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Birthday Wishes For A Techie

Birthday Wishes For A Techie

Are you looking for some classic, traditional or thoughtful birthday wishes for a techie? Well, you’ve landed on the right page. Below are some fun birthday message ideas that you can send to your tech savvy friend as a birthday greeting!

Birthday Wishes For A Techie

  1. Happy Birthday to you, my techie friend! You are a fun-loving person who deserves a lot of respect! I wish you all the very best in your life and hope you lead a fabulous year ahead. Happy birthday!
  2. Happy birthday! It is rare to find a person who loves technology as much as you do. You are more like a child who just keeps growing with each passing day. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope you find what you are looking for. And may happiness always be by your side.
  3. A warm birthday to you! Thank you for all the great technological gadgets that you have gifted me over the years. I am sure my life is much easier and better because of your hard work. Here’s hoping that life gives you a million reasons to smile, today, tomorrow and always!
  4. Happy birthday to you! It’s the day when you get to be the center of attention again. We bet you are most excited right now, counting down till midnight. Till then, wish you a very happy birthday.
  5. Hey mate, thanks for being the best buddy anyone could ask for! I am so glad to have you as my friend, and I hope that we share long-lasting memories together. Wishing you a happy birthday!
  6. Happy Birthday! This year has been full of colors and experiences, you always find the best in me and keep me on the right track. You are a very positive person, who’s life is always a happy one. I look up to you and learn from every mistake you make. I wish you all the best and hope that this coming year will bring more happiness in your life which you have meant to mine.
  7. Hey buddy, happy birthday to you! Despite being busy with work, you remain one of my closest friends. Spending time with you is always fun and I like all the jokes we crack at each other. You are a great friend and I appreciate everything you do for me!
  8. My friend, today is a special day for you. I would like to wish you on this special occasion. Wishing you many more returns of the day. You look great and I see a lot of improvement and that makes me smile because I’m happy that I helped in some way! Happy Bday!
  9. Hey bud, time flies. I hope you don’t mind if I call you a bud, it’s just that we have had so many fun times together as kids. I remember all the discussions we used to have about technology, computers and games. Even now, at this age, we are not too different. I am sure when you entered your office window, you had a tool box handy! I wish you Health, joy and happiness on your special day!!
  10. My little sister and techie, I am grateful for all the gifts you had given me for my birthday. So, Happy Birthday and let the best ever year begin!!
  11. Happy Birthday techie! I would like you to know that your presence in my life has made all the difference. You are like a brother who I can always confide in, when it comes to technology and even when it is not. You deserve all the happiness that this world has to offer, and I wish you a wickedly awesome birthday!
  12. Happy birthday, dear! Technology fascinates me. Your awesome ideas and the way you think never ceases to amaze me. I love the way you are focused and your dedication to info. technology makes a lot of people happy. May you get better with every birthday and pass your know-how on to the next generation!
  13. I do not need to remind you that this is not only your birthday, but also a very special occasion. I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate all the times that you have been there for me. You have changed my life in countless ways, and I will never be able to thank you enough. You are a great friend and an even greater person. I wish you a very happy birthday!
  14. Here’s a hug for you and a kiss on the cheek and all good wishes for your birthday. My best wishes are with you all year through. Your presence in my life is something I can’t live without. Happy Birthday from your friend, John!
  15. I know how hard you work and how much effort you put into getting it perfect. If I could give you anything in the world, I would. More than that, I ask for your love, kindness and patience. You make a difference to my life and let me be myself regardless of whatever anyone thinks about me. On a special day like this, wish you a very happy birthday my friend!!!
  16. Wish you lots of luck on your birthday! And when I say luck, I really mean it. After all, what is more important than luck in testing? It is the only thing that separates a mediocre geek from a world-class developer. Haha.
  17. Dearest buddy John, may your days be so exciting and your life a never-ending adventure. Happy birthday and good luck in all you do!
  18. Hi! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for being an amazing friend. You are a nice guy and I love it when you share your thoughts with me. I hope our friendship lasts for a long time. We are lucky to have someone like you in our group. Have a blessed birthday!
  19. You are a practical person and you know that your birthday is not going to last forever. You will learn as you grow older that birthdays come and go anyway. Therefore, you should take this opportunity to appreciate the beautiful moments of today because life moves so fast! I wish you a wonderful day!
