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Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister She Will Cherish

Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister She Will Cherish

Funny birthday wishes for sister: It’s fun when you, a guy, have a sister you can laugh and smile and have fun with. And even if you haven’t had these experiences with your sister yet, you can still create one.

Birthdays are really exciting occasions and you’ll be doing more than spicing if you can send your wishes to her in a way that will crack her ribs. I guarantee you that she will cherish that madly, and in some cases for forever.

I compiled a list of funny posts you can make for her on Facebook and other social media and funny text messages you can send to her on her birthday. I even created some unique ones for elder sisters, younger sisters, female cousins (cousin sisters) and twin sisters, just for you.

This is the point where you smile because there are more posts and texts than you need here. Just copy and paste, and maybe personalize it with her name or something that’s common to both of you, and you’re good to go.

If I were you, and today happens to be my sister’s birthday, I’ll hit her right now with some of these funny wishes that I’m sure she will totally cherish. I won’t even wait for one more minute.

Funny birthday wishes for sister on facebook

Funny wishes to post on Facebook and other social media for your sister on her birthday.

Funny birthday wishes for sister on facebook
Funny birthday wishes for sister on facebook

 1. You’re one sweet girl in my life, that’s why I do the many things for you. Sometimes, I want to lie to the people on this space that you’re my wife, and it will work well because of how close we are and our surname! Happy birthday to you, sister. Enjoy your day.

 2. It’s our baby girl’s birthday. I’m sure a lot of y’all have a lot of good wishes for her, and maybe even gifts. Well, I’m her account officer for today, so you can direct all gifts to me, and I guarantee they’ll arrive at her doorstep untouched. Lol. Happy birthday to you, darling sister.

 3. It’s impossible to not cherish someone like (insert sister’s name). And that’s why I do all I do for her. What are those, you may ask? I help reduce the money in her purse and assist in keeping the number of meat pieces under control while she’s cooking. Happy birthday to my dear sister. I love you.

 4. I hardly do this, posting on Facebook on birthdays, but you deserve it, sister. You’ve been too many important things to me to not be mentioned in public. Plus how else can I make you give me what I’ll soon ask you for if I don’t make this post for you? Lol. Happy birthday to the best sister ever.

 5. Hey, everyone. Meet my heroine. The girl comes without any problems. Or wait. She has one. She keeps you wondering which suit you should wear on her. And after trying many options, and failing, because she means so much to me, I decided to create a special one for her. I’ll launch it on her birthday next year. Happy birthday, sister.

 6. How will someone stay for decades on this earth that’s filled with so much bitterness and still be filled with so much sweetness and beauty? That’s my sister for you! I know she will think I’m trying to say this to make her share her gifts with me. But I’ll just be hopeful, though. Happy birthday to you, sweet sis.

 7. You’re looking very pretty this year, sis. There was a year where you used to look like what you’ve been through, but look at you now! Fresher than food cooked two minutes ago. Fresher than a baby that has just had its bath. Fresher than even fresh air. Happy birthday, sister!

 8. I’ve had beautiful experiences with you, sister, and I’m thinking of some of them and laughing to myself. What I find most interesting is how I never got punished for all the trouble we caused together when you were around, because I always found a way to pin it on you and you alone. Lol. I hope you’ve forgiven me, for I have now repented. Happy birthday to you, sis!

 9. Hey, blue streets. It’s your queen’s birthday, and her humble servant is here to announce it to y’all. Here are a few pictures that remind me of her growing up and you all have one duty, which is to lick you screens. Happy birthday to my sister!

10. I know a lot of you will post about her today, so I’m here this early to open the show. Let it be said that the sweetest brother ever did this this year for his sweet sister on her birthday. Now, you can begin posting yours. Happy birthday to you, (insert sister’s name).

Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister from Brother

Before we explore other more unique options, let’s begin with these funny birthday wishes for sister from brother:

Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister
Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister

 1. Happy birthday to you, sister. So many years and you’ve been dad’s definition of a good girl. Keep being one so you can keep bringing goodies for us to share.

