You mean so much to me more than words can express. Happy friendship day!!!
  20. You have been there for me through everything, when I needed you most. When I needed a friend you were there to catch me when I cried. You made me smile when I was sad and you helped me through hard times. Friendship is not finding someone who is just like you, but someone who brings out the best qualities in you. You are the BEST friend anyone could ask for!
  21. My best friend walked into my life when I met you, I have never been more thankful for anything in my whole life. You are endlessly there for me through thick and thin. I love you with all my heart and soul! You make me feel complete and like there is nothing I can’t handle if you are by my side. Thanks for being a great friend!
  22. My best friend is the one I can laugh with, cry with, and love with. My best friend is the one who lets me be me, and loves me all the same. My best friend is the one who always knows how to make me feel better when I’m down, and cheers me on when I’m up. My best friend doesn’t judge or let others judge me based on my past or appearance. My best friend accepts all parts of me.
  23. Being your friend is one of the major reasons why I am so happy. You are sweet, caring, and beautiful and every day I have the pleasure of spending time with you makes me very happy. You are an amazing person inside and out and I feel extremely blessed to call you my friend. I hope you have a wonderful day!
  24. If you are the one person I can’t live without than you are also the one person I would never let go. I love you so much that sometimes it hurts to breath.
  25. Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. happy friendship day bestie.
  26. Hey girl, I just wanted to wish you a happy friendship day. Every time I think about you my heart bursts with joy. We may not always be together but rest assured you are always in my thoughts. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met and your kindness is matched only by your wise words. You are BY FAR my best friend and the thought of knowing that you are happy gives me peace of mind no matter how far away we get from each other.
  27. I love you more than anything – even though you don’t understand how much I really do love you. You make my life so much better and I wouldn’t trade our friendship for the world! Happy Friendship Day!
  28. Happy Friendship Day, Happiness comes in the shape of a friend like you. Friendship means trust, sharing, love that’s what you mean to me.
  29. My friend, there are no words to express how much you mean to me. You have always been there for me and I want you know that I love you. You are going to be my future husband and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Love you tons!
  30. I’ve never told you this, but I really love you. I wish we could be together forever. I don’t want to loose your friendship. But if I had to choose between loving you and having you as a friend, it would kill me. But I still think how much happier my life would be if we were together.
  31. Being your friend was my choice, and I will always treasure that. I feel so safe to be around you. Thank you for giving me a home away from home and for being always there for me. May all the stars in the sky shine bright upon you!
  32. Love is a union of two hearts and minds in mutual understanding. It gives a sense of belonging and security to our life. It brings a promise of eternal happiness, loyalty and commitment.
  33. Each day when I wake up, you’re the first person I think of. My heart skips a beat when I see my phone light up with your name. I can’t imagine a day without you in it. My dreams are filled with you and me falling in love and driving off into the sunset together. I love you my best friend!!
  34. To my best friend for a friendship that is closer to me than the blood in my own veins. I love you so much. You are there when I need you, and always know how to lift me up when I need it most. I love you like a brother, and hope to continue this friendship forever!
  35. Thanks so much for being my best friend. I couldn’t have come this far without you. I know we will be friends for life. I love everything about you.
  36. You are my soul mate, my best friend. We are connected by the same soul and I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are the strongest person I know and without you, I would be lost. Thank you for always being my rock.
  37. I love you and trust you with every bit of my heart and soul. I care about you so much, I just want to make you happy. I never plan to stop loving you in this lifetime or the next. You will forever be my person in the whole wide world.
  38. A bed of roses, A cloud of love, From above, My love will always hover around. Wishing you a day as sweet and loving as yourself.
  39. Do you realize that every time i see you i smile and my heart begins to flutter? Sometimes I feel like you are the air that I need to survive. You make me feel invincible, free. Every time we kiss it feels like there is something magical in the air, a spark of hope that I will never be alone. I love you!
  40. Happy Friendship Day! May your friendship continue to grow and may you celebrate many more years together. Happy Friendship Day!
  41. Today is friendships day. A day to acknowledge your best friends, to thank them for being there, for having double the fun with them.
