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Good Night Poem For Him Long-Distance

Good Night Poem For Him Long-Distance

Good Night Poem For Him Long-Distance: When they are in a different state or country, it is easy to miss their presence and to ignore how lonely you would be without them. This poem will help him realize that even when he is not physically with you, you visit him in his dreams and always take him by your side in the most intimate way possible.

Good Night Poem For Him Long-Distance

  1. My love, goodnight. I know we’re far apart — but in my dreams we’re not. In my dreams you are by my side and I hold you so tight. You are my life, my love, the most beautiful man in the world. Goodnight my dearest love!
  2. When I close my eyes, I see your face. When I think of you, no sound escapes my mind. When I love you, my heart speeds up its beat. You are truly the missing piece to me. I miss you, goodnight and sweet dreams.
  3. I wish that I could be with you tonight and kiss you good night. Tell you how much I love and miss you and hold you tight. The thought of not having you in my bed tonight makes me sad. I’ll hug my pillow and dream about the day we touch again.
  4. Every night and every day, I cherish you and adore. I wish the brightness of a million stars shine upon you, to let you know how much you mean to me. You will be in my heart forever, because I love you so much.
  5. My love, I’ll think of you every day while you’re away. The time apart will make me stronger so that I can say “I Love You” when we are reunited. I know I have worried you with my uncertainty, but it’s not something I’m proud of. You are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and I promise to be there for you no matter what happens. Goodnight my dearest love!
  6. Good night, babe, I miss you too much. Every time I close my eyes, you are the first person that comes to mind. I play over and over in my head our beautiful times together and dream of when we will be together again. We have a whole world to explore and have so many exciting places to go! Goodnight until we meet again. I Love You!!
  7. I’m sad that I couldn’t be there to wish you a sweet goodnight in person, but do not worry. I sent you the most loving message that one person can send another. I love you, and I hope you sleep well tonight and each night after that.
  8. I would tell you how much I love you every hour if I could, but that would get boring after a while. So, let me count the ways and there are millions. I love you in the brightest way, and the darkest night. I love you if things are easy, and when they’re hard to get. I’ll love you always, and forever, with every passing breath. And even when we say goodbye, I will secretly wish that it was “Goodnight”.
  9. I miss you more than words could ever express. I think of your smile and I can hardly sleep. The thoughts keep me awake, so that I might dream of your beautiful eyes. I miss you, my love.
  10. I am so lucky to be with you. You’re witty, smart and handsome. I wish we could be together more, but I know that distance is just a test of our love for each other. I will always think about you when I am away, and when we are finally together again nothing will tear us apart!
  11. To the stars I love the most and the brightest, I look to you for light. Your glow is like a beacon in my heart holding me there when it’s dark giving me courage to face the storm. Goodnight my sweetheart, your love is as constant as the Northern Star. I will always find my way home where you are.
  12. Darling, I miss you so much, my heart aches to see you. I hope you are well and doing fine. Today we talked for three whole hours, when I hung up my head started spinning. I cannot stop thinking about us and how I’m going crazy. All day was pure torture, every minute was just another second of pain. There is no way I can describe with words how wonderful this love is, so tender, so romantic and so pure!!! Goodnight my sweetheart.
  13. We’ve both come so far since we first met. I am so grateful for everything you do. I will always be here for you, every step of the way. Good night baby.
  14. Goodnite my deadly-lovely. I’m missing u so much. I wish I was lying beside u, with your arms wrapped around me, my head on your chest a nice cozy room. I love you always!
  15. I hope you’re having the best dreams of your life. If you can’t sleep tonight, remember all of the things we’ve done together and how special you are. Things will get easier, I promise. I love you so much my sweetheart! Goodnight.
  16. Goodnight honey. Every day I think to myself, if it’s going to be another night without you by my side. I know that although you’re a million miles away, and we’re not physically together, I know with all my heart that we’re in this together. No matter where or when, as long as were together in here and we’re looking at each other with those big pretty eyes. You can count on me forever.
  17. To the love of my life, the man who doesn’t just love me, but loves everything about me. I’m so lucky to have your heart, which will forever be mine. I got you a little something to show my undying affection, to help you see how much you mean to me dear. Goodnight honey!