  20. I am thankful that I met you, and we became great friends. Our hi-tech jobs are different but our friendship is always common. Happy birthday! Your presence in my life is an inspiration for all and I want to express gratitude for that.
  21. Happy birthday to a friend who always sees the best in people, loves his country and is kind to all. I hope this birthday is the best yet!
  22. Congratulations on your birthday!!! You are what makes life fun and interesting. You fill our lives with joy and happiness. I pray that God continues to guide you along the path of triumphs, full of success. And the only way I can thank you for all you have done for me and my family is by wishing you all the very best in what lies ahead, happy birthday!!
  23. Happy Birthday to my wonderful buddy! You have made working with you amazing and I salute your commitment to self-development. Thank you for making me laugh my way through the workday. May God bless you more!
  24. John, I want to wish you a very happy birthday. As you get older, we are getting within a mile of each other. May the year ahead bring nothing but personal fulfillment and success. I am glad to know you, and I will never forget the good times we shared. Here is to another great year!
  25. Happy Birthday my techie friend! I notice that you like to modify your laptop from time to time, I am so happy that we have this online birthday wishes generator. So, in honour of you, let me write a message to make your day brighter and happier than ever before! Happy birthday and may this day rock your world forever!
  26. Happy birthday to the smartest Techie in the world! You have always been there when I needed your help. Thanks for all the support and advice. I really appreciate it. Have a great Birthday!
  27. It’s your birthday and you are on the list of my special people. It is my great pleasure to wish you a very happy birthday and the happiest ever year. Let your dreams take flight, go after them with proud confidence, and I promise you life will bring you all good things. And once again, Happy Birthday To You!
  28. Hi there!! I wish you a very happy birthday and want to thank you for all the fun we have together!!!!
  29. Hii pal, how’s it going? So here I am wishing you a very happy birthday! Many more to come! The special techie people like you are the priceless gem that make the world go round. I consider myself lucky to have a friend like you. Happy Birthday Doll!
  30. Hi Techie, You are the techwriter I know. You have always been concerned about my well-being and safety. In this day and age where every one has fallen victim to new scams and frauds, you are the only friend who is ready to lend a hand whenever I need it. Thanks for being there for me always. Happy birthday!
  31. Dear friend, birthday greetings to you! You are a very inspiring person to know. In this age of social media, filled with nonsense and negativity, it’s great to find someone who is an uplifting light in the sea of darkness. This year on your special day I wish that your dreams come true, and you become a benchmark for others to follow. Happy birthday my dearest friend!
  32. I just want to wish you all the best! Thank you for being such a good friend. My day is always made so special when I hear your voice or read your message. You are a great friend, and I hope you live a long and happy life! Wish you a very happy birthday!
  33. Happy birthday to my best friend and thank you for always putting a smile on my face. Thank you for every funny joke that put me in a fit of laughter, and for all the crazy things that we did together. I wish you all the best!
  34. This hearty and heart-felt wish sends my best to you on your birthday. Always keep up the good work for your friends and loved ones. We will be smiling all day, as we remember how you always put us first and made us happy. You do not know what a big difference you make in everyone’s life because they don’t tell you. Remember, it’s never too late to start living life fully, as every year is an opportunity to enjoy what you have special.
  35. Hey, friend! Whether you are a programmer, a web designer or any other computer geek type, we have got the best birthday wishes just for you. May your day be filled with all the fun and excitement you can handle!
  36. I want to wish a Happy Birthday to the person who is kind enough to spend his/her time in front of a computer screen all day but still manages to send me wishes on my first and every other birthday! I appreciate you!
  37. It is always great to meet such a sweet soul, and it is exactly the reason why I am celebrating your birthday with such excitement! You are a fine example of what a wonderful tech person should be like. I wish you all the best wishes on this special day and hope your wishes come true as well!
  38. I was always the nerdy girl in school and you were the nerdiest guy in the class. Thinking about it now, I still see you that way except that now that we are older, we are much better at making our nerdiness a business. Happy birthday!
  39. Hey! Believe it or not, happy birthday is not the only thing I want to say! How about you relax and stop aiming at setting new records? Remember, relaxation is just as important as hard work. If a hard worker stops doing his job for a while, he will achieve much more than a lazy person will. I am wishing you good health and energy in bunches!

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