  42. It’s funny you and I like the same things. We have a lot of the same goals in life. You always seem to know when something is wrong and your smile can light up a room. I feel blessed to have you as my best friend, and will always be there for you. I love you; you are my best friend!
  43. You have been my best friend for over a decade, and I want you to know that I adore you. You always make me laugh and tell the most ridiculous stories that keep me smiling long after we hang up. I love everything about you and want everyone to know how lucky I am to have such an amazing best friend.
  44. You are the number one person in my life and no one even comes close. Your friendship means so much to me and I just want you to know that I wouldn’t trade you for anything. You make each day better and brighter.
  45. I hope you have a smile on your face, after reading this message. Maybe I’m cheesy but I love you so much! Or better, I wouldn’t love anyone like I love YOU. We’ve been friends for a very long time and the thought of living my life without you makes me so sad! What can I say? You are an integral part of my everyday life and have taught me many valuable lessons. Happy Friendship day dear.
  46. My best friend, the beginning and end of my day. A blessing, a wonder, and a love I have searched for all my life. Miss you so much!
  47. Happy friendship day to my best friend. You know that I love you very much and you mean the world for me. We have been together for so many years now and we are better than ever too. I cannot wait to spend another great year with you!
  48. Today is friendship day. The day we remember all those who are special to us and always make them feel extra special. Friendship makes life beautiful, love makes life colorful. I have true friends and I love them all the most even though they live far away.
  49. Hope your day is full of hugs and kisses. I hope you get all the best wishes, and a few surprise goodies. I hope joy fills your heart, and happiness surrounds you, friendship not from just me, but everyone who loves you! Friendship is like sunshine in a cloudy day. It’s like a rainbow after the rain. It’s like a lucky star that shines every night!
  50. I am so thankful for you – not just on this special day, but every day. You’ve helped to mold me into the person I am today, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Your willingness to help is endless; your heart is as big as the world. I couldn’t ask for a better friend, and I’m honored to have you in my life!
  51. You are my shining star and angel in my life. I have never met another girl as great as you. You make me smile, laugh and cry all at the same time. I love your beautiful eyes, your smile, and I will love to the end of time.
  52. This day, February 8th, 2011, marks another year that you have entered my life. From the moment I met you, it has been wonderful. We’ve had some rough times, but we’ve also had great times. You mean so much to me. You are always there when I need someone. I can always count on you to cheer me up when I’m sad or be the one to talk me down from the ledge.
  53. I love you with everything! My heart, my body and my soul. Thank you for being the best part of me. You make my life worth living! Happy Friendship Day to the best friend a girl could ask for.
  54. A true friend is more like a sister. She shares your secrets, gabs with you for hours, laughs with you at nothing at all and cries with you when something goes wrong. She would never laugh behind your back and tell everyone your little secrets. A real friend is a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold onto in the hard times and someone who will always be there for you when you feel like no one else is.
  55. I love you with all of my heart. I’m so glad I have a friend like you in my life. I can always depend on you to make me smile, and know that when I am having a bad day, you will always be there to listen and make it all better.
  56. You’ve showed me what it means to be happy and how to live life. We travel, we laugh, and we have a heck of a good time. I really do love you like a sister and I’m so happy to call you my best friend! You’re so amazing!
  57. I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me. I can’t imagine life without you, and words simply won’t do. You are such an amazing person, always taking care of your friends and easy to talk to. I love how you are there for me when no one else is. You might not always know how much i appreciate it, but thank you with all my heart.
  58. I am so happy that you are my friend. We have shared our ups and downs, and all the way we’ve stayed friends. I love your company. You mean a lot to me.
  59. I am so thankful to have you in my life. You are the best part of every day. I love that you care about me and my happiness. I am so glad we met and I can’t wait to spend more years with you. Happy friendship day.
  60. Your friendship is like a warm, sunny day. And now that we are apart, I miss you even more. In a world that can be so cold and harsh, you have been there to bring light and color into my life.
  61. You have opened my eyes to the amazing beauty of life. You are the best friend a girl could ask for. There isn’t a day I don’t think of you, and your kind words and loving embrace are so missed when you aren’t around. It’s like spring has come to my soul now that you are here. You truly are my sunshine on a rainy day!