 2. Happy birthday to my sister, to the one I use to practice how to be a good husband when we’re walking through doors. More years of prosperity to you.

 3. Happy birthday, dear sister. I feel so excited that, if you don’t hear from me again today, you really need to hunt for me in the nearest psychiatric hospitals! I love you, sis.

 4. Happy birthday to the best sister ever. I can’t wait for you to outgrow some of those your jackets so I can claim them. Or should I wish you speedy growth?

 5. Happy birthday to you, dearest sister. The party is finally over and I’m counting down to your birthday next year already. Don’t blame me. Blame your party.

 6. Happy birthday to a sweet sister. Now, you’re all grown and stubborn, but I remember bathing you as a child and changing your diapers. Keep growing, though. I love you.

 7. Happy birthday to my favourite girl. Don’t bother about the party we can’t host. Let’s just daydream in our heads until we pass out. When we wake up, the birthday will be gone. Smart, right?

 8. Happy birthday to my smart sister. With all your smartness, you still don’t know that I’ve been wearing your trousers for months now. More smartness to you.

 9. Happy birthday to the princess of the house. Well, before the party, the kingdom needs the princess to do the dishes and assist in scrubbing the floor as this prince is occupied with other tasks. Love.

10. Happy birthday to you, sister. It feels like there’s an upgrade in the cooking on birthdays and a downgrade as soon as they are over. May your birthday food not finish today.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister
Funny Birthday Wishes For Younger Sister

 1. Happy birthday to you, sis. Grow as fast as you can. Hopefully you’ll catch up with me one year. Until then enjoy greatness in large measures.

 2. Happy birthday, little sister. I’m still thinking of how mischievous you are and thanking God you were not born before me. Enjoy yourself today, girl.

 3. Happy birthday to you, my sister. If I get bored before your party, I may just bully you and start eating your cake. Sorry you have to have a sweet big brother like me. I love you!

 4. Happy birthday, dear sister. Last night, I had a dream and in it you had grown three years younger. Texting to confirm if it’s real.

 5. Happy birthday, sweet little girl. I want us to party late into the night because of your birthday but send you home at some point because you’re not up to eighteen. Forgive my thoughts.

 6. Happy birthday to you, baby sister. I don’t care what anyone has to say about you. You’re still the sweetest little thing after my favourite food! I love you.

 7. Happy birthday to my younger sister. I really can’t wait for you to outgrow a lot of things, like asking us to leave you alone and claiming everything is yours.

 8. Happy birthday, sis. When you were much younger, you once ate half of my birthday cake alone because of how you cried for it. Today’s for my revenge. Prepare.

 9. Happy birthday, sister. I’m glad you’re growing to that point where you can no longer cry your way into things. At least, I’ll have more rest now. I love you like that, yeah?

10. Happy birthday to you, my lovely sister. I care about you a lot, and I wish you all the best, but cakes don’t come everyday, so let me focus on the cake for today.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes Elder Sister
Funny Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

 1. Happy birthday, dear sister. Get up and come and make you younger brother enjoy your money today. I’ll be waiting for you. You know I love you, right?

 2. Happy birthday to you, sis. I don’t even know what gift to give to you because it looks like you have everything. Let’s wait till next year for a gift. I love you.

 3. Happy birthday to the best sister earth ever saw. Forget about yesterday and let’s begin a new day and party in it like there’s no other day ahead of us!

 4. Happy birthday, big sis. Even if the sky falls and all the money in your account gets transferred to mine, you’ll still be my big sister. I wish the latter will happen, though.

 5. Happy birthday to the best of sisters. It’s wonderful to think that with all the heavy names and titles you have, I can just call you by your name or call you “sister.” It makes me feel on top of the world. I celebrate you today.

 6. Happy birthday to you, dear sister. Every year, you celebrate in a different and beautiful way. I can’t wait to see this year’s celebration, so I can dub ideas for my birthday too.