  18. Goodnight, dear! You’re the most amazing man I have ever come across and each day my love for you grows deeper and deeper. For so long I have been searching, but now I have found. You are the perfect one for me, through eternity you’ll be mine!
  19. Every night when I go to bed, I can’t help but count my blessings for another day with you. I give thanks for the chance to hold you in my arms, to look into your gorgeous eyes, and to kiss your sweet lips. You are my everything, my love.
  20. I’m so glad I have an amazing and caring boyfriend like you. You make me feel so loved, so special. I love all the fun times we have together and how close we’ve become as a couple. I want to be with you forever, to wake up every day next to such a wonderful man like you.
  21. You are a good man. Your smile lights up my day and your kiss warm my heart. I’m so glad each day brings back the love we started. You came into my life out of a night sky, and I thank God every day that you did. You make me feel safe, happy and loved. Goodnight honey!
  22. I miss you so much my love, it’s hard to be apart. How I wish that you could come and stay with me. Instead, I’ll have to settle for this little poem to let you know I’m thinking of you till we’re together soon. My day should be much better knowing that you are going to call and that we will talk. Hold on tight baby, love is on its way – good night.
  23. I laid in bed for a little bit thinking about you, and then it hit me. I haven’t told you goodnight yet! So, here I am to let you know that I love you and dream about you now. Nighty night my sweetie pies.
  24. I’m lying here in a dark room, looking at the ceiling, thinking about you. The stars above shine so bright, I wonder if you can see them too. They make me think of you and how much I miss you being close. I am sending a special star to light your way tonight and fill your heart with peace and love. Maybe someday my star will lead us back together once again.
  25. All my life I thought love was a lie and a fairy tale meant to make us feel blue… that was until you came into my life, now I’m happier than ever and my heart feels so light. Goodnight, Sweetheart.
  26. I miss you and I love you more than words can say. You are always in my thoughts and in my dreams, just like the stars in the sky. I hope you sleep well tonight, sweet dreams!
  27. As we lay here, my mind wanders the miles between us and suddenly it flashes how much you mean to me. You’re always in my heart and thoughts – I’m sending you a starlit dream tonight.
  28. I am in a warm cozy place and I had just received your message, as I read it, I noticed something different about it, for the first time that evening I felt a sense of relief that you are near to me, it might be just a line of message from you, but to me it feels like you are there with me. The waves of the sea crashing violently in the night remind me of you. I’ve never loved anyone like this before.
  29. Counting the days until we are together, my darling. I can’t wait until you’re near, because I miss your kiss, I miss your touch. Know that you are in my heart, and that I will be with you soon.
  30. Baby It’s been a long day, it’s time for bed. I hope you will dream of me and all the things we do. I miss you more than words could ever say but I know you’re always on my mind. My love for you will never die, dream of me I’ll be there.
  31. I miss you so much! When I close my eyes, I picture your face. Hurry home soon so I can kiss those lips again. Night, love.
  32. Keep looking ahead keep walking your road, don’t look back. The past is already gone, you can’t go back no matter who says you can. Good night my darling and sweet dreams to you.
  33. Thinking of you as I drift off to sleep. I hope you are dreaming of me too! I just wanted to say how much I miss you. It’s a shame we can’t spend the night snuggled in each other’s arms, but we’ll work it out some day. For now, remember that I love and miss you so much!
  34. It’s been a long day without you baby, I miss your smile, your face and all the little things that drive me crazy. I know your miles away but rest assured my love will find you. So, close your eyes and drift off to sleep, it isn’t far until I’m at your feet. My love for you will never die and my thoughts will always be of you. My heart skips when I hear your name, so please just say the word!
  35. I would like to thank you sweetie for making my day wonderful. I’m sending you a slice of cake and a big bear hug. I hope that when you wake up from your sleep, I wish you good morning, sweetheart. Have a wonderful day ahead.
  36. I miss you. I miss your arms wrapped around me. It seems like we haven’t seen each other in a million years. Work has me so busy that I feel like I don’t get to enjoy love anymore. But at the end of the day, when I close my eyes, it is your face that I see. When I am asleep you are the only person on my mind because you are the only person that matters to me.
  37. Even though we’re far apart, you are always in my heart. I pray that we’ll be together again soon and with each day that passes I’m that much closer. I miss you!

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