  62. All the happiness in my life is because of you! You are simply the best friend anyone could ever have. I am so lucky to have found someone like you, you are such a sweetheart. I love you!
  63. You make my life brighter. People say that to say, “Thank you for the things you do for me.” But in my heart I know you deserve more. You deserve knowing how much I love you, how much I care about you, and how much I appreciate you. People say that being with your best friend is like having a best friend. They are correct; but it goes deeper than that…I have found my soul mate in you!
  64. Friendships are born of generosity, developed through kindness and cemented in truth. A real friend is someone who will help you when you need them, and is someone who will still be there even if he never needs anything from you.
  65. You are an amazing friend. You have always been there for me when I needed you most and I know you will continue to be my best friend in the future as well. I hope life gives us the chance to spend our old age together too – just like we did during our childhood!
  66. I’m so lucky that I have you in my life. You bring me so much happiness and joy that I just can’t stop smiling. When you are around, the world seems like a bright place to be. You are the most beautiful thing to ever come into my life. I love you so much!
  67. I think you’re the coolest, most amazing person I know. I love your fabulous spirit and your drive to do big things in this world! You bring out the best in me and I can’t thank you enough for all that you do for me. Today is the perfect day to tell you just how awesome you are; Happy Friendship Day!
  68. I want you to know that I love you very much and I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have you as my best friend. You’ve always been there for me, through the highs and lows, which is something I will never take for granted. Here’s to another year of friendship!
  69. You are my best friend. You have made my life so much richer than it would be without you. I love you more than I ever thought was possible.
  70. You have filled my life with happiness. I love you not because of anything you have, but because of everything you are. Happiness is the best word to describe how I feel when you’re around. Thanks for being a true friend and always being there for me.
  71. I found a love in you that I thought I would never find and that is a gift more beautiful than the most precious gem. You have captured my heart, soul, and all of my love. You make every day amazing and worth living for.
  72. I love you so much, princess. You are my first thought when I wake up and last one when I go to sleep. I can’t picture my life without you, and I don’t want to! You mean the world to me and I hope you know that. If anything ever happened to you or if someone ever took you away from me, I’d move Heaven and Earth to be with you for good! I love you too.
  73. I feel so lucky to have a friend as amazing as you. I am so happy that you are in my life and I can’t wait to continue our friendship forever!
  74. Happy Friendship Day my friend! I hope this is the most memorable day for you till now. I am so glad to have a friend like you, your friendship means a lot to me. You will always be in my heart.
  75. On this Friendship Day let me tell you that you are my very best friend and that I adore you. You have been a loyal friend and have always been there when I needed
  76. You mean the world to me. Our friendship started out as a little seed, and has grown into a beautiful flower that I adore. I can’t wait for this day to be over so we can start building magical memories tonight! Happy Friendship Day!
  77. You are so much more than my best friend. You are my rock, my happiness, and the reason I get out of bed every day. I would not be who I am today without your love and support. Thank you for being a part of my life and making me a better person every single day.
  78. This friendship began as a few lines of pleasant chat, but that has turned into words that truly mean something. Today is the day we fully understand each other, and became closer than ever before.
  79. Nobody is perfect, you included. But somehow when I’m with you, everything just feels right. You’ve taught me so much about this world, and I can’t wait to learn even more from you as time goes on. I’m so glad to have found a friend like you in my life.
  80. My heart is so consumed by you. You are the biggest part of my life. I cannot imagine a world without you, all I know is that I would not want to live in it. You love is my drug, and your arms are my happy place.
  81. Oh my God, i love my best friend. Friends for so long, our friendship is like a treasure. I count my blessings that you are in my life. I want to let you know just how special you are to me. You have been there through the good times and the bad. The list goes on and on, i will never give up our friendship. I miss you so much and can’t imagine giving up the greatest friendship ever. I know we almost lost it once
  82. Friends come and go, but best friends are forever. Thanks for being my best friend. Happy Friendship day.
  83. I remember the first time we met, I thought you were a goddess and knew I’d love you forever. We have had so many adventures together that I can’t even count, and memories to last a lifetime. Making new ones with you is what makes this journey in life worth living. You bring so much happiness and joy to my days, from our text messages to our late nights at the bar we never stop having fun. You are my person in every sense of the world.