 7. Happy birthday, sister. I know you rarely see messages from me. Normally, you will expect a call. See, I just wanted to experience the feeling that comes with sending a message to someone on his or her birthday.

 8. Happy birthday to you, sister. I got the perfect idea for celebrating your birthday. We can just send all your gifts to me as a service to humanity. Tell me what you think. Lol.

 9. Happy birthday to a sweet sister, you! Keep being sweet. I pray and wish you become so sweet that I don’t need to buy sweets anymore.

10. Happy birthday to my biggest sister. That’s why I won’t give you a physical gift, because I want to give you the biggest gift ever. I give you my heart and my love, sister.

Happy Birthday Wishes to my Lovely Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes For Cousin Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes For Cousin Sister

 1. Happy birthday, dear cousin. I just want to confess that I still tell all who care to hear that you’re my sister. I wish you all life’s goodness.

 2. Happy birthday to you, my cousin. If you ever need help on the kitchen today, do well to hit me up, and I’ll help you keep those pieces of meat in check.

 3. Happy birthday, my super sweet cousin. My wishes are that you enjoy joy, peace, and more birthdays with my attendance. Yay!

 4. Happy birthday to you, cousin. Mum says she can’t make it to your birthday, so I guess I’ll be representing her, even in the eating and drinking of the day.

 5. Happy birthday to you, my cousin. Will you sound a trumpet now to announce that the day is here or should I help you? May your days be lovely.

 6. Happy birthday to you, cousin. So I hear you’re far less troublesome now? That’s what I’ll actually be celebrating today. Enjoy life, dear.

 7. Happy birthday to you, my cousin. Any last words before I get drowned in the excitement? Because, once I do, I won’t get back to my normal self until tomorrow.

 8. Happy birthday to you, sister. How do you solve a problem like gluttony? I’m asking because I don’t want to finish all the food you prepared for your guests.

 9. Happy birthday, little cousin. I’m trying to predict the end of your day because I heard your plans and it really sounds like something I saw in an old movie.

10. Happy birthday, big cousin. You’re strong, funny and too playful for your age. One day, I will be your age and I will show you how to be less playful.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Twin Sister

Funny Birthday Wishes For Twin Sister
Funny Birthday Wishes For Twin Sister

 1. Happy birthday to the best sister! I guess you’re the best sister because you were born with me, the best brother! Enjoy the day.

 2. Happy birthday to you, twinnie. So many years we’ve come through and I’m happy I’ve enjoyed many favours simply because we are twins. Lol. I love you plenty.

 3. Happy birthday to one great sister. Sometimes I wish we were triplets and I don’t even know why. But I’m super happy to be a part of our pair!

 4. Happy birthday to you, twin sister. Happy days are coming for you! Enjoy my wish and know that I’m waiting for yours, impatiently.

 5. Happy birthday, my sister. Sometimes I look at you and wonder if I’ll be you or like you if I happened to be born a girl. Well, let me keep being the sweet boy that I am. Love.

 6. Happy birthday to you, sweet sister. If I’m to ever come back to this world, may you be the twin I will come back with. You’d love it, right?

 7. Happy birthday to you, (insert sister’s name). For you, I will run to Everest and back, but I don’t need to prove any point, so I won’t run until it’s needed. Enjoy.

 8. Happy birthday, dear sis. Feel free to doubt, but I still love you more than I love bread and mayonnaise. Much love!

 9. Happy birthday, sister. The funny part of my life has been spent with you, and the unfunny part too. But I’m sure you’ve never had a not funny moment with me. I know you’ll argue now.

10. Happy birthday to you, sister. Today, we’re both one year older and there’ll be a party with food and friends and all attention on us. I just wish our birthday could be everyday.

So that’s literally the best list of funny wishes to use as posts and text messages for the birthday of a sister. In them, you have something that she’s sure to cherish and be thankful for.

If you will share this to your contacts, you can help so many who need this kind of content and save them the stress of racking their brains. You can use the share button.

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