  84. I didn’t know what true love was until I met you. I didn’t know what being happy meant until I saw you smile. You have been my strength and every part of my life. Your love has saved me and it’s continuous to grow with me.
  85. You are so beautiful, so incredibly beautiful. Just looking at you makes me smile like a fool. There is no one else in the world that could so confidently radiate beauty like you. Everyone who sees you looks and smiles because your presence brings them happiness too.
  86. I’m not sure what I like most about you. Maybe it’s your heart of gold or your big bright smile. No matter how much time passes my love for you will never fade.
  87. You are the light of my life, you know this. Even when the room is filled with darkness, you are there to guide me out. It is so hard for me to find words to express how I feel about you because they don’t exist, but I love you and want you to know that no matter what happens, or how long we may be apart, you will always be in my heart.
  88. Happy Friendship Day again! Another friendship day would be incomplete without a call from the most amazing friend in my life – you. You are my best friend and for that, I am forever grateful. Even though we had to part our ways, thanks to miles apart, our friendship still remains intact. Our friendship is something I cherish and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think of you.
  89. My best friend, the one I share my secrets, dreams and fears with. You are there to lift me up or make me smile when I feel down. Your love is contagious! Let us always be close friends and share a lifetime of memories even if we live far apart.
  90. I love you dearly, my ever so special friend. All this life I’ve known of you and now I know there never will be another. You have made my days so very sunny with your smiles and laughter, which makes me feel complete like a part of me is missing when we are apart. May all the memories we share stay fresh for a lifetime. Here’s to many more years with you by my side!
  91. You are the sunshine of my life! I love you more than words can describe. You made a difference in my life and I will always be thankful that we met. You are the most wonderful person I know and I hope to find in you even greater love.
  92. It’s hard to express my feelings toward you. I know you love me for who I am, and accept my flaws as well. You are one of the best things that has happened to me! You are the only person I know with a heart as big as yours! You make me happy in so many ways, thank you for being in my life!
  93. We are so blessed to have found each other, you’ve been my best friend, partner and lover. Thank you for all the happiness you bring me. You amaze me every day and I can’t wait to see what the future brings!
  94. When I told you I wanted to be with you forever, I wasn’t talking about just for today. You are the love of my life and the reason I want to keep living every day. You light up my world like a star in the sky.
  95. Your friendship means the world to me. I appreciate you more than you know. Your positive attitude always brings a smile to my face. I am so proud to call you my best friend, and I hope it stays that way for many more years to come!
  96. My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me. You are the person I can count on, and you have helped me to become the person I want to be. Thanks for being there when I need someone to vent to, and thanks for listening. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Today and always remember how much you mean to me!
  97. You’ve become my best friend. I don’t have to tell you that you are because I know it is true. I don’t have to say it because I know you feel the same way. The love we share for each other is so immense, some would say strong, some would say out of this world. Whatever your definition of love may be I’m sure it wouldn’t be a great enough word to describe the connection we share for each other. Happy friendship day best friend.
  98. Your friendship means a lot to me and I value your presence in my life. Be sure that I am always there for you when you need someone. I am glad that we are friends. Happy Friendship day.
  99. I just want to say thank you for being such a great friend. I can honestly say that I couldn’t ask for a better one. You always know how to put a smile on my face when I feel down. You never judge me or have a problem with anything that I do. You are always there when I need you, and for that I am truly grateful. Friends like you are hard to find, but I am glad we met!
  100. It’s always a joy to be around you because I know that I am going to laugh. Every time we fight it breaks my heart because I never want us to be in an argument. You are the most amazing person that I have ever met and I will never in my life find someone like you.
  101. You are my soul mate. I could never have imagined that someone could mean so much to me and that my life would revolve around you. I want you know, every day, how much I love you. You are my life and my happiness. Have an amazing day, baby! Happy friendship day.’

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